The thickness of the size of carton and carton, material how to choose

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-18
: one, the size of carton is shenzhen a cardboard-box factory carton according to size, points a standard postal boxes and customer custom specifications carton, postal standard carton is one of the most current online sales, according to from big to small, there are no. 1 ~ 12, 12. Standard cartons are square shape of cuboid, for special specifications of products, such as the keyboard, LCD flat items, such as the seller usually choose a cardboard-box factory customized, customized not only can custom size, can also with your own logo on them, appear very professional, customized need to open mould factory, still can design printing costs, so generally starts at higher, more is RMB or be made to order. Businesses according to their own needs, choose a different type of carton, such as fragile, valuables can use AA five layer carton, ordinary by the fall, or the commodity itself of the carton, choose three layers will be enough. 2 the thickness of the material, the thickness of the carton, carton, material is two key factors that decide the carton hardness common carton has three layer, five layer carton, of course, thicker seven layer, layer number of cartons, the more the more thick, three layer is not a simple layer of the tablet, but two layer outside the plate sandwiched in the middle layer of corrugated board, five layers of three layer plate with double corrugated; Three layer, five layer corrugated carton and list and double corrugated carton; Carton material also has a variety of, good material not only high hardness, and light weight, less material is often very low hardness, easy to deformation; Carton of material on the market from on high, in turn, is the 'KK> KA> KB> AA> AB> BB ', KK material is the best material, the thickness of the three layers is sufficient bearing the weight of a normal adult years, smooth texture, KK good is good, but the price is also the most expensive, AA, BB material hardness is a bit weak, but with five layer thickness, also has the very high hardness, good enough to protect products from being damaged.
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