I Am Looking to Buy a New Vacuum. I Would Like One That Is also Good on Hardwood Floors and Has Atta

I would think a regular vacuum cleaner would scratch hardwood floors. I use a SwifferVac for my hardwood so they wo not get scratched. Works great but the battery life sucks. I also have a bagless Eureka Boss upright for my carpet. It is excellent, costs $150, is heavy, but you should see all of the stuff it picks up!! I also use a microfiber flat mop for my hardwood and clean it with hardwood and laminate cleaner once in a while

1. Where does Outlook 2007 store opened attachments temporarily?

I realize this is an old post, but this may be helpful for some who Google and come across this post looking for a solution. If you try all the proposed solutions offered above, and find that none of them work for one reason or another, you may try right clicking on the Temporary Internet Files folder, select Advanced, then check the box for indexing all files. It was only after I did that was I able to view and navigate the Content. Outlook folder in Windows 7.

2. How can you export an object's attachments based on a user-defined date range of record created date?

RE: A Zip File Approach. If a Zip file is OK and your happy to drive a solution via Visualforce page (client side processing). Then this Visualforce component library around the JSZip library will do what you want. The demonstration on this blog shows unzipping and zipping (from attachments on a record) via an Office file (which is a zip file as it happens), using ZipFile custom object with attachments, however this the library itself is not bound to a specifc custom object, this is just an example one used in the blog. NOTE: The resulting Zip file is sent back to VF page controller in the demo, however you could leave it on the client and use the JavaScript File IO libraries built into most browsers to save the file directly. Depending on the size of the resulting zip this will avoid any upload governors kicking in

3. help an old man i cant get my e-mail to allow attachments i know its easy for a 10 year old not for a 64 year?

I help my boss who is older then you all the time. I know how difficult it can be the way these computers change every month or so, here we go! You might want to go to the top of the e-mail page and look for the paper clip icon. that way you can attach anything to an e-mail once there, you can browes through your computer and find what you need to attach like a picture or a word file. Once you hit the paper clip icon a browser will appear and allow you to pick the path of the file. best way to do this it make sure you remember where you saved the file. so browse>mydocuments>my pictures> and then you should have a list of pictures saved. click on the picture with the left click on the mouse and then open the file. it will attach and you will be good to go! anything else feel free to ask!

4. How to migrate Custom List w/ Attachments to SharePoint 2013

Eureka! There's still way to migrate this custom list with attachments. :)Here's what what i did in my 5000 data w/ attachments custom list:Ex:Ex.Copy Paste the attachments folder on your Local Machine and create an application that will rename the old folder to new folder name based on the excel spreadsheet. Run your program then after that you can now navigate to the Attachments folder of the new site then copy paste all the items renamed on your local machine inside the new Custom List attachments folder.After that, Navigate now on your New Custom List and its now populated with their respective attachments file. You now have successfully migrated Custom List with attachments. :)Hope this help other folks having same problem migrating custom list w/ attachments.Regards!

5. Are there any speed feed attachments that fit on gravity loaders for paintball?

As far as I know there is no such thing yet. That does not mean they are not out there though. I just have never heard of them

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