Software Developers Are Gradually Becoming the Key to the Success Or Failure of an Enterprise

. However, at present, most enterprises do not make good use of this valuable resource. On the contrary, due to improper management, they cause huge economic losses of up to $300 billion a year. If software developers are deployed more scientifically, it will increase global GDP by US $300 billion in the next decade.

The lack of software developers poses a greater threat to the company than the lack of funds.

Nevertheless, many companies still abuse these most valuable "resources". The work of many developers is limited to maintaining old systems or software. This task costs as much as $300 billion a year, of which $85 billion will be spent on the task of updating old code alone.

If the company can reasonably deploy software development human resources, it will contribute US $300 billion to the growth of global GDP in the next decade.

Compared with money, enterprises want more high-level developers

After 25 years of entering the era of modern consumer Internet, senior executives of the company are still trying to solve a fundamental problem - "digital transformation".

The reason why this challenge is so difficult is that it can not be solved with funds or management means like most other transformation problems. On the contrary, the new generation of enterprise leaders need software developers with professional background and knowledge.

The system engineer configures the server in the data center. Photo: baranozdemir / source: Getty Images

As the global economy is increasingly operating on the track supported by technology, and many companies are trying to transform into technology companies, the demand for high-quality software engineers is unprecedented.

According to the latest research by stripe and Harris poll, more than half of executives believe that the lack of high-quality developers is the most important factor threatening their business success. What is more surprising is that today, 10 years after the financial crisis, this threat even exceeds the constraints of capital.

Stripe survey results

Although developers are the most valuable resource of many companies, they are often "wasted". In general, because developers spend a lot of time maintaining legacy systems or updating "old" code, today's companies lose more than $300 billion a year to repay such "technical debts".

Considering that developers play a decisive role in the success or failure of the company, these problems become worrying. Software developers do not monopolize "creativity", but their technology is a key source of innovation, productivity and the new economy. If developers are deployed properly, they can become "economic accelerators" and greatly improve the output of their units and companies.

Three methods to effectively tap the maximum value of developers

If developers are the company's most restricted resource, how to improve their productivity has become a key issue. As an executive, there are three ways to double the beneficial impact of developers on the company:

Understand your current costs, opportunity costs

For CFOs, this means carefully considering the time allocation of developers as well as dollar allocation.


Open your arms and embrace the temperature of "cloud"! The cloud platform can be used not only for storage and computing, but also for common business functions (in addition to the company's unique business), such as messaging, payment, CRM, planning, accounting and inventory management.

Try to let developers invest in projects that have a great impact on the company. For projects that can be solved by "cloud", if you are considering outsourcing or internal self construction, the answer is very simple: buy!

Unless you're in a company like Amazon or Microsoft, you shouldn't arrange engineers to build a data center. But at the same time, developers should also try their best to make the company's business different.

Hire leaders with technology related background

If the top level does not have technology related background, at least the top lieutenants should have this condition. Bringing software developers directly into strategic business decisions will ensure that you have the right product roadmap, the right team, and ultimately the right technical strategy for sustainable success. This will ease the increase in technology debt and avoid unnecessary waste of developer time.

Since "digital transformation" is still the top priority of every company, it is very important for the development of the company's business to authorize developers to use tools, infrastructure and various guidelines. The mutual cooperation among developers can give full play to the great power of half the effort, make more effective use of existing resources and achieve higher business growth.

Software Developers Are Gradually Becoming the Key to the Success Or Failure of an Enterprise 1

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