Can You Make an Sentence Using the German Word Ausser?

can you make an sentence using the german word ausser?

Can You Make an Sentence Using the German Word Ausser? 1

auer dir habe ich keinen Freund (apart from you I have not any friend) er ist Hauptmann auer Dienst (he's a retired army captain) ich bin auer Atem (I am out of breath) das steht auer Frage (that's out of the question) die Fabrik ist jetzt auer Betrieb (the factory is now out of action) The Duden Stilwrterbuch (dictionary of style) is an excellent source of sentences with a particular word in context. Another source of a word in context is to type it into Google (not Google Translate) and see what comes up. That way I found the following sentence: "Auer einem Liter Milch brauchen wir auch noch etwas Butter und Kse" (apart from a litre of milk we also need some more butter and cheese)

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What does the German word "bunser" mean?

If any it must be a dialect. Where was your grandma from? Maybe it's related to Czech or Polish. I am from the Southwest of Germany, no such word in this region. Our dialects have a lot of French influence but no such word as "bunser" around here.

Can You Make an Sentence Using the German Word Ausser? 2

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Short German word for spending the holidays at home

After your question, I research a little bit if there are other words than the ones, you have already written. What I have found is Urlaub zu Hause. I also found an article about this topic and the author of the article likes the word Stay(va)cation and he meant that there is no corresponding word in German. I do not know whether it is meant joke but there is also another word, similar to Balkonien. It is Terrassien. For difference of these words, please see the comment of "Tom-OliverHeidel" below

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What could have been the original German word for "struggle money”?

According to the translation struggle money I can imaging it'sthough this term is usually used for one time costs.You seem to look for an official accounting term, otherwise I would also propose the rarely used, but existing termas it fits your translation very well

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German word in "Unfinished business” [closed]

Flgelschlagen (spelled with an extra L, but would sound almost exactly the same) translates to "wing flapping" or "flap your wings". I am not familiar with the movie, so I do not know if this fits at all. It's not a word a GPS system likely would use.

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What is the origin of the German word Panzer?

panzer adj., n. from Panzer, Panzer- "armor, armored": armored, belonging to an armored division; a vehicle, especially a tank, in a panzer division [German Panzer "armor"

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What does German word Doppelkugeldrehkranz translate in English?

Well: doppel= double kugel=ball globe or sphere dreh=rotary kranz=annulus, chaplet or wreath So, could it mean some kind of back channeling, i do not know

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