Sick of Dry Firzzy Hair?

Well, first off.. Is your hair healthy? Some tips to keep your hair from going frizzy and for it to stay healthy. - Eat lots of leafy greens. They are really good for your hair - Do not shower in warm water, because it will dry out your hair. Cooler is better - Do not brush your hair when it's wet. It will break. Instead use a wide tooth comb. - Let your hair air dry. Or " srunch" it with a towel. Now, For shampoos and conditioners.. You want to get something hydrating. you have to be really careful when it comes to the products. Some will make your hair look healthy.. when its really just damaging it. I would suggest L'Oreal Shampoo's and Conditioners. If you can afford one a bit pricey then Joico is really good. Also, you want to make sure you are getting trims so all you are split ends will be gone. If you think your hair is a bit out of control, I would straighten it.. Chi straighteners work amazingly well, or even a Conair. You want to make sure you are using heat products to protect your hair. There are sprays. Also if you want the frizz to go away, it would be a good idea to get Chi silk infusion.. It helps get your hair soft, shiny and best of all.... no frizz. Hope I helped! =)

1. Air dry or blow dry, which is better?

My hair is also naturally kinky/curly so I know exactly what you mean. When I wash my hair, I usually let it air dry because I always thought it was healthier (like you said, heat is damaging). I do not think blow drying is just a complete no-no; you can do it every now and then. But I would not get too attached to it, especially if you are not using a heat protectant

2. Do you blow dry your hair, towel dry it or just air dry it?

A combination of all 3! I have super thick hair that retains water, so I towel dry, brush, let it air dry, and then blow dry the rest of the moisture out

3. Snorkels, semi dry, ultra dry, or what...?

Your best bet would be to find a dive shop in your area and let them tell you about what would work best for you with going to the Virgin Islands

4. why are my oranges dry?

It is usually cultural........too much fertilizer and water.......just the opposite of what you would think. Also younger trees will not juice up well, age is better

5. Treatment For this dry skin?

I can not access your photo's to see how the skin is.... if the skin is healthy I would gently exfoliate the legs twice a week & every night apply cocoa butter or shea butter then wrap legs in cling film (the heat helps the moisture to go further through the skin layers). Hope it helps

6. My hair takes forever to dry is there any way to make it dry faster ?

Try to put product in it before, like mousse. Make sure to blow dry it outside the bathroom cus it's too humid in there and use it on the cold setting of the blow dryer:)

7. CAn u blow dry ur hair when its dry?

No, it wo not work right. My tip is get up earlier and wash and blow dry your hair so that it will look nice for picture day

8. Help with Dry skin? Thanks ..?

! EVERYTHING works like a charm!!

9. How long does air dry clay take to dry?

Plus Natural Air Drying Clay

10. Blow Dry or Flat Iron??

It's the same...Both are damaging to your hair, and ends with split ends(even with heat protector.)...Personally, Flat Ironing it is faster, and get's it better then blow drying

11. switching cat food=wet/dry to dry only?

i like to vary what i give my cats. i mostly feed them dry, but i often give them wet as a treat. i sometimes give them a half portion of wet and a half portion of dry. i do not mix the two, because i would not want a cat to choke on a dry piece hidden in a wet mound so i just put it on one side of the bowl. as with people, pets benefit from a varied diet. there is nothing wrong with giving your pets wet food, but dry is better for getting tartar/plaque off their teeth. unlike the other poster said, DON'T give your cats people food. whenever you switch foods, you should always gradually introduce the new food. it is even recommended to switch the brands of dry food every once in awhile to a different dry brand. so, for the first few meals, mix in a little of the new food with the old. over the days add more and more new food and less old food. eventually, it will be all new food. this is too get the cat used to it and to allow their system to adjust to the new foods, which may have slightly different ingredients. i usually wait until my old dry food is almost gone, then start introducing a new dry. so that there is no old left over after the switch.

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