Vivox Series Middle End New Machine Exposure: Liftable Lens Rear Three Camera

Today, a microblog blogger posted a group of photos of vivo V15 Pro transparent protective shell. According to the previous tradition, vivo V series is the overseas version of X series, so it is speculated that V15 Pro should be the next generation of vivo X series. If nothing happens, the machine may be named vivo X25.

At present, the latest X-Series models on sale on vivo's official website are x23 and x23 magic color version. Among them, vivo x23 was released in September last year and vivo x23 magic color version was released in November. From the release time, I'm afraid the new X-Series machine is indeed on the road.

From the perspective of the mobile phone protective case exposed this time, the rear main camera of V15 Pro is placed on the left side of the back of the fuselage in a vertical row. Judging from the opening length, it should be equipped with three cameras, and the three camera configuration will basically become the standard configuration of many new models this year.

From the opening on the top of the protective case, vivo V15 Pro will retain a 3.5mm earphone hole, and is expected to add nex's mechanical lifting selfie lens scheme. If this speculation is true, the front of vivo V15 Pro will be a complete screen, and the screen proportion will increase again.

It is reported that the vivo X25 will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 675 / 710 processor and will be officially released before the end of March to locate the middle end. The price is expected to be about 3000 yuan

Vivox Series Middle End New Machine Exposure: Liftable Lens  Rear Three Camera 1

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