How Much Would It Cost to Build a Solar Farm Along the U.S. - Mexico Border?

How much would it cost to build a solar farm along the U.S. - Mexico border?

How much would it cost to build a solar farm along the U.S. - Mexico border?That depends.If you plan to build a solar farm right ON the border, then parts of it are going to be built on a river that floods. And parts of it will be built on privately-held land, which the owners do not want to sell. Expensive, Iu2019d guess. Thereu2019s a reason why even a "Wall" is estimated (variously) at around $35 billion to $70 billion.If you wanted to build just a plain, vanilla, utility-scale, solar farm on flat land near a utility connection then the price would be around $1,100 to $1,400 per kW installed capacity (lazard-levelized-cost-of-energy-version-110).How much would it cost to build a solar farm along the U. S. - Mexico border?.

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Can you walk away from the talking points for a minute and answer this?

Personally, while I think something needs to be done as far as changing immigration, I feel the FIRST thing is that the borders need to be secure. We have a lot of illegal drug traffic, the illegal human traffic, and who knows what all else! I am not opposed to revamping immigration, but ramming amnesty (under and guise) down our throats and only making NOISE about securing the border does NOT work for me. I think they need to START with enforcing the CURRENT border laws and we can make changes after I have SOME faith in my government again ... (yet, somehow, I am not hopeful now that they have "revived" the current baloney bill ... )

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border line anemic? @ 27 weeks?

border line anemic?

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Help with my Border Collie?

He is terribly bored. Get him new toys that squeak when chewed. Clear sprays are available at pet stores to put on things he should not chew on. Wiping things with vinegar works too. Take him on walks or runs to tire him. They were bred to be working dogs and yes, they are very smart. We have a cousin to him, an Australian Cattle Dog

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Do you think Mexico is trying to say that the Border Agent went into Mexico?

Looks like the border is red hot. The agents are trigger happy

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Why is the open border lobby against any kind of security at the border including La Raza?

Why do you anit-illegals support sheriff Joe Arpaio and call La Raza Nazis yet sheriff joe is supported by Neo-nazies and KKK klan members?

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Is it necessary to militarize the border?

if by militarize the border you mean constant helicopter gunship patrols up and down the border which AC-130's with infared and night vision sights ready to blow sh*t up then followed by the worlds largest minefield and a garrison of 250,000 troops the border should look something like this 0 0 [ 0 [ 0Minefield 0 ---- MG post 0 [ steel barrier 0 [ ---- MG post 0 0 0 [

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need help with wallpaper border amount please!?

I do not like wallpaper borders anymore. We did a room and the border was fine and looked nice (it was a painted room - border at the top of the wall). I do not really remember exactly what it cost. We then moved on to redecorate the next room - we decided to wall paper it. My best recollection is that we wallpapered the entire room (similar size room) for about half what it cost for the border for the other room. After that, we stenciled on our borders. A little more work but it cost about 10 bucks to stencil a border (stencil, paint, misc supplies). So I am just saying that borders are nice but expensive compared to other alternatives.

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Are the issues South of the border more than meets the eye for America and Americans?

Before providing my opinion, I would like to know if you know Mexico. Probably not, right?Well, you can have an idea if you visit a previous answer at:Ernesto Hernandez's answer to What are the top 5 things foreigners should know about Mexico?Now, let's hear what some Americans -and some other people that speak English, that have a direct experience in Mexico have to say to answer this question:Kinetic KennonsJerry Brown TravelsTangerine TravelsTrue MexicoThe New TravelI hope this helps to clarify your doubtsAre the issues South of the border more than meets the eye for America and Americans?

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