What Is the Value of a 1928 Winchester Model 94 in .32 WinSpcl?

32 Win Spl. is not a popular claiber anymore, so it value would have to be derived froim a collector's standpoint. Price can be fro. $200- $600 depending on condition and finish

1. what is the value of winchester 1897 12ga good condition?

Depends on model, barrel length and condition. Find a like item on gunbroker.com or gunsamerica and backk the asking price off twenty per cent for a real time price comparison

2. Can I shoot rifled slugs out of a Winchester 1300 standard 28" barrel?

Yeah, youll be alright with them but if you are going to be hunting for many seasons, definitely upgrade to a rifled barrel with saboted slugs. Also, be sure to take out any full choke tubes and replace them, preferably with Cylinder. It usually wo not mess stuff up through a round or two, but after a long time they can be bad news. But as I was saying earlier, saboted slugs are SOOO much better. But a buttload more expensive...... but well worth it if you are hunting past 100 yards. They shoot much flatter, and considerably more accurate. 100 yards and under though, throw in the rifled slugs and save ya some money.

3. is it cheap to reload .357s' or just buy a new box 50 rounds of winchester?

Nothing is cheap now. You are going to invest well over $1000 to properly set yourself up for reloading. That box of 50 rounds costs less than $30. Ask yourself how much you are going to shoot it. Are you going to shoot it enough to justify the $$$$ spent on all the equipment to reload, just to save a few pennies per round? Back in the day, reloading used to be worth doing for pistols, but the price of bullets, powder, primers and brass has gone through the roof. If you were trying to achieve accuracy in a rifle, then I would say go for it if the accuracy is important to you. For a pistol, you are not gaining much. EDIT: Be careful with hand loaders, they can be very dangerous. It is very common for the primers to go off while reloading. I've been reloading for years and I would not trust my life with one. Your life is worth more than a $40 hand loader. Invest in a press if you really want to do it.

4. New Winchester Lever Action has bullet stuck in chamber, help?

Lever or bolt. Does not matter. Open the bolt/lever and put a wooden dowel (Walmart for about a dollar...if you use a cleaning rod and the rod slides down beside the bullet you can easily damage your barrel....use a larger wooden dowel) down the barrel and tap with a hammer until the round pops out. If the problem happens again, return the gun to the mfg or to a authorized repair facility. No need to go to a gunsmith if it is not a reoccurring problem.

5. who here thinks that the Winchester Repeating Arms is making guns.?

Yes, they did reopen as Winchester repeating arms and have already started making the model 70 again, with some nice new improvements. I heard that they will be producing the model 94 next

6. What is an original, still functioning Winchester '73 worth (.44 cal)?

Your serial number will help you narrow down what model it is and date of manufacture. Here's some general info though that should indicate which specific model you have. Pricing will be easier once you know that. MODEL 1873 - .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, or .44-40 WCF cal., iron frame with sideplates, frame loading port, 20 or 24 in. round or octagon barrel, rifles have forearm caps and carbines have forearm bands, tube mag., blue finish with case hardened parts, oil finished stock, serial numbered on lower tang, 720,610 mfg. between 1873-1919. Add 60%-100% for Deluxe Model 1873 with color case hardened frame, depending on original condition. Since early Model 1873s were only made in .44 cal., no caliber markings are present. After the introduction of additional calibers, the barrels were stamped just in front of the receiver and on the brass elevator with the caliber. Model 1873s are serial numbered sequentially on the lower tang. On guns serial numbered 80,000 to 170,000, an "A" followed the number. From 170,000 to 190,000, either "A" or "B" may be found, while after 200,000, usually "B" was used. The letter does not seem to have any definite meaning. The earliest guns had no marking on the upper tang, but were marked "Model 1873" on the lower tang next to the ser. no. up to number 350, after which "Model 1873" is marked on the upper tang, where it remained through the model run. Model 1873 First Model Rifle - serial numbers approx. 1-30,000, sliding thumbprint dust cover on 2 guides that are integral part of upper frame, absence of any cal. marking. Model 1873 Carbine First Model - 20 in. round barrel with carbine style forearm band. Distinctive curved buttplate, with saddle ring. Model 1873 Musket First Model - 30 in. round barrel, 27 in. mag. with 3 barrel bands, approx. 500 mfg. Model 1873 Rifle Second Model - improved dust cover featuring slides on center rail on rear section of frame top which is held in place by two screws, serial range 31,000-90,000. Model 1873 Carbine Second Model - changes similar to 1873 Second Model Rifle, with 20 in. round barrel and 2 barrel bands. Model 1873 Musket Second Model - changes similar to 1873 Second Model Rifle, with 30 in. barrel and 3 barrel bands. Model 1873 Rifle Third Model - dust cover rail integral with frame, serial 90,000-end of production. Model 1873 Carbine Third Model - changes similar to 1873 Rifle Third Model, with 20 in. barrel and 2 barrel bands. Model 1873 Musket Third Model - 30 in. round barrel and 3 barrel bands.

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