What are the box type custom gift box is generally?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-30
Gift packaging production of gift boxes with heaven and earth boxes, books, drawer type and special-shaped products, each box has a different characteristics of packaging, customers can choose according to the characteristics of the product, such as: wine box drawer box type is more, mobile electronic product packaging is mostly to cover box type. Tiandi box type, simple and convenient process, custom period is shorter, the price is cheaper. Books type, to show kind of packaging products, commonly used in high-grade packaging, price is some expensive box of heaven and earth. Drawer type, this kind of box type in alcohol, tea, health care category product customization is more, than in the preceding two paragraphs box type is a bit expensive. Alien box, it is able to draw attention to themselves, become now custom box fashion, but the price is more expensive.
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