What is a good paper picture album cover with? Introduced the paper process

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-30
Picture album, the most important thing is to cover the cover to design reasonable and high-grade, enough to attract people. Album cover printing paper is particularly important, in our life, we can see, the paper use of high-grade picture album also very high-grade. Album cover gift printing and you talk about what kind of paper? What is a good paper picture album cover with? 1, the picture album cover mostly in the use of coated paper coated paper is divided into double or single coated paper. Double-sided coated paper, paper smooth and white, high gloss, high opacity, after color printing, design effect bright-coloured color level, suitable for color print. Applicable to general books, catalogues, calendars, posters, such as the cover purpose. A side single-side coated paper coating processing, do glue processing, so the paper single light, smooth, uniform ink absorption, suitable for single color printing can be carried out on the back and glue processing, etc. Is suitable for the volume label, posters, mount from type paper. 2, picture album cover can also use the composite paper composite paper is to use adhesive paper, cardboard and other plastic, aluminum foil, cloth and other laminated, composite processing paper. Composite processing paper can not only improve the appearance of the paper and board properties and strength, the main is to improve the waterproof, moistureproof, oil resistant, airtight cover incense, such as performance, at the same time also will obtain the heat sealing, light resistance, heat resistance, etc. In the production of composite paper method are wet, dry, hot melt extrusion compound process method, etc. 3, album covers a few dumb dumb powder paper using paper printing picture album is also very good choice, dumb powder paper observed under sunlight, compared with coated paper, less reflection. Small print gloss good, after contrast, colourful, appear elegant texture and taste of the album cover with what paper? What is a good paper picture album cover with? Basically be to see our picture album to determine the grade of the design and use of situations, album cover printing paper more consumers decide, gift printing will be according to the demands of consumers and the style of the picture album design, recommend the customer to choose what kind of paper used as cover printing.
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