What are the cause of damaged product box?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-12
Paper products packaging is a class of packaging industrial dosage is bigger, the cartons a lot of advantages, such as environmental protection, resource saving, cost, convenience and so on. But in use process we often appear often find the cartons damaged, so why is this? Shenzhen bliss below small make up with these problems is to analyse all of these reasons: 1, cardboard layer design unreasonable cardboard layer design is unreasonable, can lead to breakage of outer packing carton. So should be based on the packaging of goods, property, stack height, the weight of the storage and transportation conditions, storage time and so on factors to consider used cardboard carton layer. 2, size design is generally based on the size of unreasonable carton to pack the bottles and bottles of high to determine, long is a rectangular box up bottle by the diameter of the bottle, bottle boxes on the direction of width is wide x the diameter of the bottle, box high is basically a bottle. Enclosure around the circumference equal to the entire wall support carton pressure load, but if Zhou Changtai big four edges of bag, the use of carton performance is not guaranteed, so in the process of circulation phenomenon such as the cartons are easy to damage. 3, the shape of the deformation of corrugated corrugated with a direct relationship between the compressive strength of the corrugated cardboard, if corrugated board within the elastic limit, still can recover after when pressure is eliminated, so its compressive strength is high; But external force such as more than the pressure on the limit, stare blankly shape is broken, can't recover after pressure to eliminate, so the cartons will be damaged. , less cohesive strength judgment adhesion of carton no, as long as the tearing adhesive surface with the hand, if it is found that the original paper was bad, the specification sheet bonding well; If it is found that stare blankly peak agglutinate place without tearing paper fibers or white powder, MAO shows are false glue, it will cause the cartons compressive strength is low, which affect the strength of the whole carton, the result will appear broken. Above is the damage to product packaging in the process of using the basic reason, as long as pay attention these points in the design and printing, so you can greatly improve the quality of the carton! Shenzhen bliss is one specialized is engaged in the packaging, color box printing service one of the best printing, has many years of rich experience, skilled, reasonable price, if necessary, welcome to inquire, to discuss cooperation!
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