Does Updating a PSP's Firmware Affect the System Or the Memory Card?

Does updating a PSP's firmware affect the system or the memory card?

Just make sure to do it right, even an oficial update can mess up the system, one time I was updating my 3001 and the update failed, next thing you now, I have a $170 paper weight, had to throw it away

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The Bicikelj system consists of 610 bikes and 61 stations, 300 to 500 m away from each other. The stations are equipped with an automatic rental terminal for locking and unlocking approximately 20 bicycles each. The first 60 minutes of bike rental is free. After the first 60 minutes, the hourly rental rate for total hours beyond the first 60 minutes is debited from the user's bank account. However, bikes can be rented for free longer than one hour "serially" during a day if a minimum of three minutes has passed between the two free rides. The total number of free rides over the period of users' subscription is unlimited. Short-term subscribers, such as tourists, pay only 1 for an on-line registration that is valid for one week. If the bike is not returned within 24 hours, the 350 deposit will be debited. Annual subscribers can rent the bikes over a one-year period for just 3 and are able to use the system with their Urbana public transit smart card and personal identification number.

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What is the most fun/exciting game system for grandchildren.?

Well, nintendo Wii, doesn´t have the best graphics on the market right now, but you can be sure that it is the system that is friendlier and more exciting to kids. I am guessing you´re asking for a non portable system, if not you could also consider the nintendo DS which is the best selling hand held and has tons of games. The other systems aren´t bad, but their best games are generally rated for older players.

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Perturbing a dynamical system

$$ x'= yx(1-x^2-y^2) y'= -xy(1-x^2-y^2) $$ has the unit circle as stable solution. A convex combination of both vector fields should shift your system towards stability. As $$(1-lambda)F_1F_2=F_1(F_2-F_1)$$ you can write this convex combination also as perturbation.

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Can a system have negative entropy?

I think what you mean is that the entropy does not change for reversible processes, but increases for irreversible processes. In this sense your question would be if the entropy of a system can decrease. Yes, absolutely! The entropy can decrease for a system that is not closed. For example, Earth receives the solar energy prom the Sun and dissipates in into space as heat. The entropy of the whole (closed) system (Sun, Earth, and space) always increases. However, the entropy on Earth alone can indeed decrease. Entropy is often referred to as a measure of chaos, so order would be the opposite of entropy. In this sense biological life and evolution represent a highly organized matter and therefore a low entropy. Such a reduction of the entropy as the emergence of life and its evolution on Earth was possible exactly because Earth alone is not a closed system, but a conduit of a tremendows entropy increase of the solar energy dissipating as heat. Without this constant entropy increase life on Earth would be impossible. It is exactly the entropy increase in the entire system that allowed the entropy in the part of the system to decrease thus producing life, evolution, and ultimately intelligence

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ODE - Determining a conservative system

Take $H=frac14(2y^2-2x^2x^4)$ as Hamiltonian and consider the system $$ x'=fracpartial Hpartial y,qquad y'=-fracpartial Hpartial x $$

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Alternative to Crestron home entertainment system?

Many alternatives of course. First if I were designing your system I would want to know 1- Who is using the system? Not just a list of people, but what are their habits? Where you you get your music, movies? If you just listen to CDs or internet radio or XM that is one thing but do you want to be able to play multiple streams of music anywhere in the house? Do you have an iPod, Game systems, DirecTV. Do you want to hide all of the elecronics in 1 closet or spread throughout the house. The integrator charging this much better know your entertainment and entertaining habits better than you do. 2- Do you want instant access to movies anywhere in the house? If so you can look at companies like Kaleidescape (Expensive) or MediaMax( A little less) or Escient (Much Cheaper for different methods of attaining this. If movie server is part of the deal have your integrator offer you alternative ones. I am assuming the price is for the entire system.(i.e. speakers, distributed audio system, distributed video, TVs and so forth) If so nickel and diming wo not change the price much. It does not make sense to get the system but get low quality components and switching to mid price components often do not lower the price as much as you might think. You may have to give up something. Crestron Touchscreens may cost as much as $10K apiece. Knock out a few of those and you may be getting somewhere. 3- Do you want Lighting, Heating and/or Security as part of the package. Security does not have to cost too much an interface to an existing security system some programming may be all you need. Heating may be a similar scenario. Lighting however can be an expensive proposal. People do not realise just how many light switches there are in a home, especially newer one. For an automated lighting system to work, every light switch you want to be controlled needs to be swapped for an automatable one. Expensive whichever method of control you use. Lutron is probably what was bid but ask if another brand is available. Something that uses z-wave to control might be advantageous. Ask for a system that does not control every single switch as an option. Life Ware, Colorado v-Net, Control-4, HAI, Xantech all make automation systems for less and others are joining all the time. G.E. and OnQ are joining the fray with even cheaper alternatives. Voice your concerns to the integrator. If you were referred to them by Crestron they may feel some obligation to Crestron (Which is probably THE most expensive along with AMX) and bid only that. If that is all they do they may recommend someone else that offers something less expensive. Check for a list of companies qualified to design a system in your area.

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