Why Are People From Afghanistan (my Country) White?

why are people from afghanistan (my country) white?

Why Are People From Afghanistan (my Country) White? 1

I think the real question is: why do you have pictures of little boys and girls

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In my country we eat guinea pigs and rabbits....?

I am from Maine in the United States. Here we have a beverage (soft-drink) known as Moxie. I find it delicious, but I have heard others describe it as citrusy motor oil or carbonated cold medicine

Why Are People From Afghanistan (my Country) White? 2

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When you hear the word "Latin America", which country is the first one to come to your mind?

To the first question, Colombia is my answer, because i am from Colombia and i cant stop thinking how wonderful my country is. To the second question, i would say Argentina also. Because Argentina architecture is more european, plus, pretty much all argentinians are white also, It's a great country, but it's more european also... Colombia is passion

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Seriously, How do you compare LEGAL immigrants to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

Someone who tries to immigrate legally is a stupidy like me. I spent over three years looking hard for a job in Canada through the internet. I studied a lot about the Country. It was very hard but I found a job approved by HRSDC, in February of this year, to work in Edmonton, Alberta. I submitted all required documentation to the canadian consulate but the immigration officer refused my work permit. He said that I do not have strong economic ties to my country. I tried to go legally, I did everything within the law. I had employer and place to stay. But what was the advantage of doing that legally?

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What do you think about my country China?

It is a very large country

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I was in Vietnam to become familiar with you and share with you my country.?

So what is your actual question?

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Which type of transport should I have more my country wedding ?

Or you both could arrive on differnt horses and meet at the altar

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how much does a glass of beer cost in your country?

In my country - between 0,4 and 1,5 $

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i need visa to travel in usa or my passport of my country is valid?

depending on your nationality you will need a tourist visa or to register with ESTA if you have the passport of one of the countries the US has a visa wavier agreement with. To find out what countries these are google visa waiver countries USA and you should find the answer

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If I'm not remotely proud to be an American, is it wrong to abandon my country?

Go, and do not let the door hit you on the way out -- you will be happier, and so will we!

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Can I apply to a US university by staying in the university of my country?

I'm afraid that I don't understand your question

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Besides joining the military, what are some good ways that I can serve my Country?

Be a politician. One that follows the constitution and that is not swayed by big money

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What does this statement mean:I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!?

"I" wants to revert to a time when "I" was in power

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Self centered British folks in America.?

Have you ever been out of the country? You need a thick skin traveling as an American, because it seems not only accepted, but fashionable to bash on Americans. I could never imagine treating a tourist the way I get treated in different countries with regard to randoms feeling it is ok to tell me how much they hate my country, how idiotic our politics, or laws, or president or whatever is, how much they think they know about me and my people, when they have usually never been or even talked to many Americans. Imagine having so many developed opinions about people you have rarely met, and to feel so arrogant as to tell them to their face what you think they are. Ridiculous? Maybe, but we have a different experience as Americans. So, the point is, you find a non-American who is very vocal about how much they do not like Americans? Completely unsurprising, they are all over, you can meet a lot of them if you leave the country for a bit. But, many other times they come here.

Whats going on with my country (USA)?

try voting responsibly. when someone promises something for nothing. you lose

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