What are the common in liquor packaging printing style?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-26
Liquor packing box is very common in our daily life, for the whole of China's most populous drink drink, one of the box also contains the Chinese liquor culture. Liquor packing box to circulate on the market at present there are many, each a different kind of wine, has different boxes for packaging. What are so common in liquor packaging printing style? Follow shenzhen gift below small make up together and see it! One, traditional square type packing most consider guide pile, or on the outer packing has chosen the square type of outsourcing, as a result, we see the square type packing in the terminal market has become the mainstream market. Second, yuantong packing yuantong packing has very strong sense of wholeness and generosity, consumer also is more convenient to carry and beg KouCai and pays attention to Chinese consumers in the packaging, so, yuantong type packaging to meet the Chinese consumer satisfactory idea, therefore, yuantong type packaging for consumers is also a kind of attractive appearance shape. Three, the diamond appearance packing diamond appearance is actually a kind of general rules of polygon. To create product differentiation, many enterprises choose diamond appearance packaging on new product development, product personality and differences. Four, special packing different appearance appearance is to show enterprise product brand positioning and adopt a local asymmetric packaging design. This kind of packing appearance for creating products with brand value has played a good role. Five, the tower type to the inner packing tower type of the inner packing is the most widely liquor companies use a form of packaging, a lot of white wine enterprise mainly adopts the tower type to the inner packing, and will be packed tower type into the building, become an important part of their corporate culture. Above is to introduce the packaging printing plant bliss on several common liquor packaging design, if you have friends would like to customize packaging can consult, may have your favorite one!
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