What album cover common printing process? What are some of the characteristics of

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-30
Along with the development of the society, now people often use to help us in books, paper, printing technology for all kinds of printing, and printing technology is also different, so what's the common picture album cover printing process? The following by divine printing said. What are the common printing picture album cover? What are the common printing picture album cover? Many cover printing process, such as hot stamping, convex, laminating, oil, UV, and so on, this should according to the needs of your album to decide. Business catalog printing to look tall, involves many aspects, such as the stand or fall of itself design, the choice of the paper, the size of the picture album, the late process, such as wuhan public design consultant, do album have experience, you can call to consult them, hundred degrees search 'wuhan public design' found the album cover several common printing bronzing/hot silver definition: thermal transfer printing, referred to as 'hot pad printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver. Is with the aid of a certain pressure and temperature make metal foil stamping on the print, the method of relative has a cold pad printing. Features: with metallic luster, gorgeous, make the printing pictures to produce a strong contrast. Scope of application: applicable to very prominent words or logo, usually for sample, greeting CARDS, invitations, calendars, desk calendar, etc. Note: with a convex or concave pressure process can produce more significant; Can use color in addition to gold and silver and Mosaic gold, laser light, the color can choose. UV glazing UV is referred to as ', is by ultraviolet irradiation can dry curing ink. UV is usually a screen printing process, now have offset printing UV. Be a righteous: UV glue full version or local solidified on the surface of the print, special process point: to present a variety of art in print surface effects, make print more beautiful now categories: thickening 7 colour UV, UV, UV, grinding sand glass beads, sprinkle seven colored powder and so on scope of application: books and periodicals mounting, covers, cover, desk calendar, high-grade packaging, handbags, etc. Note: if the film on UV, you will need to adopt special UV membrane, or UV easy to fall off, the phenomenon such as the bubble does, glue, cooperate with the convex, hot stamping and other special process better. Concave-convex embossing indented on righteousness: using the concave template ( Yin template) Through pressure, to print surface imprinted into have depression feeling embossment pattern ( Print local sag, make have stereo feeling, the visual impact. ) Called concave points: pressure can increase the depth scope of application: apply to more than 200 g of the paper, the mechanism are obvious Gao Kechong specialty paper note: cooperate with hot stamping, local UV technology such as the effect is much better, if the concave template after heating effect on special hot melt paper will achieve a remarkable artistic effect. What are the common printing picture album cover? Introduction to several picture album cover in the late process type 1, bronzing hot silver, this is a kind of with the aid of a certain pressure and temperature on foil stamping to print method. Features a metallic luster, and make the printing picture has strong contrast. Commonly used greeting CARDS, calendars, desk calendar, invitation CARDS, etc. 2, UV glazing, it is a kind of make use of ultraviolet rays ink drying curing way. Its characteristic is to present a variety of artistic effects in print surface, make it more beautiful. Commonly used with high-end gift box packaging, handbags, envelopes, etc. 3, pitting, its principle is to use the concave template by pressure, surface embossing print into have depression feeling embossed pattern. Can effectively increase the stereo feeling, it is worth noting that the late this process only applies to more than 200 g texture clear Gao Kechong specialty paper. 4, convex, and pressure concave, convex is using convex template by pressure, will print surface imprinted into 3 d embossed pattern. Also can add print good stereo feeling. Also the same as the indented applicable paper requirements. 5, embossing, the principle is to use metal roller pressure after carving in the full version of the paper grain texture. Its characteristic is decorative thread is strong, unique style. Commonly used a desk calendar, high-grade packaging, handbags, etc. 6, laminating, plastic film covering on the surface of printed matter and after adhesive, heating pressure make it together. Divided into light film and dumb film laminating. The paper also applies only to more than 200 g. Through the above introduction we know what the album cover common printing process? The related content, there are now hot stamping, polishing and other technology, we can free choice.
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