Do Workers Retain Information From Audio Lectures When Working in a Physically Demanding Job? [close

Do workers retain information from audio lectures when working in a physically demanding job? [closed]

Do Workers Retain Information From Audio Lectures When Working in a Physically Demanding Job? [close 1

First off, if you want to retain information, you have to actively listen to it. Simply putting it on like you would background music is not going to help that much. However, if you do want to learn by listening to a lecture, there are several strategies you can use. Here are some listening strategies you can try to employ. They are mostly targeted at being in lecture, but listening is listening either way. Another useful fact is that the speed that the average brain thinks at is 400 words per minute. Find the speed of speaking at which your brain does not tune out at, but still has time to process everything coming its way. If you have a friend, have them speak at different speeds and observe the effect on your attention span. Then when you turn on your audio lecture, see what speed the lecturer speaks at and adjust the speed in an audio editing program to match your brain's attention span. Also, if you can not change the speed of the audio but it's slower than you want, then ask yourself small questions in between sentences so that you do not lose attention.Obviously if you are trying to "multitask" you have to make the audio slow enough to where you can hear every word and work on your job, if that's what you wanted, but multitasking has been proven to be impossible.There was a study done on audio-tutorials versus in-person lab-lecture and the people who used audio had better scores/retention. A few questions you might want to ask about yourself are:What sound intensity of music helps block out ambient noise but still allows me to hear myself think? Where are the best places for me to listen to audio? Which subject am I going to be listening to? (You answered this in your question but some of those subjects can not be simply listened to once through for retention. I would say Computer Science and Quantum Physics need a very quiet environment if you are going to be listening to them. Hopefully you have a pause button. Meanwhile, the others you mentioned might be possible if you are able to memorize quickly.)Finally, if you have a car, I would highly recommend listening to your lecture in the car, and then when you are sitting down elsewhere, re-listen to that same lecture. Repetition really helps with retention! (You can find lots of articles on that online.)Hope this helps! Let me know if you need clarification, etc...

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Is it rude to ask the lecturer whether there is any "effective prerequisite”?

Its worth noting that some universities attempt to automatically enforce pre-requisites either by machine or by administrative review at the time of enrollment. Some professors may not want formal prerequisites because they can create administrative barriers to enrollment for a student that may have all the necessary knowledge without having some specific course listed on the transcript. I smacked into this problem from the other side as a student at a University that administratively enforced pre-requisites and where the professors tended to list them explicitly and exactly. I spent a lot of time running around getting professors to sign forms authorizing me to take classes without having the formal prerequisites and it was annoying for me, my adviser that had to process it, and the professors.With that said, I think asking about "effective prerequisites" using those words might either seem a bit of a challenge to a professor or possibly confuse them as to exactly what you mean. I suspect asking them what prior knowledge is assumed or asking for recommended prior reading is likely to get a positive response. You can also probably get some idea of whether the class is too advanced or not by flipping through the textbook. If the first couple of chapters make sense you are probably fine. If you encounter unfamiliar terminology and concepts you consider difficult in the first couple of chapters then you should either wait on the class or do some independent study first.

Do Workers Retain Information From Audio Lectures When Working in a Physically Demanding Job? [close 2

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Gunsaulus was a tireless lecturer who not only delivered stirring sermons from his pulpit, but also traveled extensively throughout the country and England to speak by invitation at schools, churches, and many other public venues. In 1893, he was named divinity lecturer at Yale theological seminary and was professorial lecturer at the University of Chicago. He also lectured for many years at the Chicago Theological Seminary and McCormick Theological Seminary. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a form of circuit lectures, called Chautauqua, was formed initially to train Sunday school teachers. It later expanded into a series of lectures for rural Americans to provide stimulating thought and discussion about important issues. This forum was perfect for Gunsaulus who, along with other great orators of the day such as William Jennings Bryan, Maud Ballington Booth, Robert La Follette, Joseph Folk, and Hiram Johnson, provided culture and entertainment to small towns. Although few were transcribed, Frank Gunsaulus lecture titles included "A Chapter in the History of Liberty," "Savonarola," "The Later Eloquence of Puritanism," "The War Against the War," "Oliver Cromwell and His Times," 'The Higher Ministry of Poetry," "Rembrandt as an Interpreter of the Gospel," "Robert Browning," "The Next Step in Education," and "Gladstone." His favorite lectures were about William Ewart Gladstone, considered one of the greatest British prime ministers, and Girolamo Savonarola, the 15th century Dominican priest in Florence, Italy. According to Gunsaulus' friends, the Chautauqua chairman once said that he had "the distinguished honor of introducing Mr. Savonarola, who would deliver his lecture on Gunsaulus." Whether an innocent mistake or a friendly barb, the remark was deemed accurate by those who knew Gunsaulus well.

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