What Are Some Free Market Solutions to Global Warming?

What are some free market solutions to global warming?

What Are Some Free Market Solutions to Global Warming? 1

Here's an all-American solution to some global warming problems (the majority of which I do not believe in either): Make it easier for companies to produce solar panels, encourage people to purchase and install them with tax deductions, encourage utility companies to integrate these solar panels into the electric grid, with more tax deductions. When you are done, you have all this free energy coming into the grid that does not pollute, and people save money! Also, keep pushing for flex-fuel vehicles and ethanol.

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Does Sean Hannity like the way the phrase "free market" sounds?

"Free Markets" means free for Corporations to build up huge monopolies and concentrate weath in a few powerful elites. Do not get me wrong im all for the markets being free however is it really free or just a transfer of power?

What Are Some Free Market Solutions to Global Warming? 2

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Why is free market capitalism so effective at allocating resources?

Its not. The participants in capitalistic societies are rewarded for being so when rational standards apply, to the extent that rational standards apply. Govt is not a rational standard bearer

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Given the free market, why is American health care so expensive and inefficient?

Competitiveness strives for better health equipment. I smell a troll...

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Why are Republicans against the free market?

The conservative mind needs everything nailed down so it wo not evolve

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Has 'Free Market' Economics ever worked?

Without a strong government regulatory system, free market economics becomes a free-for-all, anything-goes chaotic situation. There are many countries in the world where the free market reigns supreme because there is no government intervention, including few or no laws and no regulations. Many of these places are hellholes with a few incredibly wealthy people and most of the rest of the population living in poverty. People have to be realistic about how free market economics operate in a modern, complex society. We have regulations because this country has already in its history experienced many of the ills resulting from unregulated business activities and we have tried to address them.

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What are the arguments for and against free market capitalism?

In the western world, you'll hear a lot of the benefits of free market capitalism. After all, for most of history, the main food related problem has been starvation, while today it's obesity. This can certainly be viewed as progress and a victory for market economies. However, It's much more rare to hear about the shortcomings of free market capitalism, so that's what I'll focus this answer on.One of the shortcomings is that market wages and market funding do not necessarily relate to the relative importance of what's needed in a healthy society.For instance, it's really tough to find market funding to cure disease rampant in underdeveloped regions, such as malaria or dengue. People that get malaria typically don't have very much money to spend on anything, hence, investors just don't see very good returns in investing in those regions, at least not in the short term. There is simply no money to be made by ridding impoverished regions of disease, hence this doesn't get funded by markets. If it gets funded at all, it is by charities, churches, or private foundations. However, there is plenty of market funding for matters such as cosmetic surgery or male boldness. Can one sincerely say that solving the male boldness issue or enlarging lips is more important than curing malaria? I doubt it. However, there is a lot more money to be made by solving well off customers cosmetic insecurities, hence that's where the funding goes. Another example of this we have clearly witnessed during the covid-19 pandemic. Determined essential workers, those society cannot function without, are often paid some of the lowest wages. Someone that packages meats and other foods, stocks the grocery store, takes out the garbage, or gets the water and sewer pipes running, was paid less than the government subsidized for people whose jobs were temporarily shut down, to stay home. The reason for this has typically more to do with the supply and demand dynamics of the job markets, than it does with how much given jobs are actually necessary for the basic necessities of society to function (EG, there is food on the table, the water is running, the garbage isn't piling up, and your poop goes away when you flush the toilet).Social workers are typically paid very poorly, even if the services they provide are of great communal importance. There is simply little correlation between how much jobs pay, and how much society would suffer if no one actually did those jobs. Another problem of free market capitalism is that is inherently self centered and short sighted. Companies tend to have no qualms about creating long term environmental problems for decades into the future, if it gets them some more profits this year. Everything is centered on maximizing returns to investors in the short term, there is no cohesive vision and care about how the world will be impacted a few years from now. Drilling for oil, burning fossil fuels, or discarding toxic waste in rivers all becomes acceptable if it gets a few extra percentage points of profit back to the investors.Another problem of free market capitalism are negative externalities. For instance, the majority of the alcohol industry profits come from alcoholics. Problem drinkers account for most of alcohol industry's sales, figures revealLikewise, the US opioid addiction epidemic was caused by the pharmaceutical industry trying to maximize their profits. In free market capitalism, making more profit today is more important than massive societal problems we create for tomorrow.Note, I am not arguing that we should rid ourselves of markets and implement a totalitarian regime, I am merely pointing out what the failures of free market capitalism are. Personally, I think the healthiest societies today implement a blend of market and social policies

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