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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-02
See clear fresh tea to be listed, this time custom tea packing box is not only to highlight the precious of tea, taste mellow, but also highlights the influence of the brand, how will these factors one by one in the tea packing box, according to need to pay attention to the following questions: when a custom one. Tea packaging materials: the tea packaging material determines the value of tea, such as the carton packaging, high-grade cardboard class compared with ordinary corrugated paperboard can highlight the carton more valuable. Second, in the printing design, generally the more high-grade packaging, design style is contracted, printing is given priority to with hot stamping. A qualified packing box, not only can improve the grade of the tea, more can improve the recognition of customers to the brand. Second: according to different packaging tea consumption accordingly, commonly used for promotion, gift giving, banquet is more, therefore, when making tea packaging, to make a different design according to the purpose of the tea packing, each box is applicable to different places and consumers. Above is the small make up to summarize two Suggestions, I hope will be helpful to you.
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