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NEW DELHI: Taking a cue from Tokyo and Vienna Metros, Delhi Metro will install glass lifts at 11 underground stations to prevent claustrophobia and improve the aesthetics of the stations.It is for the first time in the country that the jazzy glass lifts will be without machine-rooms, that is, the cables and the heavy duty instrument box usually seen on top of lifts, will not be present. The glass will be present on two sides - front and back. They will have more carrying capacity. The DMRC chief spokesperson Anuj Dayal said, ''The lifts installed so far can carry eight persons, but the glass lifts can carry 13 at a time.The previous lifts had no room for a wheelchair to turn. Now there will be enough space.€€ The lifts will have vandal-resistant stainless steel side walls which will be scratch resistant. They will be installed at all stations of underground line number two. In the underground stations, there will be three levels - ground level, concourse and platform. The concourse (mid level) will have the ticket counter. To reach the concourse from the ground, a normal opaque stainless steel lift will be used. The transparent lift will be used from the concourse, after buying the ticket to the platform, to catch the train. Among other advantages, the glass lifts also make rescue process easier.The lifts have ''two-hour fire rating€€, which means that in case of a fire, the person is safe inside the lift for two hours. The lifts in five-star hotels even do not have such ratings in India. Out of the 29 lifts to be installed in the underground stations, 11 will be of glass. DMRC signed a contract with Finland-based Kone Corporation, which will be handling the lifts.

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