Found a Glenfiddich Games 1983 Coin?

I have had a good look for a link as well, and can not even get onto their web-page.Even Wikki could not shed much light on it except for a Writings Award. All I can think of would be to take it to a coin dealer and see what they come up with.

1. Chivas gold coin...?

It is just a coin to represent Chivas Apertura championship last year. It's only worth $11


It is a series of bow-tie shaped things that you can spin and move, then you have to get the coin from the top to the bottom yellow one. It is pretty difficult but there is a trick to it. It is for a charity

3. Anywhere to sell an old coin?

Not to burst your bubble, but no one just comes across a 1795 dollar that is real. Over the last few years a lot of fakes have shown up from China. LA has a lot of coin dealers and one just needs a phone book. It needs to be authenticated, but my guess is it is a fake

4. what is the value of a wwII nazi coin?

maybe 4 to 15$ but do not trust this question

5. How does one remove regular metal solder from an old coin?

try to determine what the metal of the coin is. solder melts at a relatively low temperature. if coin has a higher melting point melt it off with a torch.

6. A variant of coin change problem

I agree with your solution of the isolated case. Your problem is to reuse your memoisation table. Suppose there are n cases.What I imagine you could do is:Allocate a matrix to hold all cases. It has dimensions: T, 1

7. Gold quarter dollars coin value?

Golden dollars featuring the presidents are just $1.00 each Mexican coin. Okay condition. 1989 $500 pesos about $0.15 in collectors value.

8. Biased coin tossing problem

You want the probability that the second head is observed at toss $k$. That can only happen if the first head happened before: at tosse $1$, or $2$, or ... , or $k-1$. Not at toss $k$: you cannot have both the first and second head at toss $k$. Hence the summation for $j$ from $1$ to $k-1$: you could write the following terms, but for $j geq k$ we have $Pr[ T_2 = k mid T_1 = j] = 0$

9. How much is this gold coin worth?

Condition is everything. In average condition it might fetch $1500, while a superb specimen might be worth 20 times that. . .

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