The university entrance exam is about to end, is about to say goodbye to classmates, do you think the gift to him?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-26
Today, affects the hearts of the university entrance exam is over! Finally & other; Liberation! ” “ Can go home! ” “ Managed to take an examination of over! ” When waving palm farewells with former students, teachers, have excited, there is relief, there are, there is hope, with gratitude. 。 。 Gift packaging to all students, gold placard nomination, dreams come true. After the college entrance examination, for nearly two months of summer vacation, estimates of the number of students who love to play games to succumb to it. Do you want to give his teammates a surprise during the summer vacation, or former good students have a special gift, today small make up recommend a multifunctional boxes, very suitable for this summer vacation you oh. The square carton, for kraft paper packing. What kind of role do you want to give it, give it the characteristics of which, to give it a camouflage uniforms, it is a drop box. Give it a princess or knight, it's a creative gift. Gift packaging customization:
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