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Leaf was a Dutch band from Utrecht. Their first single, Wonderwoman was released in October 2007.

Leaf was founded in 2005 by a group of students from the Rockacademie. The band played acoustic pop songs and had quite a bit of success at the Dutch Popronde 2006. In the spring of 2007 they came out on top in a talent contest held by the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The band members were Annemarie Brohm, Tinus Konijnenburg, Ocker Gevaerts, Joni Scholten and Jeroen Blumers.

The band's independently produced album 'Life's a Beach' was received very well, and was later re-released on 16 November 2007 after securing a record label. One of the most popular singles on the album is Wonderwoman (a.k.a. "Why's my Life so Boring"), which went on to become a top 10 hit in the Dutch Top 40 charts. The song got an additional popularity boost due to it being used in the television show Koefnoen.

The band split up on 12 January 2009 due to creative differences within the group.

How long, and where, can you stay dry under an idealized tree when rain is falling, and there is no wind? of Leaf spring

Pardon me for the "smart aleck" answer, but the question as stated has some problems. I'll address the most serious problem, and "leave" the others out (pun intended).The most serious problem is that the question, as stated, is modeling leaves as some kind of torsional spring and says nothing as to whether the torsional-leaf-spring is frictionless or not.

There are two cases here to address: either the leaf-spring has friction or it does not.a.) If the leaf-spring(s) have some friction, then some kind of frictional constant has to be given. Or at the very least, some kind of threshold has to be given that would indicate at what point a water droplet would roll off the leaf.

Since no such parameter is given, the question is incomplete if there is any kind of friction or viscosity involved.b.) If the leaf-spring(s) are frictionless, and there is no capillary attraction (fluid friction) between the raindrops and the leaf, then any amount of rainfall above zero will make its way to the bottom of the tree as soon as rainfall at any level begins. This leads to the vacuous answer of "the tree cannot possibly keep anything dry underneath it".

Put another way, even the slightest dm of rainfall landing on any leaf for any amount of time would be a pencil-standing-on-its-point situation. Moreover, the leaves have mass and area, but there is insufficient information given to calculate any sort of moment of inertia. How readily the leaves roll over and dump any accumulated rainfall would depend on this moment of inertia.

Sorry for such a cop-out, but the way I see it, there simply is not enough information given (disregarding how overly idealized the problem is in the first place)

Building a non rotating persistence of vision device of Leaf spring

I think Zuu's answer was very good, but I'd like to add some more detail to it.The idea of using a spring is very good. From the start this creates the oscillating movement you want. I would suggest using a steel leaf spring.

This is good for two reasons:Firstly, set up your spring system. The PCB with LEDs is mounted somehow on the end of the leaf spring. As well as the LEDs, the PCB should also have an accelerometer to measure the movement of the PCB.

Pull back the PCB with LEDs and let it oscillate. Look at the output of the accelerometer to measure the frequency of oscillation. Adjust the length of the spring until the oscillation frequency is about 20 swipes per second.

You're almost there.

Now you need to drive the oscillation using the solenoids. Use the accelerometer to synchronise energising the solenoids. Added:The reason this is an improvement over Zuzu's answer is that, while solenoids are great for short sharp movements, they are terrible for long smooth movements.

The travel you get from them will be too short to make an interesting display.What you need is some mechanism that allows the solenoids to work over a short distance, while the LEDs move a large distance. Hence allowing the stick to bend at the leaf spring.

Whether you consider this to be a 'rotating' mechanism depends on whether you consider bending to be a type of rotating

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