How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

We got together with an amazing florist who we see quite often here at Kinkell Byre, Blue Poppy Flowers. People regularly ask us about flowers and wedding floral arrangements, but it's actually a subject we do not actually know too much about! So with this in mind today's blog has been put together to help us all out, with some amazing advice and information from a professional wedding flower specialist. What should a couple consider when searching for their perfect florists? (Are all florists the same?) It's important that you find the right florist for you. Each florist has their own style. You can get a good idea from looking at their website or social media. This way you can find someone who is on the same wavelength as you. Our style is natural, leafy, colourful and garden-inspired. This style works perfectly with barn venues like Kinkell. How do you know what you want/can have? It's fine if you do not know your flowers. We would not expect you to know everything- that's our job. It's more important that we get an idea of your style. Photos are really helpful as we can see immediately the look you want to achieve e.g festival, woodland, leafy or romantic and then we can guide you through the options and flower choices. Does time of year of a couple's wedding dictate what flowers they can have? Yes, to an extent. You can get flowers out of season but they can be hugely pricey and can be of low quality. It is better to look at the seasonal varieties and colours available. What is the cost of wedding flowers? The total cost will include the following: flowers, VAT, sundries (e.g ribbons, foam, pins), packaging, containers, insurance, staff wages, vehicles, mileage. We tend to decorate larger wedding venues for which we can be arranging upwards of 1500 stems, so florist's time is a big factor. Most weddings take our base team (of 4 people) a minimum of 90 hours in total. That's a lot of flowering! We create completely bespoke designs so there is no set price. We do have a minimum spend of 1200 to cover our costs. How can a couple save money on their flowers or make their budget go further? We always do an itemised quote for all arrangements on your wish-list initially. If that comes to over your budget we look at options. I would suggest going for a few key high impact arrangements over lots of little arrangements everywhere. Also reusing ceremony arrangements in the reception area is a good way to save money e.g aisle flowers and candles can be used to create a lovely top table display. To save money you can DIY some things if you are confident and have plenty time. Sometimes couples will DIY little jars to dot around tables etc and we do the bouquets and bigger arrangements such as arches, ceremony arrangements. What is the process after booking? After booking us for your wedding flowers, we are on hand to answer any questions over email. Usually I would suggest a meeting at the venue at some point before your wedding where we can discuss arrangements. If you do not live in the country, we arrange wedding flowers over email/phone. Dates usually book up a year in advance so it's likely you will see new ideas in the interim. It's fine to a change a few arrangements along the way and we can re-quote for these. We ask for the final order to be confirmed 1 month before the wedding although understand you may need extra emergency buttonholes for a family member or friend you have forgotten about. About Kinkell - What do you like about Kinkell, what works best and what are your favourite things to do at Kinkell? Kinkell is a truly unique venue which is not comparable to any other. It's amazing to see the space starting as a beautiful, blank canvas (with only Archie the highland coo as dcor) transformed to a twinkly wonderland. Our favourite part of the set-up is seeing family and friends come into the venue and hearing the gasps and seeing the joyful reactions. There is no doubt Kinkell has the wow factor! For us it is about enhancing the space, not hiding it. We love to dress the beautiful stone doorways with cascades of greenery and flowers. One of our favourite arrangements to create are hanging flowers. These look really magical in the ceremony area or above the top table. We love to use colour and feel it really brings the space to life. If colour is not your thing incorporate lots of greenery for impact. We are lucky enough to be doing the flowers at Kinkell at least once a month so we know every nook and cranny- what works well and what makes impact. Flowers add life and warmth to the space and we always try to bring the feel of the garden indoors. The finishing touch is the lighting. The i-light team spend hours creating the perfect lighting which transforms the area into a fairy-tale venue. What services do you offer? We offer all flower arrangements ranging from wired hair flowers up to large scale installations and everything inbetween. We also hire props as part of our floral arrangements e.g milk churns, woodland props, rustic crates, vases, candles etc. Our delivery, set up and removal service is always included. That way you can relax and enjoy yourselves before and after the wedding. We started selling garden flowers at farmers' markets and Christmas stalls 6 years ago and steadily grew as a business over time. Although we started doing all florist work we now specialise in weddings due to demand. To date we have provided flowers for over 200 weddings. We are a little different to the usual florist as we also have a family flower farming business. From April-October, we grow thousands of flowers in a 2 acre garden which are added to our arrangements. We really do love our job. Meeting our couples, listening to their plans and bringing their ideas to life is an incredible honour. Every week we enter the workshop bursting with enthusiasm and ready to create something beautiful and unique. And finally, Cath's personal advice on what type of flowers to have at your wedding: Go with the season and you will always have beautiful, timeless wedding flowers! In Spring, use delicate scented bulbs and blossom; in summer, wild flowers, roses and sweet peas; in autumn rich coloured dahlias and textures look amazing and in winter, the warm glow of candles amongst garlands and pinecones provide simple elegance. All images are of work that Blue Poppy Flowers did for a wedding in May 2018 here at Kinkell Brye. Images are by Robin at i-light.

1. do men really care about the bed?

Pink AND flowers are not my favourite for something for both of us. I shudder to think of what you consider 'girly'. My main complaint is that my wife puts throw pillows everywhere. This is an appropriate name, because I now throw them accross the room when I want to sit down. I do not need a pillow-nest to sit in.

2. Let me see your stuff!! ?

My maids and flower girl gowns on maids style # HSX 775 in scarlet. Flower girls # HSX 433 with scarlet trim. My dress on web page, veil is a short " bird cage" style with silver edge and a blusher on a crystal tiara. Flowers are red and white roses with asiatic lilies in red and white, daisies, and million star, with iridescent glittered snowflakes worked into the bouquet and on the ribbon streamers. Flower girls(4) will throw a mix of petals and iridescent snowflakes. Snow and snowflakes are the theme.

3. Do you like this name? Game!?

1. - Older brothers college graduation. - Program - Logan Nathaniel Clarke - Go to his grandfather's birthday party the next saturday with him! 2. - Logan - Medium size - at my church. - Northern Italy 3. - 3 months - Hadley Fflur (Hadley means heather meadow- Fflur means flowers) 4. - China - 6 month old twins. - Delaney Lucia (Grandmother's name Dorothy Lucina) - Ethan Brooks (Grandfather's name Edward Benjamin) 5. - 1 and 2 (when we find out) - Triplets - 2 boys and 1 girl. - Clay Andrew, Owen William and Ella Violet My name - Amelia Rose Clarke Husband - Logan Nathaniel Clarke My children are - Hadley Fflur Clarke - 3 years 6 months. Delaney Lucia Clarke - 2 years. Ethan Brooks Clarke - 2 years. Clay Andrew Clarke - Newborn Owen William Clarke - Newborn Ella Violet Clarke - Newborn. My christmas card would be signed - Logan, Amelia, Hadley, Delaney, Ethan, Clay, Owen and Ella x FUN:)

Why This Plant Attracts a Lot of Flies?
Why This Plant Attracts a Lot of Flies?
That looks to be Euonymus japonicus in full flower - unfortunately, flies are very attracted to the flowers on these. Whilst we don't usually consider flies as pollinating insects, preferring to mention bees and hoverflies instead, they do actually pollinate plants, and this plant is one they really like. I'm afraid the only way to dispense with the flies is to prune the shrub back, removing all the flowers, which is a pity because then you won't get the rather attractive berries in autumn. Alternatively, just wait; once the flowers fade, the flies will leave the shrub alone. There's a home made recipe here if you really want to try spraying; I wouldn't recommend using a proper insecticide because it will kill other insects like bees as well.The only thing to check is whether there's a Euonymus Scale infestation - have a close look, particularly at the lower leaves, under and on top of the leaves to make sure that isn't present - that will attract flies too, but it is more likely the presence of flowers causing the issue. • Suggested ReadingDoes anyone know the explanation for branches with different flower colors (see picture)?Many ornamental cherries are grown on a hardier root stock, that is, they are propagated by grafting onto hardy wild cherry saplings. This is because the ornamental variety will not produce offspring that are true to the parents, if they produce offspring at all.This is a picture of an ornamental cherry of the pompom variety:My guess is that the tree in your picture sent a shoot off the main trunk under the graft site, resulting in a branch of native cherry, which is mostly white and a much simpler flower than the ornamental variety that was grafter onto it. Another possibility is that two different specimens were grafted onto the same stock (but since the white blossoms are very simple - like a wild cherry - I would guess the former occurred.)This is a picture of a wild cherry (gean):So you have the grafted ornamental cherry blooming alongside of the rootstock cherry it was grafted to. The rootstock (although usually wild cherry) can vary, so... can't identify with certainty the rootstock, but can explain what you're seeing.It's not rare, but it's not usually desirable. Some newer growers are grafting several varietues of cherries onto the same rootstock to intentionally produce a tree with different kinds and colors of flowers. See, for example, this artist's work.The Hamada Cherries.------What is preventing magic users from reaching their full potential? closedIf you assume that finding this limitless power is possible but not terribly easy, you have a reason why this was not discovered by accident in the remote past by people unknown.There will always be a first. If the first person who discovered this power immediately chose to remove it from the world, then that means nobody else will stumble upon it. If once removed that power cannot be restored even by the same person who removed it, then that's it: no magic for anyone, ever. I think it all depends on how magic actually works, what its basis is, etc., as well as what you want to go with this plot. It might be that all this first person did was disguise magic or make it very difficult (not impossible) to find again.There are many possible reasons why something is not discovered until a certain point in history. For example, the source of magic in your world could come from a "magic portal" that happens to be in an uninhabited continent or island, or it could require that the magician ingests the flowers of a certain plant that only grows on a given spot. As well as it's not obvious, it could work.------Where and when is the best time to see the tulip fields in the Netherlands?IIRC, you can see some flower fields from the Oude Lijn so from trains going between Haarlem and Leiden (which includes some but not all trains between Amsterdam and Rotterdam).The Keukenhof is a park devoted to tulips and other flowers. It's itself located in this tulip growing area (the Bollenstreek or bulb region) so if you don't mind the entrance price, you could go there, see many tulips in the park itself but also in the fields around it. It's open for two months, corresponding approximately to the bloom season but there is often less to see at the very beginning and at the very end of the period so late April is probably the best time. There are buses going there during the (in Dutch) also recommends the second half of April and lists three main areas: between Leiden and Den Helder (that's the one I mentioned before), near Enkhuizen, and finally Flevoland.Do realize that most photographs deliberately make it all look bigger and more dramatic than it really is. As you can see on your aerial picture, many flower fields are relatively small and lie between buildings, roads and other cultures (or at least non-blooming flowers). The colors are altered too (see comment).------What type of cell do you start with in Meiosis?During mitosis a diploid cell (2n two copies of each chromosome, one from each parent) replicates its DNA so that it now has four copies of each chromosome. Then it divides, each daughter cell receives two copies of each chromosome and is again 2n. In meiosis a diploid cell (2n) replicates its DNA so that it now has four copies of each chromosome. Then it divides, each daughter cell receives two copies of each chromosome and is again 2n. Then each of these divides once more without replicating DNA so that there are now four cells each with one copy of each chromosome (1n).You might be tempted to think of a diploid cell which has replicated its DNA as tetraploid, but this word is not normally used in this context, since this is a transient 4n state.This is a very broad overview. Have a look at the Wikipedia entry for meiosis to get a more detailed view and extended terminology.@mgkrebbs (in comments):If we are considering the meiotic divisions that create gametes, then in spermatogenesis the cell which undergoes meiosis is a primary spermatocyte, and in oogenesis it is a primary oocyte. Primary spermatocytes and primary oocytes are both diploid cells which undergo DNA replication before entering meiosis I.------How do I remove grass from a tulip bed without transplanting them?I would first put some edging around the flower bed to keep grass from coming back into the bed. I know that this is work, but it's necessary to avoid much future work, as the grass will be constantly returning the bed. It doesn't really matter what kind of edging, as long as you like it and it's at least 4" deep. Note that some of the bullet-nosed pavers sold as edging are only 2" deep. Although they're cheap, they're actually useless at preventing grass and other rhizomatous weeds from moving into a flower bed.As for removing the grass, I would do it ASAP - but wait for a rain first. Do not dig directly after a rain, but wait a couple of days to allow the ground to drain. If you work the bed too soon you risk destroying its tilth. When I had your problem, I used either a hand trowel or a short shovel to dig up the grass - depended on how much space I had to work. Unless it's quack grass, you don't need to dig very deeply - maybe 4". Just shake the soil off of the clump back onto the bed. WHen you're done, lay down some organic mulch (I favor wood chips) and you're good to go. Are you going to plant perennials next to/near the tulips - or is that the flower border you wrote about?------Is a man-eating plant realistic?A plant that solely preys on large mammals/humans is not very likely, but if you allow the plant to get its nutrients from other sources as well it could be possible.Something like the venus fly trap would be a good start, something that sits still and lets its prey fall into its trap will not need the energy to move around. The problem with only preying on large mammals in this scenario is that the mammals, especially humans, will be smart enough to avoid the trap once they learn about it. However, if the plant is not solely reliant on large mammals, if it can get enough nutrients to spread through other sources, then it can continue to propagate even during a lifetime of not preying on any humans.One way this could theoretically evolve would be to start with something like a venus fly trap that eats insects which fall into its trap. If your world is thick with eatable insects the plant could evolve to grow bigger and bigger so it can trap and hold more passing insects. It could grow so large that it happens to also be able to eat large mammals that fall into the trap. It wouldn't rely on large mammals as its main diet, but every now and then when one stumbles into its trap it could eat it------Could a human-plant hybrid exist?Yes, it exists in the fantasy world. Or something close to it. In the Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike, the main character is sort of a human-plant hybrid, though she is called a faerie. Females of her species bloom for one quarter a year (spring faeries bloom in spring, etc), where a flower blossoms on their backs, and if a male of that species is around a blooming female, his body produces pollen on his hands. Faeries need to be in the sun as much as possible, and they only eat fruits and vegetables.I suppose if you want it to be purely science-fiction, you could try splicing human and plant DNA? Biologically, the change in DNA would do your work for you, but physiologically, you might have to deal with flowers and pollen (how would such hybrids mate) and more basically, the fact that chlorophyll may be produced by the body, causing certain parts of the body to turn green. Then, you'd have to see if the chlorophyll in the body is enough to power the person completely with just water, sunlight and CO2, or if he needs extra nourishment, in which case, a non-vegetarian diet might not agree with him------Is there any relationship between the height of a tree and the number of branches emerging from the main stem?Not exactly about height-to-branch ratio but an answer more about branching geometry in general.This is my interpretation of a related question on Reddit, "What determines when/where a branch will grow on a tree?" especially from one answer which I've quoted below. It clarifies a primary mechanism involved. The apical meristem (leader branch / tip of the trunk) releases a hormone, auxin, and as it grows generally upward the concentration of auxin decreases. Too close to the apical meristem and too high auxin, no grow; just the right concentration will generate new branches.As for the arrangement of hotspots which generate new growth, here's an interesting video on the geometry of plant growth. Not so much about height-to-branch relationship, but it does share important concepts about branch geometry. Basically, branches are forming so as to maximize distance from nearby, previously established branches. All of this seems to be a way to optimize space.In reality, there are other factors like competition and damage which factor into tree growth. A pristine spruce or fir will have a distinct Phi-like arrangement of branch nodes, as the video linked above describes. How well each branch grows, if at all, will be more complicated.via Reddit user Sluisifer.
Wedding Flowers -Five Questions Answered
Wedding Flowers -Five Questions Answered
Wedding flowers can be a very important part of your big day. Just like any aspect of your wedding, however, it can be overwhelming when you first start thinking about flowers for your wedding.To help you sort through the details, listed below are answers to five common questions about wedding flowers.What Is My Budget?As with any aspect of your wedding, try to set a budget for your wedding flowers. Flowers can cost several hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars.You don't have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful flowers at your wedding, however the bigger you budget is the more options you will have for the type and amount of flowers for your event.Use the questions below to help determine the amount of flowers that you will need. At that point you can start estimating what the budget will be.Hire a Florist or Do It Yourself?If you are very hands on with a limited budget, you might want to consider doing your own flower arrangements. One thing to keep in mind is don't underestimate the amount of time it will take to choose your flowers, vases, arrangements and to put everything together.On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget to devote to wedding flowers with limited time you should consider hiring a florist. They can provide expert guidance for selecting colors, matching flowers to the style of your wedding and arranging your centerpieces.A good florist should also be able to tell you what flowers are in season which could result in savings. Ask for referrals from friends and family, or look online for Florists in your area.What Flowers Do I Need?Typically you should plan on having a bouquet for the bride along with one for each bridesmaid. The groom and each of the groomsmen should get a boutonniere as well.Corsages and boutonnieres for the parents, flower petals for the flower girl, a boutonniere for the ring bearer and flowers for other special guests should also be considered.Depending on your ceremony location, flowers might be a good option for decorations, and most centerpiece options for the wedding reception contain at least some if not all flowers.What Flowers Should I Choose?If you are using a florist, start by bouncing ideas off of them. They do this all the time, so they will be able to give you great ideas for flower color and style.Matching flower color with the colors of your wedding is a good way to narrow down your choices. For example, if your bridesmaids will be wearing red you will have many options including roses and gerbera daisies.Another idea is to pick flowers of the season you are getting married. Tulips for spring, sunflowers for fall, daisies for summer and poinsettia or evergreen for winter are a few examples.
Where We Shouldn't to Use 'the'?
Where We Shouldn't to Use 'the'?
There are no hard and fast rules for when to use the definite article in English, but the best guidance is in the word "definite".If there are specific flowers that you are liking, then you would say "I like the flowers", however you would say "I like flowers" if you just mean that you generally like flowers (not specific ones)• Related QuestionsObst, Frucht, Frchte when to use which?There is one more case which I find more important that a comment: Obst, being a bit more specifically "sweet" than fruits, is used to designate a complementary concept of Gemse (vegetables), while Frchte is usually not used in such a distinction.I.e., while calling something a Frucht- und Gemseabteilung is not incorrect per se, Obst- und Gemseabteilung would be much more idiomatic (at least in Austria)------How does gravity affect evolution of life?We could even consider the effects of Earth's gravity on the evolution of human morphology that in turn determines how we move (bilateral symmetry, e.g. opposing hands) that in turns determines how we sort objects, that in turn determines the form of math we have created. Gravity influence our metaphysics, that is, the bias we project into reading our world. The variation in the strength of gravity, while interesting, can also include gravity per se or gravity (humans) versus "no" gravity (fish)------How will creator discipline the created?"I will turn every plant and creature against you until you apologize."Previously domesticated species become rabid. Edible food can only be eaten in small quantities or become poisonous -- keeping them all on a starvation diet. Insects find the people's smell particularly delightful. All flowers grow thorns. "I shall seal beauty away from you."Virus affects cones of eyes, making everyone see only shades of gray, no color. Mites in their ears interfere with sound. What plants they can eat are tasteless.------Originally I planted flowers for you to digest. What am I?Not a strong answer but...Originally I planted flowers for you to digestLater I decided to colour in your stomach insteadI often prevail on the battlefieldBut I've rarely carried my team to victory.OR could it beOriginally I planted flowers for you to digestLater I decided to colour in your stomach insteadI often prevail on the battlefieldBut I've rarely carried my team to victory------What plants can I grow on my apartment balcony in India?If its something flowering but inedible you want, have a look at Jasmine multipartitum - its a fragrant creeper or climber, so will need support if you want it to climb and probably a large pot eventually. For something with pretty blue flowers, Eranthemum pulchellum, a free standing shrub, not a climber. Both these are popular plants in your part of the world, though check the hardiness - not sure if where you are gets chilly in winter or not.------Planting flowers of unknown coloursPerhaps I am not understanding the question correctly but what about this, which appears to do it with 4 bulbs: plant one bulb at the centre of a circle of 1 metre radius and then three other bulbs on the circumference of the circle. There are only three colours so one of those on the circumference will be the same colour as the one in the centre------How would primitive peoples detect radiation?I was reading up about gemstone irradiation. This is a process in industry to change the optical properties of gem stones. It made me think a primitive people might become aware of a special kind of gemstone which is affected at far lower levels of radiation which would indicate danger. That could work like the talisman idea mentioned previously. The primitive people could fashion these gemstones into items which are used by shamans to worship an invisible god and protect them from evil or something like that------How to ask plant identification questionsIt is very relevant to plant identification where the plant came from. It might happen that a very similar plant exists in a different place where the plant in question is growing. This is especially important in weed identification or any identification of native species.It is just one clue that can help cut out a lot of options, and narrow the scope of the experts who can actually answer the question------What flowering plants could I keep outdoors in pots in winter in Holland?My suggestion is to go to your local garden center in the early winter and again in late winter and purchase plants that are blooming then. Personally, I'd suggest a mixture of plants with attractive foliage, and plants that flower. That way the plants with nice foliage can stay all year, and you can swap out other plants at different seasons. Another way to do it would be to plant flowers that create a stunning display all winter, and replace them with spring flowers, then summer flowers------Why is an indoor pepper plant flowering but not producing fruit?Peppers are self-pollinating, so in general if you see flowers, they should produce peppers. That said, if there is insufficient air flow around the plant or if it is in an enclosure, etc., it might not be releasing enough pollen into the surrounding air to fall on the stigma. You can try gently tapping the stalk of the flower or the branch that has the flower, so as to release a pollen cloud around the plant. That should be sufficient to pollinate the flowers------Is it a good idea to leave minor world details to the reader's imagination?My main concern is this part:What I really love about fantasy books, is if I get to remember small recurring elements.I would not immediatly say what those lilllahi birds look like. But if you mention them five times throughout the book (giving a small detail each time), I might or might not remember that they were mentioned already. However, if I do remember, I will be happy to get a clearer picture, and be proud that I remembered them from earlier------Currency that can stand extreme temperaturesAs already noted, since no form of matter can stand the temperatures required, the only way is to store the currency inside living things. There are many animals that can do this. For example, you can bring along a number of chipmunks, which will keep your money inside their cheek pouches. This has the benefit of maintaining supply levels of the medium of exchange, which may be destroyed by inflation if the animals themselves are used as currency.------Word for animals, including humans?If you wanted to differentiate between animals and humans, you could call the two categories creatures and humans. However, if you wanted to distinguish between animals (including humans) and other categories such as plants, it would be fine to label humans as animals. I say this because it is not uncommon to hear that all natural things fall into one of three categories: animal, vegetable or mineral (you could add further fantasy categories as required). And besides, technically speaking, humans are animals------How should I plant Calathea Medallion seeds?You can only plant seeds if the flowers produce seeds or seed pods, and they'll only do that if they're pollinated by bees or other insects, and that's unlikely to happen indoors. If the flowers just die off and don't produce any kind of seed or seed capsule, then obviously you won't have any seeds to plant. You could try division, to increase your stock, but it's not easy to do with these particular plants, and there's a high risk of losing the plant altogether.------How would an intelligent forest control and direct its animal minions?Chemicals like pheromones. Think about ant colony serving (also) to a plant.If all is peachy, ants go around their business, growing their colony.Is something damaged plant, one kind of chemical signal can be extruded by damaged part of plant, and protectors will attack whatever is around other part, and extrude signals to recruit more attackers.That will include also self-sacrifice.------What's the difference between bole, stem and trunk?The use and terminology by a client as to bole/trunk of the tree.At what point does the bole of the tree (trunk) change to the roots? we have a buttressing trunk to buttressing roots. Therefore is then a buttressing trunk still part of the bole of the tree (trunk) above ground; even though the bole of the trunk is ascending up into the main trunk. As I have to measure from the closest part of the bole of the tree (trunk) to a habitable dwelling------What is this small perfume-like flower and how can I grow cuttings?Ok this one is tough; my choice is Pittosporum omeiense, native to China, fragrant, and the leaves look similar. My difficulty here is in finding references - the ITIS database does not recognize the species name even though it is pretty well scattered about over the Internet, and I don't have time to rake through all the possibilities. Hortus Third does not list it under that name, although it might be there under a synonym, reclassified into a different genus.------Can you identify this flower?I am not sure but I think it is water leaf plant ( called sambar cheera ).If you see other pictures, the leaf and flower color matches but I am not sure as I do not know how the flower looks when it is bloomed ( in your picture).You can see this site http:/ got a picture of the above-mentioned plant from my house, unfortunately, it is not having flowers and I will get back when it will have one.Hope this helps!------What is preventing magic users from reaching their full potential? closedIt very much depends on the time period. If it's middle ages, then you could say that people were afraid of anything that messed with the status quo, and so the majority of mages just stuck with what they knew. This can extend to modern day, but you'll need a taboo or laws to keep people from trying. You could also say that the flow of magic wasn't "wide" enough for us to see thru it to figure it out.------An Exocentric compound for ChildrenI see other people are submitting half answers, so here are a few more:1 A slightly amusing anecdote that might be a better fit on ELL: I know somebody from India, so English is his second (at least) language,and hes a vegetarian. He knows what (ham)burgers are,and he knows that a veggie-burger is a burger made of vegetables so he once ordered a cheeseburger,expecting it to be a vegetarian burger made of cheese and other non-meat products.------What is the most efficient way to increase my Herbalism level in MCMMOIf you are having trouble gaining experience while waiting for crops to grow, simply plant more crops. Even if you plant them at the same time as you plant the other crops. This will allow for more time to be spent chopping down sugar can (which as studoku said, provides 30xp per cane chopped) and less time waiting for the sugar can to grow.------Why is there a difference in the adoption of Kindergarten in American and British English?Kindergarten was brought to the United States and the UK by German sisters Margarethe and Bertha Schurz.Wisconsin HistoryI couldn't find any relevant research relating to the prevalence of the word Kindergarten in the United States versus it's relative rarity in the UK, however I imagine it has to do with wide-spread German immigration to the United States during the 1800s------Is wild garlic edible? How do you prepare it?They are popular in Denmark as well.My favorite use is pickling the non-flowered flower buds - for this, one has to pick the flower buds right before they open - then pickle them, like you would a cucumber..To answer the comment below: I would pickle the flower buds (and a cucumber) in order to preserve it, for use outside of its rather narrow season------Who tends the plants on Star Trek TNG?Senior staff in today's military have a "batman" that takes care of their quarters - laundry, cleaning, plant watering etc. Highly likely this will continue for several centuries. Not-quite-top-rank like Troi or LaForge might share one, Data likely has no need for an assistant and Worf would consider a valet to be unworthy of a warrior.It is highly unlikely that any screen time would be devoted to such a position. We don't see the research staff, night-shift bartenders or shuttle mechanics either, but they must exist------How to make a scent seem 'bad'?It's easy on an individual or a small group. Positive reinforcement. However, it would be very difficult to make that happen to a very large culture or society, unless the smell of lavender is also associated with something 'common' but awful. Such as a fungus that causes violent insanity and also causes the afflicted to smell like lavender. This would creep into a culture to avoid the smell and have bad associations
What Kind of Flowers Are These?
What Kind of Flowers Are These?
I think they are gladiolas from the stiffness and straightness of the stems,,,but they could be orchids, stock, or even hollyhocks. Any of those flowers should be able to supply that look for you though— — — — — —Tattoo (very easy 10 points)Yes Old calligraphy would spice this perfectly settled quote up just nice. hmm. make sure the flowers are the kind that dont look funky— — — — — —Way to save money on flowers?i bought my flowers on ebay (artificial)i am still 6 months from the wedding, and i am doing them myself, a little at a time. this way i can afford to get exactly what i want , and it really is much easier than you might think— — — — — —How can I send flowers to China?If you know Chinese and have a Chinese bank account, just go to the Chinese ebay, If not, since I would distrust any non-Chinese business on this, ask a Chinese friend of yours to order the flowers— — — — — —how do I frost cupcakes without frosting tips?it's best if you have a tip, but if you do not want to, then just snip the end off the plastic bag and try your best to make the flowers— — — — — —How to Send Fresh Flowers in the MailSending fresh flowers in the mail is possible. It is even likely that your flowers will arrive just as fresh and beautiful as they were when they were packed. Fresh cut flowers are an ideal gift to send for any occasion, be it Mother's Day, Easter or a birthday. Florists do ship fresh flowers through the mail, and you can too, using a few simple packing techniques. Obtain a lightweight wooden box at any craft or home store. A wooden box is sturdy and can withstand the pressure of going through the mail. (A cardboard box is too easily damaged.) The box should be at least the length and width of the fresh flowers you are sending. The height of the box should be only as tall as the flowers, with only enough room on both sides for packing material. This prevents the flowers from moving around during shipment. Line both sides of the wooden box with a cotton batting material. This material can be purchased at most fabric stores. Place enough batting on both sides of the box to the secure the flowers but not so much that it crushes them. Place a sheet of tissue paper over both sides of the cotton batting material. Arrange the fresh cut flowers side by side in the box. Do not place the flowers on top of each other. The blooms of one flower can rest on the stem of the flower next to it. Pack the flowers close together to prevent them from rearranging during shipment. Place the lid on top of the bottom half of the box. Tape the two sides of the box together. Address the box and ship the fresh flowers through the mail.— — — — — —I did NOT miss the flowers!!!?Do not do flowers. Waste of money. I would do candles at the reception. The typical bouquets for the bridal party and the flowers for the groomsmen. I would not decorate the church. Churches are Holy places to begin with. Why do you need bows, tulle and flowers on the pews. If you want to add something nice. A simple flower arrangement for the alter is fine. The only way I am adding flowers to my tables at my reception is if they are included in the price of the package. A few places I've looked at, do this. If they are not included, then I am doing my own DIY candle centerpieces. I think too many flowers is a little tacky and overwhelming anyway.— — — — — —Is it better to send Mother's day flowers before the day or on it?One "trade secret" that surprisingly few people know about is that during Mother's Day and Valentine's Day it's actually best to get your flowers sent a few days in advance. This is because of simple supply-and-demand--there is only a limited supply of flowers during this period grown by all the flower farms in South America, Europe, and the US, and they go very quickly. This is also why prices for roses go up prior to Mother's Day and Valentine's Day--it's not "price gouging" as many people's really to try to slow down the demand so flower companies can fulfill as many orders as possible. Personally, what I like to do is get flowers delivered to *me* a couple days in advance. I clean them, prepare the vase and the flower food, and arrange them myself, and then hand-deliver them myself on the holiday (see the link below, which provides some good advice). This way, I am assured of having the best quality flowers, and I am not competing with thousands of others trying to compete for the last wilting rose on Sunday itself. If you order florist flowers, I would recommend getting them delivered on a Friday. If you order flowers delivered by UPS or Fedex, I would suggest getting them up to 7 days in advance--this is because those flowers often come in bud form, and are hardly presentable--you need to cut them and arrange them in warm water for them to open up. Bottom line--in general, the earlier you order the flowers, the more likely you will get the highest quality ones, whether from a local florist or from a company that delivers flowers in a box.
Flowers of Asphalt
Flowers of Asphalt
Flowers of AsphaltFlowers of Asphalt is an unfinished novel attributed to American writer Stephen Crane. The novel, said to have been started in 1894, was to be about a male prostitute. No trace of the manuscript has ever been found. .— — — — — —The Flowers of St. FrancisThe Flowers of St. Francis (in Italian, Francesco, giullare di Dio, or "Francis, God's Jester") is a 1950 film directed by Roberto Rossellini and co-written by Federico Fellini. The film is based on two books, the 14th-century novel Fioretti Di San Francesco (Little Flowers of St. Francis) and La Vita di Frate Ginepro (The Life of Brother Juniper), both of which relate the life and work of St. Francis and the early Franciscans. I Fioretti is composed of 78 small chapters. The novel as a whole is less biographical and is instead more focused on relating tales of the life of St. Francis and his followers. The movie follows the same premise, though rather than relating all 78 chapters, it focuses instead on nine of them. Each chapter is composed in the style of a parable, and, like parables, contains a moral theme. Every new scene transitions with a chapter marker, a device that directly relates the film to the novel. When the movie initially debuted in America, where the novel was much less known, on October 6, 1952, the chapter markers were removed. Included in the acting cast is Gianfranco Bellini as the narrator, who has voice-dubbed several American films for the Italian cinema. Monks from the Nocere Inferiore Monastery played the roles of St. Francis and the friars. Playing the role of St. Francis is a Franciscan brother who is not credited, Brother Nazario Gerardi. The only professional actor in the film is the prominent Aldo Fabrizi, who had worked with Rossellini before, notably in the neorealistic film Rome, Open City. The film garnered international acclaim for Fabrizi. He began his film career scene in 1942, and is noted for both writing and directing his own vehicles. In this film, Fabrizi plays the role of Nicolaio, the tyrant of Viterbo. Rossellini had a strong interest in Christian values in the contemporary world. Though he was not a practicing Catholic, Rossellini loved the Church's ethical teaching, and was enchanted by religious sentiment-things which were neglected in the materialistic world. This interest helped to inspire the making of the film. He also employed two priests to work on it with him, Flix A. Morlion O.P., and Antonio Lisandri O.F.M. Though the priests contributed little to the script, their presence within the movie gave a feel of respectability in regards to theology. Morlion vigorously defended Catholic foundations within Italian neorealism, and felt that Rossellini's work, and eventually scriptwriter Fellini's, best captured this foundation.— — — — — —Lotus Flowers for Miss QuonLotus Flowers for Miss Quon (German: Lotosblten fr Miss Quon) is a 1967 thriller film directed by Jrgen Roland and starring Lang Jeffries, Francesca Tu and Werner Peters. Based on the novel A Lotus for Miss Quon by James Hadley Chase, it was made as a co-production between France, Italy and West Germany. The film's sets were designed by the art director Peter Rothe. Location shooting took place around Hong Kong.— — — — — —Flowers and fruitFlowers of Oplopanax japonicus, is usually hermaphrodite (having both male and female organs). Inflorescence terminal, a raceme of umbels, length of 8-25 cm (3.1-9.8 in), densely covered with setae towards the bae, stiffly covered with tiny hairs throughout; umbels length of 0.9-1.3 cm (0.35-0.51 in) in diameter. Usually 6-12 flower with proximal peduncles that is 2.5 cm (0.98 in) long. Calyx 5-toothed and glabrous. Styles united to middle, slender and apical. Fruit yellow-red at maturity, and sometimes globose. FoodThe leaves and roots of Oplopanax japonicas can be used as food. Young shoots have to be thoroughly peeled and cooked for eating. Roots can be cooked or chewed. Herbal medicineOplopanax japnicus is used in herbal medicine. A sesquiterpene[which?] has been isolated and a synthetic derivative of the ketone form has been commercially produced in Japan to treat cough.— — — — — —George Flowers (politician)George Lenthorn Flowers (29 March 1879 - 7 December 1958) was an Australian politician. He was born in Caveside, Tasmania. In 1942 he was elected to the Tasmanian Legislative Council as the Independent member for Westmorland. He was Chair of Committees from 1952 to 1957. He served in the Council until his death at Launceston in 1958.
What Is the Meaning of AKA Abbreviation?
A.k.a. Or aka means (and is an abbreviation for) also known as.It is used when someone has another name or title, such as James Brown, aka the Godfather of Soul personally always thought of James Browns aka as the hardest working man in show business, but thats not really important here)It is also used for things, not just people, as in the example question you cited. A good example of this usage would be the way plant and animal species often have a scientific name and a common name in a modern language: The Black Eyed Susan (aka: Rudbeckia hirta) is a lovely, daisy-like flower and a North America native. is also commonly used in application forms or legal documents to indicate names previously used (as when someone changes their name upon marriage, divorce, or for some other reason), or police records to indicate aliases (fake or stolen identities used by criminals to escape detection). See • Related QuestionsWhat is this Las Vegas area weed?Alright, after a lot of searching, I have a proposed ID: Eriogonum deflexum known commonly as skeleton weed or little desert trumpet. I feel pretty confident of the genus, less so on the species (there are several close candidates). The family is buckwheat or Polygonaceae.This plant has basal leaves as yours does, has pretty much leaf-less stems and relatively infrequent flowers, which look quite a bit like your picture. Reading various descriptions it seems the plant is somewhat variable, it often looks like your pictures but sometimes has more flowers and sometimes the plant is more dense, rounded, shrubby and taller (it probably depends on the moisture and soil quality). It is a desert species, preferring scrubby areas and washes, widely distributed in Western US deserts.CalPhotos has a picture which looks to be a good match (credit: Jean Pawek; also, CalPhotos has many other photos). This photo by Hank Jorgensen looks like a good match too and shows flowers which look similar to yours.If you see the plant again, bring a picture on your phone and check the flowers carefully. Also the leaves should be hairy/wooly.------Herb and plant creation with real life botany informationI know this isn't really answering you question, sorry about thatBut...Unfortunately there are so many different types of salves, some come from the leaves of plants others from the seeds and roots and then fungi etc... There is no real set rule, Poppies are used to create opiates, and Aloe Vera is used topically as a salve, and there are hundreds of plants in between all as different from one another as the previous ones. maybe a simple starting point would be next suggestion i can give you is to simply decide what illness needs treating and then go from there, obviously salves are applied topically wheres tinctures are taken orally.As i said, there is such a vast difference in the plants used that there doesn't need to be anything special about them, just that they have X trait, and that helps Y illness.Tinctures are usually alcohol based (normally almost 80% proof), with various herbs or other plant extracts included to give the needed benefits. so you would need a way to produce the alcohol------How do I deaden the sound of water dripping on metal?The answer may depend slightly on whether the cooler is refrigeration air conditioning (the dripping water is condensate) or swamp cooler (the dripping water is a leak of fresh running water) because the volume of water could be substantially different between the two.If the water droplets fall onto something with more mass, such as thick metal plate or a brick, there'll be less noise made. Slope it as suggested by Dotes for even better results.An alternative is to catch the drip before it happens. One way to do this is inspired by the concept of a rain chain. The idea is to provide a path for rivulets of water to run down rather than falling freely as droplets. Attach a length of chain, rope, wire, etc so that the droplets forming on the upper unit get pulled onto the surface of the rain chain. They'll run silently down to the end of the chain. If drips form at multiple places they could be gathered with some kind of pan (a baking sheet pan for example), or multiple rain chains could be employed -- joined into a single chain if desired, or each left to hang separately.------Apple tree only flowering on one sideThis could be a strange version of "biennial bearing" which is a well known fruit tree problem. It can be started by something happening which reduces one year's crop. This results in over-production of flowers the following year which over-stresses the tree, resulting in no crop the following year, and the two-year cycle continues. Maybe one half of the tree was damaged by bad weather somehow and the two "halves" are now on opposite two-year cycles. From the picture, you almost have two independent trees joined at the trunk, not a single trunk with several side branches.If that is the case, one cure for it is to remove about half the flower buds to reduce the crop, and try to get the tree back into producing every year. Try to make sure the tree has adequate water and nutrients to support producing a crop as well.Note, thinning the fruit after it has "set" is a much less effective cure than removing the flower buds before pollination, because the pollination process produces hormones which affect the tree's behaviour for the following year------What's this craze with Indian plant ID questions from anonymous new users?Love for nature.I love to know names of plants in my vicinity. Today's generation cannot even identify a simple mango tree.School syllabus for Medical stream in highschoolBio in class 11 and 12 ,forces us learn plant botanical names.. Which increases are craze towards them. This is also usually time when we come across these sites. Fear of animalsBig Animals are not so common in cities. (Mostly city people use such sites). So, I dont ask about them. And often animals are dangerous and mobile, while plants are harmless. Its easier to take their photo and ask about it. FoodHalf the people in world live to eat, other half have to eat to live.May be being Vegetarian also contributes towards it(Slightly on me).I was talking to my mother yesterday about difference in spinach and raddish leaves. We eat leves of both. Then, we came to conclusion, if, we find simillar other leaves our society would start eating that too and makes a nice religious folk of that too. Since, here vegen is a a major part of our food, evolutionary we are destined to gain more and more knowledge of it. If we find something new plant outside, our limbic system will start its evaluation for diet.------What could make a planet more radioactive at night?A highly radioactive asteroid belt, outside the orbit of the planet.On the day-side, the asteroid belt is both further away and (very) partially shielded by the sun. On the night-side, the radiation is closer, and more direct/focused (at dawn/dusk the radiation is spread over a wider area due to the angle it arrives at, like the sun is in winter)This would mean that the radiation would increase rapidly at a slowing rate until peaking at midnight, and then drop of slowly and an increasing rate - much like sunlight during the day.But, really, radiation is a slow killer. Yes, less than an hour of exposure can be deadly, but it will kill you over a matter of days/weeks, not within that hour. With a poorly insulated planet set up right, you could go from 20C to -30C in a couple of hours (The Sahara can drop from a 50C day-time temperature to below freezing at night), and without proper protective measures the cold-shock will kill you within 10 minutes. Or the hypothermia will set in within 30 minutes, and kill you within 2 hours.------Sometimes a banana is just a bananaYou must take responsibility for the fact that everything that occurs in your writing occurs because YOU placed it there, either consciously or subconsciously. Even if you are chronicling incidents from real life, you are doing so as filtered through your own experience and viewpoint. If nothing else, what you remember and what you forget are indicative of your own personal point of view.Because of this, there will inevitably be layers of meaning and symbolism in your work, whether you want it there or not. Some of it will be what you chose to put in there --but it may be that the more powerful and meaningful symbolism is entirely unconscious.I wouldn't recommend obsessing over the symbolism --that's an "excellent" way to paralyze your writing. Just write your best work, and trust that the symbolism will largely take of itself. Even so, I would submit that --for you --a banana cannot just be a banana, because if it could, you wouldn't have written a whole question interrogating your own choice to use it. If you really don't want that symbolism in there, just change it to a less suggestive fruit and have done with it (realism is nothing but a style).------Are there any known mutual symbiotic relationships that has more than two agents?I can think of an example for the 3rd picture in your image "Common Agent With Multiple Symbiotic Relationships."We have: 1.) a species of parasitoid wasp 2.) a species of plant and 3.) a species of moth.The moth provides pollination activity for the plant. The plant provides a place for the moth to lay its eggs, and a food source for caterpillars once they hatch. Once the plant begins undergoing herbivory it releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which attract the wasp and inform it that there are potential hosts nearby. The parasitoid parasitizes either the eggs or the larvae (depending on the species of wasp) and helps the plant by limiting the damage it sustains due to herbivory (like a body guard).Common example species could be:1.) Wasps of the genus Cotesia (parasitize caterpillars) or of the genus Trichogramma (parasitize eggs).2.) Plants of the family Solanaceae (Datura, tomatoes, or potatoes)3.) Sphinx moths of the genus ManducaThere is a lot of literature on the subject of VOCs and parasitoids, but if you need a quick reference here is one: ------Viability of an amalgam treeI think it's extremely unlikely. A lot of time and effort goes into creating flowers and fruit as they are. You are asking if a plant will devise multiple paths for procreation and stay the same tree.Some plants can have some significant changes depending on their environment. Sium Suave grows on the boarders of wetlands. As such it can be underwater or partially under water or on dry land. Many plants like one or the other. To help deal with this, it has two distinct leaf patterns. and the leaves will change back and forth with the raising and lowering of the water.So I could see a fruit bearing tree to have a similar type of change depending on it's environment. This would still be limited in number of possible changes, and likely all the fruit would be the same on the whole tree, unless there is a wet/dry situation or maybe a bright sunny/ dark shade where two areas of the tree have different 'environments' it is dealing with. Or as a possibility of different seasons producing different fruit, for different dispersal mechanisms (including different animals)
Are Silk Flowers Okay for a Wedding.?
I had a winter wedding and debated doing candles instead of flowers (we also did floating candles as centerpieces). But I ended up having the bridesmaids do a single rose, with matching ribbon tied in a bow around it. It looked really nice and it was really inexpensive.1. What is the effect of bleaching a white silk shirt?White Silk Shirts2. Do you think a 14 year old girl should be able to burn incense in her bedroom?i think that it should be fine. as long as your not putting something over it like silk or something, or fooling around with the incense candle. i think that is so cool that you study the wicca stuff cause i have a book on it and i've never really tried it but i just got inspired!!3. What's a good thread count for the softest sheets?The general rule is ... the higher the thread-count, the softer the sheets. It all depends what you like. Lots of people like the feel of very soft sheets. I am in the minority ... I prefer the feel of very crisp, cool sheets, so I like the lower thread-counts. That's just me! Satin or silk? Well, I've had satin sheets and all I can say about them is ... they are slippery. Also, they snag easily. If you have a rough edge on a toenail, or even a dry patch of skin ... those satin sheets will grab (uncomfortably!). I've never had silk sheets, so I can not say. You just have to learn what you like. I thought I would love the higher-count sheets because they are softer ... but I found out I do not . There's no way to recommend a specific thread-count to you without knowing your preferences. There's just no way to really know what you like or love until you experience it for yourself!4. My Washing Machine cold cycle doesn't work.?My boyfriend's slightly a sparkling freak too, I had to prohibit him doing any washing, he used to stick each thing in mutually on 60 levels, I used to get shrinkage and dyed clothing, a lot of those that have been ruined occurred to be mine, prevalent! in fact, cool washing is inspired because of the fact the water does not could be heated plenty and a cycle does not take so long, so it saves electrical energy and its greater effective for the ambience. atmosphere aside issues do sparkling completely nicely at 30 levels. besides the shown fact that, in case you have infants or your fiancee happens to pass over his mouth whilst ingesting dinner or performs rugby or soccer etc then that is nicely worth cranking the temperature up somewhat. you do not truly have a desire of having truly grimy products sparkling or getting stains out at 30 levels. it is likewise stated to bathe bedding on a minimum of 60 levels to kill airborne dirt and mud mites and different nasties, stunning i understand! to evade shrinking something (in undemanding terms woolens, silk, cashmere etc antything dry sparkling in undemanding terms or hand wash could be a difficulty) and wash it on a chilly wash seperately. desire this helps!5. Silk Duvet Covers at Best Price in IndiaNone Silk fabric not only very breathable, but also retains warmth. Silk's natural protein fibers protect your skin and hair, preventing mites, wrinkles and split ends. We are one of the leading Manufacturer of Silk Duvet Covers and Poly Silk Duvet Covers. Style ID: Laurel Silk Duvet Cover read more... None Silk Duvet Covers offered by us are light quilts with washable covers. These are flawlessly crafted using finest silk that help in enhancing its overall look and feel. The rich colors as well as patterns of these covers also help in lending the bedrooms a sense of luxury that is unmatched among other duvet covers available in the markets. read more... None Duvet is a light quilt with a washable cover. It can be used as a bedspread and top sheet . For proper care to your duvet, we provide duvet covers in a very elegant and sophisticated manner. These duvet covers are prepared from different kind of materials like silk, cotton and other linen. These duvet covers helps to preserve read more... None Our clients can avail from us, fine quality PC Bedsheets that are designed using fine fabric. Printed with contemporary and traditional patterns, these are liked by our clients spread across the globe. Dariya Ganj, New Delhi No. 7/8, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, Dariya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002, Delhi None - Item Code: DT04 The products we offer to our customer are manufactured using high quality of silk that gives these products a soft and silky hand touch. These products are fancy in looks and hence are capable of enhancing the beauty of living rooms' area. These products are available in the market at cost effective prices. read more... More Manufacturers and Suppliers of Silk Duvet Covers
POLL Should Brandon Flowers Keep the Tache? (PICS Included)?
POLL Should Brandon Flowers Keep The Tache? (PICS Included)?NO. he was so handsome when he was clean-shaven. i was seriously upset when i found out he was going to keep it which is a little sad on my part, but oh, well. i just hate facial hair on anyone tbh— — — — — —Who is more suited for Brandon Routh, Bipasha Basu or Kate Bosworth?Honestly, neither really suit him. I would put him with someone squeeky clean like Mandy Moore, or Hillary Duff— — — — — —If Brandon, The Nolte, and Joe F were to stage a cage match?A cage match between the 3 sexiest beasts on the planet would most likely progress into something way more depraved than a game of grab-#ss. Sounds like somethin' that could only be viewed on one of those porn pay-per-view channels. I think tickets would go for at least $500 a "pop".— — — — — —about The Crow movie,, why Brandon Lee really dye?the gun used for the stunt was supposed to have had blanks in it, but evidentally had the real deal going on.happened on location in Fayetteville NC— — — — — —In what scene of The Crow did Brandon Lee die?I did not see the movie, but Wikipedia details the scene there : Brandon Lee.It seems to be backed up by quotes, so you can see if this information is sufficient for you— — — — — —Who Makes a Better Power RB: Brandon Jacobs or Maurice Jones-Drew?im with the first guy you dont know a thing about football, Mojo Drew isnt a power back at all— — — — — —Brandon McReynoldsLawrence Brandon McReynolds (born May 21, 1991) is an American professional stock car racing driver and the spotter for Noah Gragson. He has competed in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for JGL Racing, and has also competed in the K&N Pro Series East and K&N Pro Series West as well as the ARCA Menards Series. He is the son of former crew chief and current Fox NASCAR analyst Larry McReynolds. .— — — — — —Jim BrandonJim Brandon may refer to: Jim Brandon Equestrian Centre Jim Brandon (basketball), coach for Glasgow Rocks Jim Brandon, who worked with James Shelby Downard Jim Brandon (actor) in Dorm Life Jimmy Brandon of Waikiki (band)— — — — — —Brandon AuretBrandon Auret (born 27 December 1972) is a South African actor known for his role as Leon du Plessis in the SABC3 soap opera Isidingo.— — — — — —Brandon Jacobs or Jackie Battle?Battle easy - Jacobs is coming back from injury and may only see some limited touches. He could have value if he gets goal line carries, but the Giants are leaning more on Bradshaw (and may not want to pound Jacobs at the goal line following the injury) so Jacobs may not even get the chance to poach a TD. It's nearly impossible to figure out what Todd Haley is thinking with the KC backfield, but Battle should get the bulk of touches for the Chiefs on Monday night and seems like a much safer play to get touches and put up fantasy points this week.— — — — — —How did they finish the movie The Crow when Brandon Lee died in the making of it?He was shot in one of the final scenes. It was set up that way because they did not want to have to shoot that scene more than once. It had a lot of special effects. What little had to be done to make the film work could be handled through special effects and a body double— — — — — —Brandon Miller (motorcyclist)Brandon Nozaki Miller, commonly known as both "Electric Cowboy" and "Sparky", is the world's first motorcycle racer to get licensed to race on an electric motorcycle, and went on to become the world's first professional racer to have never ridden a motorcycle powered by anything other than electricity. He was licensed at CVR (Chuckwallah Valley Raceway) with CVMA (Chuckwallah Valley Motorcycle Association) and TrackDaz. CVMA is the first motorcycle organization to license any racer on an electric motorcycle. As part of his progress and to challenge the stigma surrounding electrics when he first came into the sport, he made a point to show that production electrics were ready for everyone be they racers or not by competing in events like Pikes Peak, TTXGP, Mike Cooks Bonneville Landspeed shootout, MWGP, and even competed in M1GP which held the first US electric only club racing series
How Do You Keep Flowers Underwater Like This in a Vase for Wedding Centrepiece?
Oh i am gonna do centerpieces like this at my wedding too! But I am gonna use tulips. I really just think the flowers float in the vases and the vases really are not wide enough so they are floating around... they are kinda just floating at the top. They are really pretty! I would not say they are wedged in though... cause they are squished1. If you are totally underwater, are you really wet?Yes, Id say you are still wet because the definition of "wet" is to be covered with water2. How far the distance (in meter or yard) can you swim underwater with just one breath?I can swim underwater for roughly 25 yards in one deep breath. The best thing for you to be able to do this is to be in good shape obviously. Next it takes lots of practice. I tend to stay near the bottom of the pool so I do not have the temptation to rise up. It also takes a lot of mental stamina to forge through when your lungs are aching for air. Also you should try to learn a good whip kick that will help you out a lot3. How do you take pictures underwater?I used the disposables whilst i became on holiday and the widespread became VERY poor. under the water, the sunshine is already lots below above the exterior so because it particularly is strike one. To compensate, i've got faith the ISO of the action picture became intense, like 4 hundred or 800, so strike 2. once you are finding for recommendations-blowing photos, you would be wanting a sturdy digicam, an underwater housing, and a very good flash. If this is a as quickly as in an entire life journey, this is worth renting the kit, or buying then reselling once you are completed4. Will global warming cause us to be underwater?Al Gore is a politician5. How deep can I make my underwater facility?You can make the structure pressurized to match water pressure. Then you do not need to worry too much about structural integrity, and make it as large as you want. The cost is multi-hour (de)pressurization required while entering or leaving the facility. This could be a useful security feature as well: to prevent unauthorized access, and unauthorized departures. The movie DeepStar Six (1989) has an example of explosive decompression. Here is an RL example of the setup necessary for an unauthorized diver to reach your deepwater facility.You can build it in pieces, but single large and round structure will have better volume/wall area ratio.It will cost a lot, so research should be extremely high-value, and do not plan any large open areas in there. It will be a submarine. Edit: I did mean to say that underwater structure has air pressure comparable to water pressure outside of it. I believe this can be done as part of Saturation Diving: I still feel this is overkill for the goals. A better way to hide a secret lab underwater is to get a nuclear-missile submarine, and replace missile silos with labs and extra life support. It cannot go deep, but it can move around, it is designed to stay stealthy, and it can stay underwater for months.6. Have you ever been in the Underwater restaurant at the Maldives?I presume you mean the underwater restaurant at the hilton. I've not been but it looks amazing and i would love to go7. what is your dream wedding?I would like to get married on the moon or underwater. But that's just me D: And it's un realistic. Otherwise I really do not want a wedding lmao. Cancer sun. Gemini venus. Virgo mars.8. How can merfolks stream video in a way much similar to our WiFi but underwater?Blue whalesTransmission of messages through a medium requires two things (1) the carrier wave and (2) the superimposed signal.Think of a child being pushed along in a buggy. The child will soon learn that if they are travelling across a cobbled or other rough surface whilst they are vocalising, the sound will 'vibrate' even if they keep singing the same note. The merfolk gain the co-operation of Blue Whales in return for favours such as removing barnacles and parasitic fish.Whilst on duty the whales emit bursts of sound at a constant pitch (the carrier wave) and the mers use a vibrator to superimpose the signal. This sound can travel across huge oceans and be picked up by resonators and the signal decoded.
Is There Any Image Editing Program in Windows 7 Starter?
Magic Photo Editor is good. It is compatable with Win7.With it, you can easily blend your digital photo onto another image to create special effect. With is you can also easily add many pretty frames, flowers and cartoon pictures onto your photo. It makes your photo more interesting and attractive.1. Real flowers vs fake silk flowers?Silk flowers are tacky. Period. You could easily get your flowers from a local Produce Junction or grocery store or farmer's market for $50. Good luck!2. plants and flowers that will survive?Petunias, while nice, are not your only option. Pansies do great in those temps, also "Johnny Jump-ups" (a viola), Dianthus (also called pinks/carnations). The Dianthus, (my favorite), have really intense color -red/scarlet/pink/white/crimson/purple, and sometimes bloom on and off for several years. They "cycle" in and out of flowering and when they quit flowering, some people think they have died and they pull them up. Bad mistake! They were only resting between cycles! Try them and I guarantee you will sing their preaises like I do! Good luck to you, whatever you choose3. Zucchini: flowers but no fruits!?Zuchini want full sun all day. The same plant will produce male and female flowers. They are easily distinguishable. Male flowers simply grow on a stem. Female flowers have a stem, miniature zuchini, then the flower. Mine were delicious and abundant4. can you plant flowers outside after you've cut the ends off?Generally no. If they are woody stems root them in a 1 gallon - 6" pot with all purpose potting soil. Keep the soil evenly moist not soggy and full sun. Roots develop in about 2 months. BTW. If woody stems they need to be cut down to 6" to 8". Bottom cut just below a leaf node and top cut just above a leaf node. No leaves or flowers. Bury half of the cutting. 1 per pot. Good luck and happy Mothers Day to your Grandmother.5. Will flowers be okay in the snow?In a box, they should be just fine provided the temperature is not in the extreme (30 degrees or below). Remember, florists keep their flowers in coolers to help them last longer!6. what kinda ribbion can i use on my wedding cake...that wont absorb the buttercream frosting?You can use any ribbon that has a plastic/vinyl backing to it. As for flowers....Almost all flowers are growing in May so the choice is yours.7. What are some good ideas for cheap homeade wedding favors?dont make any wedding favors. Why do i say that? I have been to 10 weddings in my life and I am always the only person at my table to take my favor home. My friends wedding last august they had little candles and every table had all the candles on it when guests left. I will not have them at my wedding BUT instead I will give a gift at the end of my BRIDAL shower. People will take a little gift home if you hand it to them at a party but they wont take it home at the wedding. Consider open bar instead of wedding favors and/or give away the center piece. Have the DJ do some contest or announcement giving away the center piece because guests will always love taking flowers home.8. What should I paint a picture of?Hmmm painting is fun, I like to do a lot of art. Personally I have done many. If you like the challenging things paint stuff like- -a bear catching salmon -a tiger running -an angel wing If you want something easier - -garden of flowers -London eye(lit up at night) -a gold fish in a bowl on a wooden desk(water colour) Think of abstract things or paint what your heart leads you too theyre probably the most rewarding. All the best (happy new year) :)9. Macro Lenses for Nikon dslr cameras.?The "best" macro lens will be 105mm f/2.8VR. One of the sharpest and best performing lens in Nikon's line-up. I have one and I use it for macro work and also portraits. It may be over your budget though. You may prefer something like 60mm more to your liking. Or, if you are very budget restricted, there is 40mm version as well. As you go shorter and shorter in focal length, you will have to get closer and closer to the subject. If you are going to take insects, for example, 40mm will be problematic because you would scare the bugs away. If you are going to be taking flowers or stationary objects, then it would not be an issue. The lens your camera came with, 18-55VR does allow you to get sufficiently close for most work. Do you really need a macro lens? I once took a photograph of a bee resting on a flower. Once I cropped it, I was able to print 8x10 with very acceptable sharpness and detail. To my surprise, the bee was carrying two pollen balls on its legs and I was able to see the grains of pollen particles. That was with a standard 18-55VR lens that came with my Nikon D60.

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