Comprehensive Screen, High Refresh Rate, 5g Application and Other Factors Promote the Upgrading of M

Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile communication devices, a smart phone basically serves all aspects of our life. Since 2018, the average person has been using mobile phones for nearly 5 hours a day, and everyone is using mobile phones most of the time of the day.

Smartphone sales growth slowed

In recent years, under the influence of factors such as the slowdown of smartphone technology upgrading, the improvement of quality, the extension of service life cycle, the launch of dual card mobile phones and the rise of second-hand market, the overall shipment of smart phones shows a downward trend.

According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in 2019, the shipment of smart phones in China was 372 million, a year-on-year decrease of 4.6%; In the first half of 2020, COVID-19's mobile phone shipments further declined by 149 million, down 16.3% from the same period last year.

Comprehensive screen, high refresh rate, 5g application and other factors promote the upgrading of mobile phone battery capacity

With the continuous strengthening of smart phone functions, the proportion of screen and refresh rate are increasing, mobile communication is developing from 4G to 5g applications, and the demand for mobile phone battery capacity is also increasing.

Taking Apple mobile phone as an example, the standard battery capacity of iPhone4 mobile phone in 2010 is 1420mah, and the battery capacity of iphone11 in 2019 will increase to 3110mah. In recent years, the battery capacity of Huawei P-Series mobile phones has also been growing. In 2016, the battery capacity of Huawei P9 will be 3400mah, and by 2020, the battery capacity of Huawei P40 mobile phones will reach 3800mah.

In order to maximize the battery capacity in limited mobile phones, some mobile phones use dual cells or special-shaped cells. For example, Apple's iPhone XS Max uses a dual cell structure, while iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro Max use a special-shaped (L-type) cell structure.

Smartphone battery market demand forecast has declined

Thanks to the growth of mobile phone battery capacity and the upgrading of mobile phone battery module, the unit price of smart phone battery will maintain an increasing trend. According to the calculation that the price of a single smartphone battery in 2019 is 47 yuan, the market scale of China's smartphone battery demand in 2019 is 16.74 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. The increase of battery unit price drives the growth of smartphone battery demand market scale.

Comprehensive Screen, High Refresh Rate, 5g Application and Other Factors Promote the Upgrading of M 1

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