Could I Make My Own Video Camera That Is As Good As a GoPro?

Yes. Lots of conditions on that answer though. You would have to train as an electrical engineer and somehow earn experience in camera systems. You would have to spend a significant amount of money on research and development. And your single camera would be very expensive compared to the mass-produced GoPro.But other companies think they can do this. GoPro is not the only action-cam on the market.

1. positive preg test, worked out im 5 weeks pregnant.?

u should not be lifting anything heavy, and try not to get over heated. u should not be using oven cleaner unless ur wearing a mask and gloves. make sure to start taking a prenatal, dont eat lunch meat unless its fully cooked avoid fish because of the mercury, and definitely avoid caffeine. caffeine is very bad for the baby and its very hard on there little body. and it will keep the baby from absorbing important nutrients like folic acid which is very important for growth and development. so if u like tea or coffee drink decaffeinated. and most off all try to get lots of sleep, after all making a baby is hard work! good luck!

2. More hp on a 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged?

Cobalt SS is decently quick, but there is a reason they are so cheap. GM did not invest enough research and development in this car, especially when compared to how much companies like Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru invest when designing their high performance 4cyle cars. The problem with adding more power is the low quality materials GM uses in this car. Its doubtfull the transmission and the differential will handle more than 270-280hp. Also the engine is not as structurally strong as lets say the Mitsubishi EVO 2 litre motor. The Cobalt engine can handle only 300hp on stock internals before blowing up. An EVO engine can handle close to 500hp on stock internals. Thats why cobalts are cheap, your getting cheaper quality. Also the control arms on the Cobalts are known for snapping under pressure.

3. How can I convince management to deal with technical debt?

You need to give your management a financial reason to deal with technical debt, and a framework for managing reducing that technical debt.Maintaining a technological roadmap is one such framework. Starting out with a roadmap will help you keep you from piling on technical debt, and can also help you reduce existing debt as well. Many successful long-term projects have associated steering committees and roadmaps to guide development. These are especially helpful when there are multiple development teams and stakeholders involved.My suggestion is that you discuss this strategy with your managers (and if possible those who make decisions on where money gets spent). The general approach to creating and managing a roadmap are straightforward, but it does require the support of your management team. First, define a goal. Define the elements of the technical debt, and develop a target system architecture that reduces elements of your technical debt. Remember, it does not have to be perfect, just workable and better than what you currently are. Take into account software, development tools, hardware platforms, major new features that may be added to the system. Do a cost analysis. If you have the desired architecture, what are the tangible benefits of performing the refactoring? (Benefits would include reduced test time, more reliable software products, more predictable development cycles, etc.) If you can show enough benefits to performing refactoring, you can get management support. Once you have a roadmap and management support, develop a series of steps (also called a plan) that you need to take to get to this desired state. It may be a good idea to put together a steering committee that maintains the roadmap, trains and educates the development teams on the roadmap, and periodically reviews changes for architectural integrity.Roadmaps are really useful, and perhaps the 13th question on the Joel Test should be "Do you have a roadmap?"Here is a video of the first hour of a recent Red Hat Linux roadmap session.

4. what's the best motor oil and oil filter?

Amalie makes the best motor oil and Wix/Napa make the best filters. Hands down. There is not any competent arguments with ligament evidence to prove other wise. Many of the big name oils get blended in the Amalie plant. There truly is little difference in motor oil, but Amalie is and always has been American and independent. State of the art Research and development. IT's a top performer

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