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Sofas come in three major sizes. The full sofa is 84 in (2.13 m) wide. Smaller versions like the two-seater and love seat range between 60-80 in (1.52-2.03 m). Variations on the standard sofa include modular items and sofas with special uses such as daybeds or convertible sofa beds. Ornamental designs are not necessarily less durable, but they do not invite casual use. The design of a sofa can be adjusted to the use that will be made of it, and the average size of the people who will use it most. A deep seat, for instance, is good for taller people but does not easily accommodate shorter individuals. The style of a sofa is generally set by its arms, which double as artistic statements and rests. Some styles of seating furniture are known by the names of these arm designs. The overstuffed sofa is called that in the trade in order to indicate the use of more than one layer of muslin in the foundation.


Do you enjoy being pounded on bed or sofa?

What is in a place or thing?For me bed & sofa and all usual things are way too common and boring.I always tend to experiment and have got banged or pounded on bare earth, sand, soil, cement blocks, railway tracks, cycle tracks, footpath, garden and grass, backyard graveyard, bath tub, plain floor kitchen, terrace, stationery bus, truck, bike, train, car, chair, tables, carpet, stool, car trunk and bonnet, pond, river, sea, lake, swimming pool, stair, ladder, shops, mall, public toilets, on the tree, hills, mountains, plains, fencing etc etc many moreu2026Do you enjoy being pounded on bed or sofa?

What sofa color will fit with a green and white living room?

Buy the sofa you like and do not worry about the wall color. It is MUCH cheaper to repaint a wall (or hire it done) than to replace or recover a sofa. Gallon of premium paint (covers 200-400 sf): $40-45 Sofa: $1000-$4000

Is cotton fabric on a sofa durable?

cotton is probably not the way to go... instead, check out microfiber. microfiber sofas are very affordable, look great, are comfy (they look and feel kind of similar to suede), and are super easy to clean. my best friend, my dad and i all have microfiber sofas, and we are more than happy, years later

my apartment walls are a pale green, what colour sofa and carpet would be appropriate?

Wall color is easy to change. Since a sofa is something that costs quite alot and you will have to live with it for several years, I would find one that I love. Forget about the wall color. Next pick your carpet based on your sofa, then repaint your walls if necessary.

I have white walls and beige carpet. What color sofa would look best. I am getting all new vertical blinds too?

I would choose the blinds first as I presume the choice of colour for blinds is more limited than that of the sofa. Then choose a sofa to match

Which is better, leather or fabric sofa?

Without question, a soft leather skin (not too soft) will always be far superior to a fabric sofa, both in structure, appearance and use. The leather is much more expensive, for the same reasons. Remember that a leather sofa is also more fragile and should be treated well.

i need a some recomendations for getting a high quality sofa cleaned of dirt/grim it was is a storage unit?

Depending on the material of the sofa...if it's leather you will need to consult a leather specialist, or go to a local furniture store that sells leather sofas and ask if they also sell cleaners...usually they do. If it's cloth you may be able to steam clean can buy vacuums that have upholstery attachments for issues like these. Below are a few links you might find helpful. Also try any reputable company in your area, and ask if they do upholstery! Good luck and I hope that you find the perfect answer for your “dirty little“ question!

how to decorate a room which has a large zebra fabric covered sofa in it?

Your colors sound great- the sofa is the “focal“ point of the room and should be treated as such-- if you want to add a chair or two- go with solid colors- maybe a darker green than your carpet and throws that bring in a little of the red shade--consider your floor the grass, your walls the sunshine and your sofa the wild animal in you---I would really like to see a little “red“ in there- throw pillows or maybe a lamp shade--the curtains I would keep more subtle- possibly even wooden slatted blinds???

I'm deciding on a guest bed arrangement for a small room. Should I get a futon, sofa bed or pop-up trundle?

A sofa bed, at the end of the day, is a make-do for two functions. Unless you buy a very good quality sofa bed, you will not retain the full comfort of a double bed. Plus you have the aggro of coverting it every night and making it up in the morning. But that's just my view .

Do you have a sofa/bed?

all the sofa beds I've used have been really sucky. Can you get a futon or a blow-up mattress instead? They are way better than the sofa beds I've ever dealt with

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Are DFS sofas comfortable and durable

"DFS sofas are very comfortable and therapeutic. They are also very durable as they are high quality, and made in. Spain.. They are a famous brand of sofa because of their high quality. They are also long-lasting."

What kind of sofa bed has a trundle

Genererally most sectionals will have a tundle bed, also known as a sofa bed. Another style that you should look at is the futon. Futons are couches that can unfold flat into a sofa bed.

What kind of parasites can live in used sofas

There are two main parasites to watch for in used sofas: fleas and bed bugs. Both can be difficult to get rid of so it is best to contact a professional. Once the sofa has been cleaned, make sure to continue keeping it clean by vaccuuming and steam cleaning when necessary.

How much does a sofa bed at Ikea cost

Sofa beds at Ikea range in prices depending on the style. For a futon type of sofa bed, the price is $279.00. For the type with the bed tucked inside the sofa, the price is $479.00 to $1079.00.

What are some trends in the sofa bed industry

One major trend in the sofa bed industry is the futon. A futon can be a sofa, and then when it is time to go to sleep it is a bed. This can save space in a room.

I am looking to buy furniture from ikea, I am interested in black sofa, I have wood floors,does it match?

I have wood floors and black leather sofas from Ikea. My walls are a light sage with crisp white baseboards. I have accessories in black and wood (all my houseplants are in wooden containers that have a black metal band around them).

My black sofa from Ikea (Vreta) happens to have wooden legs too. If you stay consistant with accessories that are wood and black, it will look tied together.

What materials should a sofa be made from in order for it to be used outdoors

Some of the materials that outdoor sofas are made from are wood, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron and mixed materials. One should consider a waterproof material if leaving the sofa outside for any length of time.

I have a beige sofa and white walls and light brown carpet I need to make that room bit more interesting?

A beige sofa is a wise choice for the long run.You can always paint or change accessories far cheaper than buying a new sofa. Start with an area rug in your seating area - at least a 5x7. (Use a rug grip underneath that is made for a rug to carpet application) Once you find one you like, choose a color from that rug for a paint color. Then choose a second & third color for your accessories - pillows, candles, wall decor, draperies, etc. Distribute these accent colors evenly within the room. Also add a metallic in the room for lamps, candle holders, wall decor frames

My sofa keeps scratching the floorboards.?

Get some felt, cut in circles to fit the sofa legs, and glue on - gorilla glue is good. Repeat as necessary. Be careful when sitting - the sofa could scoot a little bit since the felt will not have as much friction as the bare legs do. You might be able to find pre-glued felts at Michaels, Wal-Mart, a craft store, etc.

how do you re-upholster a sofa with a fixed cushion?

You can not take off fixed cushions because, by definition, they are fixed in place. What you might try is getting a used sofa without fixed cushions. That way you can remove the cushions and re-upholster them before you resell it and go back to your sofa without fixed cushions.

OK I have an orange cream color on my living room walls and I am looking for a sofa to coordinate.?

you can use white sofa and add beauty to it by placing throw pillows in white, orange, cream color variations

When you call in sick on a Friday, what do you do first? Big breakfast or sofa cushion fort in the living room?

sofa cushion fort. If someone knocks on the front door, I have a bow and arrow ready and start yelling “you are the enemy!“ at top of my lungs

Can I place a sofa/couch over a heating vent on the floor?

yes, to make it better try making a hole in the sofa, sitning on it naked will give your *** freash air even the best for farting when your dates next to you, if your dont alredy have a partnah

Need to Buy a new pull out sofa mattress?

go to a mattress retailer, most manufacturers make a mattress designed for sleeper sofas

I'm looking for a new dual reclining sofa.. and am on a budget. fabric w/ a fold down table in the middle.

why didnt u go in the really morning we did and we got a new tv thats 50 inches for only 1400. and now we saw a really nice sofa at conns for 1000

Is my sofa too big for my living room?

Ask them to work with you! That's if they want your business they risk giving the competition an edge, all they have to do is put it back on the floor and you pay the difference of shipping and what your exchanging for. But rules are rules and my husband hated this but he was hired as a contractor to deal with this problem. People will order the color of carpet and it look different when they get it, so he makes you sign contract. And work it out with you to keep business. OK! Next time ask for their measurement of sofa size and then measure your room and place the furinture in your room by size. OK!

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