What are the classification of the picture album design picture album what principle

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-29
Company's album is primarily used to promote corporate culture and image, the company's album has a lot of kinds, company can choose according to their needs, what are the classification of the album? Design picture album what principle? Let's go and have a look. What are the classification of the picture album what are the classification of 1. Display picture display enterprise advantage album, is suitable for the stability of the development-oriented enterprises, or new enterprise, its focus on the overall image of enterprises, the use of pictorial cycles are usually for one year. 2. Problem type album type album attaches great importance to the problem of solving the problem of marketing, brand, suitable for fast development, the new listing, needs the enterprise transformation, small fox spirit turning period. More focus on enterprise products and brand concept, the use of pictorial cycle short, over a period of time, according to the market change, need to launch a new album. 3. Thinking type album generally appear in leading enterprises, business leaders attach importance to intellectual depth, pay attention to the enterprise ideas, is to build a superior brand important props. What are the classification of the pictorial printing design picture album what principle is 1, so tightly to lock the purpose of the picture album, and creative theme no matter what kind of album, must be guided by the reader. Album is done to show the reader, is in order to achieve a certain goal, in order to promote market operation, not to please the advertising awards review, also not to let others collection, more is not to let the creator complacent. Creative personnel need extremely profound ponder the mindset of the target object, idea is easy to resonate. 2, to hit the nail on the head writer or director, there are hundreds of thousands of words, or 120 minutes to say the story, propaganda album only limited text and page can tell a story. Therefore, creative personnel should used to grasp the key way of thinking, and do great articles focusing. 3, is simple and clear customer see propaganda album is a means, not an end, as cooperation decision-making reference. And, most cases, the reader is passively accept the book's message, the easier to be absorbed by the sensory organs of information and the easier it is to invade his subconscious mind. Don't high estimates the reader's understanding of information and analysis ability, especially high-level decision makers, they are not too much time to think about these ideas. Therefore, creative to simple and clear, easy to lenovo. That is related to the classification of the picture album what related introduction, gift printing whether it is in effect or on efficiency are relatively good, the company if want to make album can choose printing.
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