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A. Primarily emission. B. Continuous. C. Continuous with absorption lines superposed (see ref. 1). To know which spectrum, you need to know how the object produces its light. Ionized ("hot") rarefied gas emits energy concentrated in emission lines (specific wavelengths of light). Cold gas absorbs energy at the same wavelengths that it would emit at if it were ionized. Both these effects are related to the energy jumps of orbital electrons of the gas atoms; the higher the energy change the shorter the wavelength emitted/absorbed. Thermally hot solids and dense gases emit a continuous "black-body" spectrum. The prominence of the spectral features depends heavily on what other (backgound) radiation is present. For a more thorough discussion of spectrum types, see ref. 2 and its "Next" page.

Cosmetics Packaging Materials Can Be Used to Protect Skin to Taste? New Research Will Reveal the Sec 1

1. How would you set up a spectrum modulation?

What do you mean by "spectrum modulation" ? that is not a term seen in electronics. Modulation types are AM, FM, and various types of phase modulation. There is "spread spectrum modulation" is that your question? In telecommunications, direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) is a modulation technique. As with other spread spectrum technologies, the transmitted signal takes up more bandwidth than the information signal that is being modulated. The name 'spread spectrum' comes from the fact that the carrier signals occur over the full bandwidth (spectrum) of a device's transmitting frequency. Certain IEEE 802.11 standards use DSSS signaling.

2. What percentage/fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible light?

If consider 0 - 1 mm to be the "whole" spectrum, then 400 to 700 nm is about 30%. But ... (1) a typical human eye can see 390 nm to 700 nm. (2) some people, and lots of animals, can see a broader range. Birds can see down to 300 nm. (3) the whole EM spectrum ranges from 0.001 nm up to over 100,000 kilometers. (4) You get completely different answers if you use frequency instead of wavelength. 0.001 nm ==> 1x10^12 Hz, 1 mm ==> 1x10^6 Hz, visible band is 0.000000000000000003%. (5) You get completely different answers if you consider how much energy is in our environment at each wavelength. About 90% of the sun's EM output is visible light.

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3. What characteristic of light allows it to be separated into spectrum of colour?

What characteristic of light allows it to be separated into spectrum of colour?Spectrum is the differential orientation by wavelength. Different wavelengths change angle at different rates

4. What is Canada's political spectrum, and how does it differ from the US political spectrum?

I like to say in response to this sort of question, Canada is a foreign, alien country. There is not all that much reason for American and Canadian politics to be similar.Canada is SmallI mean, in the sense of demography. Canada has a smaller population than California, dispersed over a very large area. Watch a national newscast in Canada. An American would be surprised at how local it gets. Events like one adopted child, looking for their birth parents, gets covered. An aboriginal demonstration in Winnipeg, with just a couple of hundred people, has a good chance of getting national coverage.Events that would be deemed too small for national attention in the USA get attention here. That aboriginal demonstration will probably get reported by CBWT, the Winnipeg TV outlet of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The aboriginal people and their allies get interviewed, and are expected to explain their concerns and what they demand from the federal government, which is responsible for aboriginal affairs. Depending upon what content is available for broadcast on a given day, the CBC might insert those interviews in the national news, both their TV news and their website. The interviewees get turned into politicians. Because of Canada's relatively small population, not as much happens here as in the USA. Canada can go for days with nothing new of much political significance happening. The electorate just does not get that stirred up. Canada is A Country But It Is Not a NationAt one time Canadians talked of the "Deux Nations" (Two Nations) theory of Canadian politics and life in general. The term has faded out of popularity but it recognizes that the Province of Quebec is a separate national entity. Quebec has a core francophone population that started to come into existence in the 1530's. There's a different language, different culture, different media and different politics there. A francophone resident of Quebec is quite likely to identify the Province of Quebec as their prime identity, not Canada, and focus on political events there. Many of those events are not even known to most Canadians outside. Canada does not have the national and nationalistic emphasis that politics in the USA tend to have.There is No "English Canada"While the Quebecois perceive themselves to be a nation, the English-speaking parts of Canada are far off being a mirror image. There has been an almost determined effort not to have an English Canadian alter ego nation. That type of nation would have to have been based on Canada's British heritage. However in the late 1950's Canada began a fast disassociation from Britain. The Quebecois had never liked the strong British tie. In the 1950's the British focus turned towards Europe.In the 1950's Canadian immigration became very diverse and has continued that way. Many thousands of "White Ethnic" immigrants were admitted due to labour shortages in the skilled trades. Then, in the 1960's, Canada dropped the White Canada policy and began to admit many people of colour. The English-speaking population of Canada became very diverse. There has been a strong emphasis on multiculturalism, although some of it is platitudes and window-dressing. There was not going to be anything equivalent to the United States concept of "America", a common reference point expected of everybody.Provincial Politics Matter, a Whole LotCanada came into existence in 1867, shortly after the conclusion of the United States Civil War. The founders of the Canadian Confederation hoped that a strong central government would prevent a similar disaster in Canada. However, the role of government in Canada expanded, much as it has done in most western industrial democracies. In Canada government assumed most of the responsibility for the provision of medical care and higher education. Canada developed an elaborate social safety net, comparable to most of the countries of West and Central Europe. Because of the way the British North America Act, the original foundation of Canada's political system, was drafted, these big, incremental responsibilities fell to the provincial governments. Much of the income tax burden supports provincial programmes.This means that the provincial governments are very important to the politics of the average Canadian. If it is your provincial government that decides whether your kid can get into university or a community college, you are likely to be interested in what your provincial government is doing. You might want to read a fair amount of media material about the goings on in your provincial legislature. This can get to be more important to you than the doings of the federal government. And, the federal government generally does not dare to intervene. They lack the constitutional authority. Provincial identities can be very strong.Looking at it from the outside, the United States Government can look like a colossus, with the fifty states subsumed far below. California, the most populous state, has only 12% of the entire United States population.Canada is different. Ontario, the most populous province, has about 13,500,000 people, out of a Canadian total of 35,200,000. This is over 38% of Canada's total population. Quebec has about 8,200,000 people, a bit more than 23%. These two provinces account for over 60% of all Canadians. Is it no wonder that the federal government does not want to tangle with them? Canada has only the ten provinces, all of them very important to their own residents. International Politics, a Part Time YawnThe USA is a major international power. Canada is not at all. Since what Canada can do is not very significant in the world, we have a good excuse not to care. There are some international affairs enthusiasts, but most Canadians are not as concerned about stuff outside as compared to stuff inside. There is not the political debate about exercising power in the world that there is in the USA.Happy and Shut Up CanadaIn an Answer yesterday I commented about some central features of Canadian life. Elaborate social programming that commenced in the 1950's have created a core population of reasonably satisfied Canadians who do not really want to rock the political boat. At the same time Canadian politics has identified a way of identifying groups that can be treated as if they really do not count and who are not welcome to provide too much input. Canada stayed a British colony for quite a while and never had a revolution. There has never been a profound challenge to the legitimacy of social class or the power role of an elite that has historically been seen as quite legitimate. Canada has freedom of speech, but there is a tradition that the less educated, less important people of Canada are very welcome to shut up. There is also a certain tradition that for them, from the political system, some lip service, some platitudes and some handouts will do.American Politics Consume Media Oxygen in CanadaDonald Trump is an exciting person, although maybe not in the best way. He intrigues. He is powerful. He says things that no Canadian politician would ever be caught dead saying.Canadians know that what Americans think and do is worldwide important. However watching the American political show can be a relaxing amusement. American internal politics do not matter all that much here so we can watch CNN without getting a panic attack.I admit it. Some Canadians do like to smug out. We can watch all the American divisiveness and disputation and feel good about our peaceful, advanced way of life.When the USA does something that might be significant to us, like dumping Canada out of NAFTA, we can dramatize how we are an innocent, politically correct victim. By contrast, Canadian politics is set up not give Canadians an emotional buzz.So often, American politics are just more sensational. It stirs a Canadian up. Can you blame us for watching?As I said, Canada has different politics because it is a different country. It's not an alternative timeline, evil alternative universe, frightening, social lib, miniature version of the USA. It's just Canada and its politics are just Canadian.Martin LevineWhat are the biggest differences between American and Canadian politics?.

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