Cleaning the Challengers Heat Exchanger

To open the exchanger, the cover comes off the boiler and the wiring clips to the blower are removed. The plastic exhaust pipe is removed although the pan can be left in. The gas is turned off and the upper gas connection is opened. There is a gasket and washer in this pipe that I removed and needed to reassemble twice because I forgot to reinstall it the first time.

What is a creative way to cover a window in a baby room?

Well, if you have a blanket that matches the room/cribset then use that over the window, but use a curtain rod to attach it (or clips). I've seen people put ties on blankets to hang them up, or some blanket/comforters for cribsets come with hoops already on them so you can hang them up using a curtain rod. I've also seen people use scarves or other material they've liked, or even thicker flannel bedsheets that are done to look like curtains. If you know someone who can sew, you can have custom curtains made that are thick enough to stop the draft. I have a bit of a draft in my son's room due to a crappy window, so I have a thick roman blind that stops the draft, as well as it blocks most of the light when it's pulled down. I also have curtains on either side which can be pulled together to REALLY make it dark in there if used with the roman blind (as well as stop the draft dead), and in the summer, just the curtains can be used to filter out the light but still let some air from the window in. The curtains at the side of the window stops the drafts around the edges, and the roman blind stops it from along the top if I have both pulled open to let light in. You can also go the route of getting that clear sealer for the windows that goes on with a hair dryer. I've never used it but I believe it's meant to stop the air from coming in during the winter. In my own bedroom, I got blackout fabric and had it sewn onto the curtains so that it stops the drafts and the light from coming in. I just tie them back when I want light/air in. I hope you get it figured out :)

I'm new to cycling. Can someone explain the different clips available. What do all the initials mean?

You are gonna have to be more specific about what you mean by "clips."

my hair?? black people help

I think that your hair was just so used to being wrapped. I personally never leave clips in my hair when i wrap it because it just has that little bump from the clip... but thats not important it can be flat ironed out in the morning. Something ive always been told is that wrappin your hair in a silk scarf or sleepin on a silk pillow is the best for your hair... I take gueye hair growth pills... my hair grows like wild fire, it kinda cleared my skin and my nails were verrrrry long and strong.

what can i wear during an MRI scan?

I had an MRI in April and this is what I did You get a gown, and take all clothes off except pants, as obviously clothing can have metal in them eg zips, clips etc You do get headphones and you can take a CD of your own to listen to through the headphones if not, they play music through the headphones to drown out the noise of the MRI machine Yes, it is noisy, similar to a pneumatic drill

My cotten & down blankets keep getting bundled in their duvet covers. What's the best way to secure them?

Bed Bath & Beyond sells sets of clips that work real well

velcro rollers HELP!!!?

Velcro Roller Use Wash the hair and apply styling aid such as a mousse of gel. Dry the hair thoroughly. Roll large sections of hair on the roller. Clips may be used but are not necessay. Use a blow dryer to heat the hair and rollers and let them cool. For more body, you may heat the hair with a curling iron or flat iron before rolling on the roller. For even more body and control, spray the base of each section of hair before inserting the roller. Leave the rollers in the hair for 5 to 15 minutes. Comb the hair only with your fingers or a large plastic pic.

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