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You are wierd. God does not turn his back on his children. God knows Santa came from the legend of Saint Nicholas in Europe.You maybe some fundametalist Christian but your views are so distorted. Why are Santas lewd anddrunk old men? Most Santas where i come from are lovely people. They are professional people who are screened by police etc. Know this. God cares for the children and the parents. So let them get on with Christmas as the celebration of Christ's birth with joy and love in their hearts that was put there by God. God is a loving God not one who reeks vengeance on small children for being given some toys. I bet he sees it as a season of forgiveness, kindness and love. His son taught his message. So take your hellfire and brimstone philosophies elsewhere. PS- dont you dare tel mee i will go to hell unless you yourself are God as he alone knows

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I have 2 small children and an infestation of mice help?

Get a few cats. they will take care of your problem

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What should be a good career choice for me? Please, help?

Well some authors are also teachers. You do not have to teach small children, you could teach at a university

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Nativity movies for small children?

Noah's ark?

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Are their any laws regarding small children in the front seat?

yes they are laws they got to be in the back untill there about 12 years old cause they are to small for the dashboard will be right at face level and airbags can break there necks and they got to be in a booster seat if they ant at least 4"9

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Should small children be allowed to view R rated movies with their parents.?

I am 13 and I watch R rated movies all the time! Well, I cheat to get into those. But no, nobody under the age of 18 can even go to an R rated movie

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Anyone know of any great train trips for families with small children?

what train trip to washington dc?or up to new york amtrak loves children

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How Do You Manage To Clean With Small Children Around?

let your kid watch tellitubies or a kids show like that, they would bother you.while you clean :P

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Best guard dog for family with small children?

I know people that have Rhodesian Ridgeback and absolutely love them. They are notorious guard dogs and reportedly great with kids

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Is it possible for young mother of 3 small children to find love again?

U can always find love again no matter wat the problem or age

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

A zombie. I am going to be at a haunted house scaring small children :)

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PLEASE HELP **! (its about dogs)?

hold the dog and let her pet it yorkies are not really good with small children

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Is it possible for small children to be depressed or sad for al long amount of time?

Yea i've heard about young kids going from outgoing and friendly to shy, because of depression. Its the the little things like being scolded so yeah they can. Just be there for them and comfort them as much as u can. .

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Is there a safe temperature for small children to use a Hot Tub?

Kids And Hot Tubs

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Gear for Car-camping with 2 small children

You do not mention budget, but a couple things I really like when car camping are:I will rough it while backpacking, but I like to be comfortable when car camping

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What breed of dog would be the best to have with small children?

Newfoundland big but a teddy bear

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Good horseback games to play with small children?

hey :) maybe grab the flag or slalam :) you could also have little relay races maybe 2 on a team depending on if you could get another child or something :D maybe try trotting poles or some lunge work ( maybe no stiirup work) good luck :) jade x

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What can I bake with 2 small children?

A cake. my nieces and i always bake some cake. like Betty Crocker ones. there not that expensive and they love to help mix it!

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what should i feed my puppy?

small children. joking...

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simple steps and tips for going green with small children?

tell them off everytime they throw away something in bin and explain why, they will soon learn for themselves

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