What Steps Should I Take to Become a Fighter Pilot?

What steps should I take to become a fighter pilot?

What Steps Should I Take to Become a Fighter Pilot? 1

Now for a real answer from a former Naval Flight Officer. An engineering degree is only required if you want to become a test pilot at a later date. You DO NOT have to have a technical degree and you DO NOT have to be in the top 10% of your graduating class. The Air Force gets almost all of their pilot candidates from the AF Academy and AFROTC. They take virtually no walk-ins "off the street." The pilot training pipeline for the Air Force is easier than for the Navy/Marines - the Air Force graduates about 90% of their pilot candidates while the Navy/Marines make it much tougher to get wings - as a result the Air Force "pulls the wings" on about 10% of their pilots in the first four years of service while the Navy/Marines takes the same action on only about 1/10% of their first tour aviators. With the Navy you can literally walk in off the street and if you qualify you can get a spot in Aviation Officer Candidate School. NO, you DO NOT need a technical degree and I knew very few Naval Aviators (pilots or NFO) who had a technical degree. NO, you do not have to be in the top 10% - I was in the top 25% of my graduating class. To get a slot at AOCS you have to score sufficiently on the AQT (Academic Qualification Test) and the FAR (Flight Aptitude Regime)...at the time I went in it was at least 6/9 on both tests. Testing is not over, though, because the first two days you have to take and pass four, four-hour standardized tests - you have two tries to pass all or you are out. Once at AOCS you are under the loving care of Marine Drill Instructors. In my class we started with 33 candidates and approximately one year later seven of us were still around to pin on Navy wings of gold. Technical degree required? My degree was a BS in Psychology and I served as an Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer - Aircraft Commander, Mission Commander and the only O3 aviator to be an Event Commander. I also wound up with Military Warfare Subspecialty Code 0046S in Electronic Warfare. As for being a fighter pilot...that is all up to you but the Air Force, Navy and Marines do not guarantee you any specific mission/platform up-front. What you get depends on your performance in basic flight training and the needs of the service. Anyone who says they can guarantee you a fighter pilot slot is a liar. Good luck and really dig deep on your research!

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i want to be a fighter pilot for the Air Force do you have to jump out of a plane in that training?

might aswell jump your asking to die anyways have a nice life!!

What Steps Should I Take to Become a Fighter Pilot? 2

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How much would we have to pay to become a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force?

You would have to pay 150 rupees to fill the cds/afcat/nda exam conducted by upsc.on top of that if you are ward of retired /serving officer in armed forces you would get a rebate if 10-20% .If you are ward of airmen/seamen/jawaan in armed forces you would be getting a rebate of 20-30%if you are from st/sc/obc background and posses a caste certificate which states so then ypu wpuld be emtitled for more then 80% rebate on fee. Thank you.

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How does a fighter pilot know which way to roll at the merge?

The Merge is dead and buried. BVRs are fired at 50-120 km. CCMs like the ASRAAM come onto the scene only if your radar is jammed and you have jammed the tgt radar. Then, launch range reduces to missile head sensitivity and could be 40-50 km., perhaps lower. If you end up in a continuous fight, rest assured that MAD will follow.

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If you go in to the navy to be a fighter pilot are you guaranteed to be one?

No. You have to successfully complete the aviation training, including carrier qualifications to be a Navy aviator. A shipmate of mine could do everything except land a plane on a carrier. He was dropped from the old Naval Aviation Cadet (NAVCAD) program and became an enlisted Hospital Corpsman. These days you are first tendered a commission as an officer then proceed on to aviation training. If you do not succeed in that training you go back to the fleet.

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