5g Road of Wireless Leading Enterprises

The fourth industrial revolution, the Internet plus, and the industrial 4. Based on the integration of information and physics, the industry is undergoing a major transformation. From a personal perspective, the smart phones we are using have seamless mobile connectivity and extraordinary computing power, which makes us no longer limited to sitting next to computers. Now and in the future, cars, UAVs, robots, audio, home, etc. will also become one mobile Internet node after another, which will make fundamental changes in our lives.

(Qualcomm shows its products and technologies of "connecting all things" on MWC)

There is no doubt that mobile connection is one of the basic technologies supporting these major changes, and 5g technology is a very important breakthrough - the future 5g network will provide an integrated distributed platform for computing, storage, network resources and connection. This unified connection architecture can provide higher peak rate, delay as low as milliseconds, lower cost and higher energy efficiency, which will provide the most powerful support for the era of connection of all things.

What is the industry doing about 5g?

For the next generation 5g communication technology, the industry's consistent goal is to achieve commercial deployment by 2020. In 2015, the global development of 5g technology entered a critical period of technology R & D and standardization preparation. ITU has completed the naming, vision and timetable of the fifth generation mobile communication, and launched the pre 5g standard research this year.

(Qualcomm demonstrated 5g technology during MWC)

In China, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that China's 5g basic R & D test will be carried out from 2016 to 2018 to promote the formation of global 5g unified standards and lay the foundation for the launch of 5g commercial in 2020. At the GTI summit during MWC, China Mobile, together with Qualcomm, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, Datang, Intel, Shide technology, Haier, Hisense and Shougang, officially launched the 5g joint innovation center. Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile, said, "in the face of 5g development in the future, the traditional communication industry and vertical industry should change from single domain innovation to cross domain collaborative innovation, so as to jointly expand 5g new markets, tap new applications and meet the business opportunities brought by 5g." said Steve molenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, 5g is connecting new industries through a unified platform and creating new user experience. He also said that Qualcomm's innovative technology is promoting the establishment of a more powerful unified 5g platform.

Also during MWC, Qualcomm and Ericsson jointly announced that they would cooperate on 5g technology development, early interoperability testing, and coordination with mobile operators for established projects. The two companies will participate in the early test and verification of 5g key technology components to support the technical work required for 3GPP release 15 specification standardization.

Observing the "technical actions" of Qualcomm, a leading wireless communication technology manufacturer, in 5g helps us to better understand the future trend of this technology, mainly including the following aspects: first, the design of a unified air interface based on optimized OFDM waveform and multiple access with flexible framework, which can be extended from low frequency band to millimeter wave Expand from macro station deployment to local hotspots, and support authorized, unauthorized and shared authorized frequency bands from the beginning of development; Second, its new 5g multi connection technology can support concurrent connection and aggregation across 5g, 4G LTE and Wi Fi technologies, and its 5g core network with multiple access can ensure that mobile operators can continue to benefit from the current construction achievements in the future; Third, Qualcomm defines a flexible network architecture that enables 5g network operators and Ott service providers to quickly and efficiently create customized services, meet the changing 5g use cases, and complete the expansion from low-cost hotspots to wide area mobile deployment.

Last year, Qualcomm demonstrated the key 5g technology - millimeter wave, which can achieve the ultimate mobile broadband experience. The intelligent beamforming and beam tracking technology are demonstrated on site. Through this technology, even if the equipment is moved and the RF channel conditions change, a relatively stable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) can be obtained. The presentation graphical user interface (GUI) clearly shows the switching of the system between beam types (uplink and downlink) as the environment changes.

(on site demonstration of 28ghz 5g system by Qualcomm in San Diego)

4G evolution and 5g development synchronization

Of course, 5g will not be generated out of thin air. Steve molenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, said, "from a product perspective, 5g will be the evolution of 4G. Only manufacturers with strong strength in 4G can become 5g leaders, which will be reflected in the ability of system design and multi-mode design." in fact, this enterprise has carried out forward-looking research and development on 5g since 2006.

At present, Qualcomm is working with partners to continue to lead 4G evolution through LTE advanced Pro and maximize 4G technology potential and investment. LTE advanced Pro named by 3GPP release 13 specification marks the next important stage of 4G, expands the technology to a new application and use mode, and lays the foundation for a unified and more powerful connection platform in the next decade.

In terms of chip products, Qualcomm takes the lead in bringing 4G into the Gigabit era. Its newly released Xiaolong x16 LTE modem is the first commercial LTE advanced Pro modem and the first Gigabit LTE modem in the mobile industry, which will bring up to 1Gbps LTE category 16 download speed "like optical fiber"; It also provides uplink speeds of up to 150Mbps by supporting uplink carrier aggregation up to 2x20mhz and 64-QAM. The industry generally believes that Xiaolong x16 not only blurs the boundary between wired and wireless broadband, but also represents an important step towards 5g.

During MWC, based on Xiaolong x16 modem, Qualcomm and Ericsson jointly demonstrated how to achieve a download rate of up to 1Gbps by using three carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO on two aggregated carriers and higher-order modulation of 256-qam.

In addition, Qualcomm is also promoting auxiliary authorized access (LAA) and lte-u technology to introduce cellular network technology into unauthorized frequency bands. Qualcomm introduced this technology into industry standards, built advanced prototypes, and conducted experiments with operators. Rational use of authorized and unauthorized spectrum is very important to meet data needs and provide the best mobile experience to end users as much as possible.

To sum up, Qualcomm is actively building a strong 4G LTE technology evolution route and promoting LTE evolution to 5g. LTE advanced Pro not only greatly improves the performance and efficiency of mobile broadband, but also extends LTE to new fields such as unauthorized spectrum and end-to-end communication. In addition, LTE advanced Pro will also introduce new technologies to expand the boundary of LTE field, support the rapid development of networked cars, smart cities, smart homes and wearable devices, and connect the world around us. This includes supporting new LTE service types and opening up new opportunities for the entire mobile ecosystem.

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