What's the difference between the carton and cardboard?

by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-09-20
We usually call tissue paper, called the thick paper board. But in order to communicate with foreign information, communication technology, now in accordance with the international standards organization's advice, the difference between paper and cardboard standards for quantitative determination of 225 g / ㎡. Generally we appellation of the paper, from the broad sense, is a paper and cardboard two terms. In fact, the difference between paper and cardboard number only from its quantitative ( Have relative weight per square meter area of sheet) To distinguish. Folk is generally called the 200 g / ㎡ paper paper; The paper is called board of more than 200 g / ㎡. But in the past, our country paper and cardboard quantitative rule is: under 150 ㎡ called paper; In more than 200 g / ㎡, called the cardboard. Will be between $150 - 200 g / ㎡ between called paperboard ( Base paper) 。 Generally is the high quality the better hardness, thickness, material quality are the two key factors of carton hardness, there are three common layer, five layer carton, of course, thicker seven layer, layer number of cartons, the more the more thick, three layer is not a simple layer of the tablet, but two layer outside the plate sandwiched in the middle a layer of corrugated board, five layers of three layer plate with double corrugated; Three layer, five layer corrugated carton and list and double corrugated carton; Carton material also has a variety of, good material not only high hardness, and light weight, less material is often very low hardness, easy to deformation; Carton of material on the market from on high, in turn, is the 'KK> KA> KB> AA> AB> BB ', KK material is the best material, the thickness of the three layers is sufficient bearing the weight of a normal adult years, smooth texture, KK good is good, but the price is also the most expensive, AA, BB material hardness is a bit weak, but with five layer thickness, also has the very high hardness, good enough to protect products from being damaged. Shenzhen cardboard-box factory advice electricity sellers, according to their own needs to choose different types of carton, such as fragile, valuables can use AA five layer carton, ordinary by the fall, or the commodity itself of the carton, choose three layers will be enough. Carton is the commonly used three layer, five layer, use less, in each layer is divided into paper, corrugated paper, core paper, glossy paper, and paper have tea plate paper, kraft paper, core paper with corrugated paper, all kinds of paper color and feel is different, different manufacturer production of paper ( Color, feel) Is different also. The following are the various kinds of base paper for carton packaging materials is introduced: 1, tea paperboard, tea paperboard gray color, and coarse, adding the old tea paperboard, less fiber composition, general quality, the tea that layer is the middle of the cardboard corrugated paper board paper, very soft. Because the quality is bad, tea paperboard is the cheapest price. : (2, corrugated board paper 1) Kraft paper ( Makar, Russia) 。 Characteristics: long fiber, sizing, high physical strength, cardboard coarse; Pure wood pulp or a small amount of OCC. Hereinafter referred to as: imported cattle card. ( 2) Imitation kraft paper. Features: 15 to surface 25% wood pulp, and the rest for the OCC; Short fiber, poor strength than cattle paperboard. Flat paper, and different degree of sizing, Water imbibition 30 - Range 55 g/m2) Dyeing processing, surface. Hereinafter referred to as: domestic cattle card. 3) White cardboard. White cow card bottom, surface bleaching wood pulp, and the rest is ecru or dyed wood pulp. ( The white, white card in Sweden and Finland white card) ; White paper ( Surface bleaching wood pulp, the rest for the deinking or not deinking of waste paper) ; Coated white board paper ( White on white, grey, white, etc. ) 。 ( 4) Recycled paper. All as consisting of OCC, but different from corrugated paper. Surface for more than 11 # AOCC noodle and through dyeing processing) 。 Market generally called C corrugated board paper, part called the paper. 3, corrugated base paper, corrugated paper bonded body is a multilayer, it at least by a layer of corrugated core sandwich and a layer of cardboard paper. It has high mechanical strength, can reduce the collision and fall in the process of handling. Corrugated corrugated ripples like a connection of arched door, with each other in a row, to support each other, form a triangle structure, has good mechanical strength, can withstand the pressure from the plane, and full of elasticity, the buffer action; It can be made into various shapes according to the size of the liner or container,, simpler than the plastic cushion materials; Affected by temperature is small, shading sex good, the light is not bad, generally affected by humidity is smaller, but unfavorable in humidity larger environment medium and long-term use, it will affect the strength. Because the corrugated carton packaging has built-in content protection function is strong, easy to identify, easy to carry, easy to out of the box, beautifully printed, etc, become one of the fastest demand growth in recent years, product packaging form.
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