Hot Water Heater Element Replacement Help...?

In your question you did not mentioned make of your "Water heater". That might have helpful to pin point your problem. I hope you must have confirmed that element has gone bad. If you are sure about it, better first purchase the new element from the manufacturer. By doing so you will come to know the design of the element. Usually it has a packing to prevent the leakage of water. As you mentioned you are worried about applying the pressure but as it holds the hole assembly tightly and temperature goes high, it is quite possible that some more pressure may require to remove the element. But before doing that you are applying the pressure on right point. The new element in your hand will give you an idea about it. Wish you good luck...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. new water heater has no hot water?

have you used a multi meter to see if you have 240 volts going into and receiving 240 volts? what are the thermostats setting on take a screw driver and adjust them til you here them click in and then listen for the hiss,that will tell you its heating,but make sure your getting 240 volts not 120 volts on each leg, test the wiring using the tester across both wires live,after all all you have to check is the thermostats and elements,not saying your dumb or anything like that but its easy to check the wiring the wrong way and think your doing it the correct way,did you fill the tank prior to turning on the power,i know you did but thought i would ask,cause if you powered it up first as soon as the water hit those hot elements they fried.just asking

2. Hot water heater switching!?

There is a thermocouple that tells the thermostat when to shut off. Somehow, that's not happening, thus the overheating which leads to your breaker kicking off. Find a reputable electrician to help you.

3. fuse keeps blowing for hot water heater?

I think corky and runner have a game going here, and would not touch this with a ten foot pole, very suspect this question

4. hot water heater wont stop running?

Repairs are usually the Landlord's responsibility unless you have damaged something. Do not worry about it

5. Hot water heater problem? Do I need a plumber, electrician or new hot water heater?

sounds like you have a weak breaker. there is no real way to check them so i would replace the breaker

6. 15 - 20 yr. old condo: What typically needs to be replaced?

If you have not had any of your concerns updated/replaced, you should definitely consider it. However, if you are interested in selling, then you should not only consider placing the ac, water heater, etc. but upgrades to carpet and kitchen. Recent surveys has indicated that the kitchen is a major factor in selling your home. Depending on taste, a remodeled kitchen can cost up to $15k

7. water heater won't stay lite?

the burner shut down because the water heated up to its selected temp. as long as you have hot water, you have no problem

8. Unsure if we Smell gas from water heater?

Obviously if there is a gas leak and you stopped it by turning off the gas, the leak would be VERY cheap to fix. Pregnant women have weird smelling problems. Unless it is VERY strong, it is not going to blow up or hurt anything.

9. Gas Water Heater Thermocouple replacement question?

You should not have to remove the burner assembly to remove the thermocouple. But you have seen it's going to be darn hard to remove that thermocouple and install a replacement. Disconnect the thermocouple nut on the outside control box, and you should be able to pull the thermocouple body out of the bracket it is installed in, as it should be just a simple friction fit that is not very tight. Installing a new thermocouple just involves pushing the new one into that bracket. Years ago I had a gas water heater and over the years had to replace the thermocouple twice. That heater lasted 30 years before the valving quit working, probably worn out. I had to lie on my stomach and struggle to get the new thermocouple installed, as the heater was not on a platform that lifted it several inches off the floor. I also have big hands, and it was difficult manuevering my hand in that small space to install the new thermocouple body in the bracket.

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