How Do You Feel About Parents Who Are Never Satisfied with the Accomplishments of Their Kid?

A parent who is never satisfied with the accomplishments of their kid? That's a parent who isn't giving the kid enough recognition for what the kid has done. That hurts, when you've been trying your best to achieve something, only to be met with a response which - to you - looks like, "Meh." Here's something to ponder, though. What if the kid's accomplishments were really celebrated and applauded from within? Now, THAT is when that kid will really start feeling confident. Because.... in life, you should seek your OWN approval for accomplishments. It's nice to have others recognize them, sure. But when you are an adult, out in the world, seeking approval from other adults? You won't necessarily get it. A person who sets their own goals, and achieves them, and gains confidence that way will be very strong and continue to do great things. If the kid can find a mentor, someone outside of the family, perhaps - that mentor will also be a great source of support.

1. Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra, Acsendent Libra?

Aries Sun/Libra Moon The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces contradictions in your makeup because these signs are precisely opposite one another, a full 180 degrees apart. Aries is naturally independent; the Libra Moon is sometimes very dependent. This is a difficult position presenting a problem between the emotional and mental nature. You are ambitious and eager to please people, with the sort of personality that seems to reach out to others as if you are in need of reassurance and guidance. Your nature is highly individualized, yet you are just as highly dependent on support and sympathy. The contradiction in your nature is that you value your freedom intensely, and while it would appear that your need for support could even result in you being dominated by another, this is never likely to be the case. You can ignore the feelings, opinions, and wishes of others when you get an idea in your head. The ability to concentrate on one thing for a prolonged period is very difficult for you. You can be daydreaming even when by all appearances you are hard at work. The dramatic side of your nature will always make it hard to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and remain totally practical. Libra Rising A Libra Ascendant indicates those with energetic, success-oriented personalities. In one way or another they are dedicated to putting their best foot forward. They are apt to be so charming and unfailingly polite, others may sometimes view them as being insincere. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is how they genuinely feel most comfortable and are able to function successfully, rather than a misguided need to hide behind false manners and charming smiles. Libra Rising implies a distinct mental orientation. Their expressions and mannerisms can make them appear scholarly, even if they are not particularly learned. They are apt to be fond of books, music, or art. Though they may seem emotionally detached, their disposition is friendly and eagerly cooperative. However, should something in their physical or mental environment be off balance, they can become cross, demanding, and even tyrannical, until they manage once again to gain their personal equilibrium. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of sensuality and beauty, and as a result many of these individuals are fortunate enough to be physically attractive. Even if they are not thought of as being physically beautiful their charming personality will enhance their actual appearance. They are fond of personal luxuries, physical comfort, dressing well, and enhancing their appearance with cosmetics and other beauty aids. Venus is the planet of romance and sociability, and with respect to these areas, they are likely to be favored. They are romantic, charming, and gracious. They may have a strong spirit of cooperation and diplomacy, but not all of them possess the Libra ability for strategic planning and organization. The negative potential includes the possibility of individuals who are shy, rude or antisocial. It also can mean individuals with either total disregard for their appearance, or the reverse, a vain obsession with retaining youth and beauty at all costs. They are likely to be artistically or musically skilled. Interior design, architecture and the law are other areas in which they have particular interest. These individuals are often as good at taking photographs as they are at posing for them. Common physical complaints are apt to be lack of energy, and ailments that result from addiction to rich foods, particularly sweets.

2. My 10 month old loves to stand while bathing in her baby tub and refuses to sit. Slipping is an issue. Help!?

When my kids got to this point, I purchased a very sturdy rectangular plastic laundry basket, lined the bottom with a large removable sponge-like infant bath insert (meant to be used in a sink or tub to bathe a newborn) and then bathed them in the big bathtub in the basket. The basket allows water to flow freely for cleaning them... they can not slip and fall far (but never leave them unattended anyway!) and if they want to stand up, they can use the rim of the basket to hold on for support. I also got a handheld shower device so I could just hose them off easily while they were sitting/standing in the big tub in their basket :)

3. How is the sign (language) for the planet mars done?

Since each different language/culture develops their own system of sign language, I am sure that Martian sign language is distinct and unique. People often think that sign language is universal, but that is untrue. American Sign Language is different than Spanish Sign Language, which is different than German Sign Language, which is different from French Sign Language.... It's not a universal language on Planet Earth, so I am certain that it's not a universal language in the extraterrestrial sense. I do not think an online place is the best to learn sign language. The best is to learn from living human beings (or Martians???) who sign. Since there is movement involved in signing, it's hard to learn it without the direct feedback of a live instructor. Check your local community college, adult education center, or agencies that provide support to people with disabilities for class options. And good luck in communicating with the Martians!

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