Ok I Was Messing with My Ex...and First Talked Sex with Him and Made Him Believe That I Really Like

Ok i was messing with my ex...and first talked sex with him and made him believe that i really like him and...?

Ok I Was Messing with My Ex...and First Talked Sex with Him and Made Him Believe That I Really Like  1

I hate to say this but, Men have fragile egos. We do not like putting ourselves out to be hurt nor do we like being strung along, On this basis you were wrong, for what you did and what you said. Now given to fragility of the male ego, when we feel hurt by someone we naturally cut off all emotional attachment to that person an become vindictive towards them, yes it maybe a little childish, but the psyche does as it pleases. A lot of women, have had their feelings shunted because being overly playful with men. Most men do not appreciate women when they become overly playful, we find them annoying and standoffish. It is never under any circumstances a good idea to attempt to play games with someone else's mind, especially a mans. For when they find out, men have been known to go through any length to get even. If and I will repeat, If your friendship survives this patch of roughness the best thing to do is just apologize for playing games, He will apologize for being mean an saying horrible things to you and the two of can move on with your lives and you will be wiser for it

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Dungeons & Dragons (role playing game):

1. Charm a high level cleric 2 Cast limited wish and make plane shift an area effect spell and that acceptance of the spell is not required 3 Command cleric to cast plane shift on party

Ok I Was Messing with My Ex...and First Talked Sex with Him and Made Him Believe That I Really Like  2

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ps4 remote won't play games on ps3?

Have you tried connecting your ps4 remote control to the PS3 using the USB cable and leave it connected when playing the game?

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My computer lags when playing games?

Your system is fine for gaming. Most of the time when someone lags it is their internet not their computer especially for games like league of legends that does not require high end rigs. The fact that you get about 20 ping at night means that you internet is being too stressed. 1) Try using a Ethernet Cord (this really helps for stable internet) 2) Perhaps look into a better internet company (look into century link they have cheap and reliable internet; ignore this if u have comcast)

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Which of these graphics cards is best for playing games?

First of all Intel sucks at 3D. Forget about them. If the rest are integrated graphics AMD chips, they probably do not have their own video memory and performance will be bad, just like on my PC which has a integrated ATI X1250 (yes, it is old).

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How to cool down laptop while playing games?

ok, get a bag and fill it halfway with cool water, and put it under your laptop were it really heats up, or if you have a fan, position it towards you, so it will help you stay cool and your laptop, another good solution is too turn it over and put an ice pack on it wrapped around with a towel or blow on it, your last option is to buy a laptop cooler, which you can buy from best buy for $19.99, want a cheap one? Try WalMart or Target, you could possibly get some for as low as 9 bucks! Hope i helped!

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Computer Randomly Reboots While Playing Games?

The best thing to do would be to actually find out what is causing the problem. Do so by opening the event viewer on your pc. Do this byclicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, clicking Administrative Tools, and then clicking Event Viewer. Once you open it, click Windows Logs and click the System tab. Check for any red error icons or exclamation icons. The two sections you want to pay attention to are Critical and Error

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What can I do to make my dad stop playing online board games all the time?

While I disagree that playing games with people online is a waste of time, I will examine your question.First of all, you have to convince him that entertaining himself when he is not programming is wrong. He has to emotionally agree that your position, that entertainment is inherently bad, and then begin to step away from it of his own choice. That's going to be a challenge, since our culture strongly advocates TV, watching sports, reading books, and other activities that engage us mentally. These are thought to be worthwhile, not a "waste of time". (I would like to note that you listed "waste of time" as a concern before the health issue. Interesting priority. )Failing that, you can use whatever leverage you have in the relationship to set an ultimatum. Because ultimatums are pretty much the only power people have over those they are with when the bond is economically unequal. If you are in a position of economic power over your father, you can use that leverage, but I assume that instead it is just a typical family relationship. Your ultimatum could be to stop associating with him, or degrees of distancing yourself from him that fall short of "breaking up."It is pretty hard to make an adult do something they do not want to do. After all, it is entirely his choice. And once the change is actually made, how would you, the child, verify and police the activity? Do you live with him? Or could he just lie to you?If you goal is just to get him to do healthy things, then forget about the game. Instead just invite your father to do healthy things with you. Take him hiking. Walk through the local farmer's market. Doing these things automatically reduced the amount of time not doing these things. If you are really committed to changing your father, you will need to be part of that too. You can not just dictate to him "change" and then expect that to happen

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