LG Applied for LED Related Icons and Plans to Launch Its First Micro LED TV

It is reported that LG plans to launch its first micro LED TV at IFA 2018. At present, it has applied for three cooperation with micro   Trademarks related to LED display technology.

This may not mean much, but it is estimated that LG is ready to share a share with Samsung in the field of micro LED TV. Business Korea reported in February this year that LG plans to launch "microled TV larger than Samsung the wall TV" before September this year.

Microled is also called mled or μ LED,“ μ” Stands for "micro" (because“ μ” It is the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet). This week, flatpanelshd found that LG had applied for "true" from euipo (European Intellectual Property Office) μ LED”、“Q μ Led "and" m " μ "Led" trademark. These applications are submitted graphically and are currently under review by the trademark office.

LG has classified trademarks, such as "TV LED display" and "TV receiver", as well as other completely unrelated categories. Previously, LG has applied for "X" μ LED’、‘S μ LED 'and' XL ' μ LED 'trademark.

Although LG is still committed to the production of OLED TV, microled display technology is gradually replacing OLED technology. Like OLED, microled is a self luminous display technology, and each pixel can emit light. The difference from OLED is that microled is produced based on inorganic materials. One of the difficulties faced by microled is to make the pixel size sufficient Small to fit a typical TV size display panel.

LG competitor Samsung plans to launch the 146 inch wall micro LED TV in August this year. Sony is also developing a display based on similar technology. In 2012, Sony showed a 55 inch prototype TV called "crystal led", but it has never been available.

Source: OFweek display network

LG Applied for LED Related Icons and Plans to Launch Its First Micro LED TV 1

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