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by:Tianci printing&packaging     2020-08-20
Now, the carton can be found everywhere in our life, production technology is becoming more and more diverse. Carton because of its lightweight, durable, recyclable, and other characteristics are widely used. More and more merchants to cooperate with customised packaging plant, make their products more characteristics. Today under the small make up to introduce a several common carton packing type: leather carton, corrugated boxes and gift boxes. The three cartons of different materials, different structure characteristics and application scope. Kraft carton as part of the modern logistics can't lack, bear the RongZhuang, maintain the responsibility of the goods, is widely used and on the package of health care products, food, daily provisions. Corrugated box is a kind of special high strength, resistance to moisture made of corrugated cardboard carton, low cost, can be recycled paper, the wave resistance is good, suitable for various industries, especially the large electronic equipment, household appliances, riding tools and the most widely used industrial fittings and so on. Gift box, according to the characteristics of the products made from different box type, the design of different pattern, such as this in the portable folding carton, using three layer of corrugated board, light weight, convenient transportation, and product safety in the protection and at the same time also have the effect of promoting sales. If you have custom needs or questions, can inquire.
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