To order the cartons, how to avoid the carton be affected with damp be affected with damp, knock against, broken?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-13
Many electricity users in the large number of carton when ordering, is often worry about buy various bad products of duplicity, carton because USES more extensive, many places are used to the carton, the carton as paper, is inevitable there will be some inevitable shortcomings. For example, be affected with damp be affected with damp, knock against, worn these cases frequently. So it is very important to choose a good carton, advice can considering these points when compared to the cartons from the ability of contrast material in the first place. High quality carton inside and outside are the same colour difference is heavier weight, rough ordinary carton, color is darker, less weight, from the ability of resistance to fall to break the contrast of cardboard reinforced high strength, sharp break resistance is strong, not easy rotten, ordinary carton in wet water environment is easy to pop, difficult to use at ease. Pressure resistance contrast in high quality carton compressive strength tests of pressure resistance, pressure resistance is strong, inferior carton, rough not compression, easy deformation and bearing force contrast quality carton bearing capacity is strong, not easily damaged, ordinary material carton carrying capacity is poor, easy to be broken. Can also show the cartons from the many details at the same time the advantages and disadvantages of u-shaped slot cutting trim carton is cut by die cutting machine, a integrated, U die cutting, three-dimensional visual, on quality at the same time also will be more secure. Standard 90 ° incision using high quality paper, smooth surface. After folding carton edge is 90 °, effective compression. Copper nail side whipstitch durable ensure each carton is to use copper nail overlock, compared with ordinary rubber sealing, durable degree will be better. Rigid body tight fit carton cutting adopts imported die cutting machine, a integrated U die cutting, three-dimensional visual, quality more secure. Shenzhen bliss cardboard-box factory is a manufacturer of inside and outside packing carton, provide special express the cartons, color box, box, beer boxes, large packaging products, such as ordering the carton, custom express delivery to shenzhen, bestowed a cardboard-box factory and contact phone number: 18820947354.
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