Bird Dog Is Not Focused?

Bird dog is not focused?

Bird Dog Is Not Focused? 1

Welcome to the bratty teenager stage of dog ownership. For the time being, you are going to have to try and up the exercise and go back to basics when it comes to focus training. Start small, in the house maybe and drill focus exercises into him (not literally). Once he's doing well in the house move into the yard where there are a few more distractions. And eventually to a park and so on. I know it's frustrating, but try to keep as positive and exciting as possible (upbeat attitude and good treats). You need to be more rewarding and interesting than the birds.

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I don't know what to do. This is not healthy for my dog.?

You must not get a dog until you recover completely from your mental condition otherwise your dog will suffer as you wo not be able to take care of him properly and keep him active sufficiently. Dogs can sense the owner's emotionals and be affected by them. Have you seen a psychiatrist on your depression, anxiety and panic attacks which can be paralysing and give you irrational fears, causing deep emotional upheavals? I suspect you suffer from paranoia as well since you have anxiety and fear having people around and going into the open. You may not realise the paranoia at the moment, thinking your perception of things is real, but it's only upon recovering will you realise that you were indeed living in a make-believe world of fear, anxiety and imagination, all in your mind. Please see a good psychiatrist and receive the right diagnosis and treatment to fully recover. When you are in a better frame of mind, you will truly enjoy the company of a dog and give back to him the uncondition love he will shower on you. You will also be in the position to decide and prepare his food, grooming, training and activites in the open where you will socialise him with other dogs and people. In your current state of mind, your dog will end up being anti-social and fearful of people and dogs when he is not allowed outside often to mingle around and may end up being destructive when contained in the house for too long. With a clutter-free and clear mind, you will learn to identify medical conditions and illnesses your dog will succumb to and seek vet treatment without any fear of interacting with vet staff and other dog owners. Dog ownership is a heavy responsibility and you must also be financially able to fund your dog's upkeep and medical care. I suggest that meanwhile you visit or volunteer at dog charities to help out and interact with the dogs, in a way to make up for the lack of canine companionship until you are ready for it. Good luck.

Bird Dog Is Not Focused? 2

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whats the best type of dog to get?

All dogs shed. Those that only shed a little need clipping, usually by a professional groomer every 4-6 weeks. Small and low shedding should not be your only criteria. If they are, then you need to know more about dog ownership.

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I just got a dog and i don't know what to do now...?

To "puppy proof" your home, it is a good idea to get down on the floor where the puppy will be and look around from his eye level. Electrical cords, houseplants, "lost" items under furniture, and stairs are some of the things that could seriously hurt a puppy. As soon as you bring your puppy home, it's important to call your vet and make an appointment to have the puppy examined. Your vet will want to start vaccinations and de-worming at this time, and will help you schedule the series of shots your dog will need at this young age. If you are concerned about flea prevention, your vet can help you choose a product that is safe to use on puppies. Your puppy will need a puppy food that is 100% balanced nutrition for puppies. This will be found right on the label. With a high quality puppy food, tailored for a growing puppy's nutritional needs, it wo not be necessary to add any vitamins to his diet. At all times, clean water should be available for the puppy to drink. Vaccinations are a very important part of dog ownership. The following is an explanation of vaccinations and why they should be given. When you get a puppy, most likely your veterinarian will recommend a series of three sets of vaccinations. These will generally be given at four week intervals starting at eight weeks of age. The first vaccine will most likely be referred to as "distemper." This is usually a combination shot that will protect your dog against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, and coronavirus.

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