Is Wire Fencing Strong Enough to Keep in a Large Dog?

If you have a mobile home is it really big enough for ten dogs? I mean I have had 10 dogs in my house because I foster/ petsit but my house is pretty big. Anyways, if you arnt having a problem with jumping over dont do anything electric as it is negative reenforment and can cause aggression. Make aure your dogs are all fixed (spayed/ neutered) as males can smell a female in heat from miles away and its just a safer way to go to keep your females spayed as well. The fence needs to go all the way around, maybe leaving one section (VERY SMALL) for the back door to be able to be opened. You can get cheap but strong fencing (it holds all my dogs in no matter what) at home depot its like 16 gauge vynal (not sure if i spelt that right) (green) fencing and you can get 50 ft of it for $39 and the posts you need at like $2 and you can put it up in like a few hours. The organization i foster for fenced in 3/4 of an acre if land with it and we have had like 5 or 6 out of 3,000 dogs get out in like 9 years. Good luck!.

1. What large dog breed is best for me?

great danes or labradors =D

2. Can you hurt a large dog by carrying it?

yes it,s ok to pick up a large dog. but it needs to be done correctly. I.E. curl your bent arm behind her/his front legs. same with other arm but in front of hind is comfy

3. How do you weigh your large dog at home?

You could use the hog method by measuring your dog. Measure around dogs chest just behind front legs then measure from base of tail to between ears, take the chest measurement and multiply it times its self and them multiply that by the length measure and then divide by 400. this will get you within 3% of their weight.

4. Is it ok to give a large dog Immodium AD?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, if it continues for another 24 hours take him to the vet

5. I have a large dog crate, but i have puppy? It's a miniature schnauzer. It comes with a divider.?

Leave it as is. The puppy will have some room to roam around in it

6. How did they make a miniature version of a large dog breed?

For me, short. a person see, hair like jared leto's look too effortless and sometimes even slimy. Shortcuts are more fun to perform with and some sttles look much better on them

7. x-large puppy...puppy food or large dog breed food? and what brand do you prefer?

blue buffalo is one of the best the ingredients are mostly meat and it dosent contail fillers like corn so your dog will poop less but this type of food is expensive eukanuba i feed eukanuba its not the best but its way better than foods like pedigree and as far as what you should feed your large breed puppy i would say give him the large breed puppy formula. Puppy food has way more protein than adult food that's because puppy's require more nutrition to grow properly. And also large breed formula is good for their joints.

8. Techniques?? Large dog agressive with small dogs...?

any chance you can walk them together ??? i work as a dog sitter and i have a dog of my own and all the dogs i sit, i start with a long walk together ... and even the dogs that are a bit aggressive are usually calmer after a long walk and the dogs rarely fight .. just a suggestion :O)

9. Why do people assume a large dog is a pit bull?

People who are scared of dogs seem to not educate themselves on breed because they do not care. To them all dogs are mean and in their minds pit-bulls are the infamous mankillers, so therefore, all dogs are pit-bulls. So sad that these kinds of people can not see that 99% of dogs are friendly and loving. Oh well, their loss.

10. How to Take Your Dog on a Bicycle Ride

Dogs and bicycles are not meant to mix. At least, that is what I thought until I met Zoa, a dog-crazy, bike-loving girl from BC. Somehow our cycling-with-dogs experiment developed into longer rides around town, which developed into weekend excursions, which developed into us quitting our jobs, selling everything we owned, and embarking on an epic 10,000-mile bicycle adventure through Europe. Along the way we experienced our share of joys and challenges, and learned a few tips to make cycling with dogs fun and safe. With moving bicycle parts and the unpredictability of dogs, holding a leash or cycling with a dog tied to the bike can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. One sudden jolt for a squirrel, and you are toppling over. There are a couple of options on how to take a dog on a bike ride. If your dog is reliable, trained very well and there is no danger from traffic, then letting your dog run off-leash while you cycle is one possibility. But with an unpredictable dog or where traffic is involved, you will want your dog safely harnessed and leashed to the non-traffic side of your bicycle. Specialized dog leash attachments for bikes are the safest way to protect your dog from pedals, wheels and traffic. The leashes hooks on an arm which is attached to the seat post or the rear axle of your bicycle leaving your hands free for steering, while coiled springs act as shock absorbers, significantly reducing the force of an unexpected tug. Keep in mind that hot, rough or asphalt roads may be abrasive to paw pads, so start slowly and, where possible, ride on trails or along grassy or sandy shoulders. Also remember that cycling/running can be thirsty work, so carry a good supply of water and a bowl for your dog to drink from. Water bottle carriers that screw into your bike frame can accommodate 20-ounce water bottles or common plastic bottles up to 48 ounces. If you are going off the beaten track or on tour you may want to consider a water bladder (MSR Dromedary) or a water filtration system (Katadyn). Not every dog has the endurance of a Husky, and not every road is safe enough to let your dog run beside the bike. Fear not, help is on hand with a variety of bike baskets, trailers, and carriers. With a growing interest in sustainable transport, the full potential of the bicycle (and indeed the tricycle) is starting to be realized. Recreational toys are being turned into practical tools, and more and more ways of carrying children, pets and cargo are becoming available. Here are some of options for riding your bike with your dog: Baskets and carriers are suitable for carrying smaller dogs, and usually attach to the handlebars or back rack of a regular bicycle. (See options from PetSafe including the Happy Ride Wicker Dog Bicycle Basket at Specialized dog trailers are suitable for carrying a medium to large dog: Quality, prices, features and weight capacities can vary widely. A good indication of trailer quality is the warranty, which can vary from 30 days to a lifetime. (See options at,, Longtail cargo bikes are similar to normal bikes, except the back wheel has been moved back about 15 inches. The extended area behind the seat allows for more storage options, a bigger basket and a bigger dog (up to around 30 lbs.). Trikes often have the advantage of a cargo area in front of you, allowing you to keep an eye on your dog. The heavier frames are more suited to flat and undulating terrain. (See options at Bakfiets - available through U.S. dealers) Which option you choose depends on your budget, where you plan to ride, the terrain you will be riding on and your dog's size and personality. Some dogs hate the feeling of being confined, while others find it secure and relaxing. To ease your dog into life with a bicycle, start with short trips somewhere fun. Add a favorite blanket, reward them with treats and make it a positive experience. Harness them in safely, so there is room to move, but without any danger of falling out. Maintain patience and a desire to experiment. Cycling is a great way for both you and your dog to get exercise and a healthy dose of fresh air. It allows you to cover more distance than by walking, while being slow enough to appreciate the scenery and the world around you.

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