Do UFO Grow Lights Really Work?

Only aliens can get them to work

1. Do I need grow lights?

Technically, you do not NEED a grow light. Regardless, it would be a good idea. Fluorescent lights are not specially made for gardening purposes, and grow lights are softer and less harsh on the plants

2. Tell me which grow lights to buy for my indoor garden.?

you ought to get to a green abode corporation and get some Hydroponic lighting fixtures attention for nosey nieghbors additionally ought to be sure to not tip of close by regulation by utilising having intense gentle expenses.additionally ought to conceal abode windows yet be discreate so those pesky nieghbors cant see. aluminum foil works intense-high quality ensure you paint the area the faces the on !!!

3. What are the different types of grow lights available?

You can search all day on the net for systems, or visit a lighting showroom and talk to a Lighting Specialist about your specific needs. Then they can let you know all the options that are available, such as HID's or Fluorescent

4. Where can I find grow lights in Portland Oregon?

In the Portland, Oregon Yellow Pages

5. How many grow lights do I need for starting tomato seeds?

I ended up getting four 48" double bulb shop lights. I started with 10 flats on heat mats. Transplanted into 3 or 4 inch pots, then 6 inch, and hardened them off outside about a week before I planted them out. It did not seem to mater which bulbs I used. I tried different kinds the next summer. It Worked great.

6. grow lights on japanese maples?

have not tried this on eastern maples yet, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that it is worked on another plant & tree i've got tried. in case you may get ahold of a willow tree, decrease a pair of dozen products of twig, on the subject of the dimensions of your pinkie finger, boil them in a pair of million'2 gallon of water for a a million/2 hour. after the water cools, placed some cuttings out of your maple right into a tumbler field of the willow water. it is the best rooting agent i've got ever used. be useful you shelter the willow water point till your cuttings have stronger roots, then plant as you need to, applying extra willow water to soak your soil once you plant. good success!!

7. Where To Buy Grow Lights?

ace, lowes, online hardware store or grainger but not a "headshop" as you will be tracked

8. How are grow lights used?

no..they are used like regular lights

9. Is it better to start seeds indoors under grow lights or outdoors?

There are several correct answers to this. I think I will just tell you what seeds I start indoors and why. I start tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and maybe some basil or other herbs indoors under lights. The reason I do this is two fold. 1)To get a head start on the growing season. 2) It is too cold to start them outdoors at the beginning of February when I am planting them. With proper watering and lights they do just fine. The only thing with these seedlings is you need to be sure to harden them off before planting outdoors. This is a system of acclimating them to the sunny and windy outdoor conditions. You start slowly only leaving them in a semi sunny protected location for a short time each day. You then increase the exposure and the time spent outdoors. I think you are talking about starting seeds outdoors in pots, not in the ground. Just make sure that the conditions for the seedling will be correct when it starts to come up. But, if you are trying to get a head start on the season, inside is best

10. Grow Lights and Ballasts?, what do they do?, do I need both?

if the end connectors and wattage of the bulb is the same then yes .just like a fluorescent tube

11. How do I grow flowers under grow lights?

I put my seedlings for flowers about 4-5 inches below the grow lights and leave the light on for 18-20 hrs everyday. If they still grow tall and leggy I leave the light on for 24 hrs

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