(PDF) Maximising Protection Sun Protection Fabric and Clothing

Authors Post - print. The final defi nitive version of this paper cover up and minimise exposure of skin surfaces to the sun. However, from a consumer's perspective what information is available to support selection of garments that will optimise have achieved high ratings for protection, and by implication, indicates that garments made from these fabrics will minimise exposure. However, most c lothing and t extile products are not tested and do not carry UPF ratings. Credited wit h the highest rates of skin cance r in t he world New Zealanders a nd Australians are increasingly aware of the health risks associated with ov er exposure to UV rad iation. T he need to slip, s lop, slap and wrap has been extensively promoted , along with t he importance of during high UV index times of day and year tags can be used on garmen ts protective by accredited programmes such as ARPANSA I n spite of the promotional programmes and awareness of rating systems the majority of clothing worn d uring the high UV exposure months is not UPF rated. Consumers are garments, or are selecting clothing on the basis of non From a consumers perspective what is 'sun protective information about is the internet 'G oogling ' highl ights the extensive use of the term he majority of entries related to promotion and sale of SFP or UPF ra ted clothing as opposed t o advice on how to make items may provid e very different levels of UV protection Examination of the Wikipedia entry for 'sun protective specifically designed for sun protection and is produced protection". Further examination of the to official websit es of organi sations such as the Cancer S ociety (NZ) website one of the more should consider when buying clothing i n order to enhanced cover up message, provide s information on the UPF and However, g uidelines for selecti ng the garments (other than reference to UP F ratings to find . How has our understanding of factors affecting 2007 to now ? Can we improve recommendation s about Social and envi ronmental factors other than UV al so comfort/thermophysiological needs are often at odds with selection of clothing that will provide gre protection. Is it p ossible to balance therm o/physiological stating that the weave of fabr ics should be tight as such Yet t extiles are available in a variety of structures e.g. woven a nd non woven ( e.g. knitted, fibre mats, films such as neoprene etc.) with production of products promoted as suitable for T he accepted rule is th at the high fabrics with the same cover/tightness w ere examined a hierarchy of weave structures, in order of increasing U 2009) , like the twill, jersey wa s associated with lower and twill weave are attributable to the floating of weft (cro sswise) yarns, over one and under two of However, this re lationship is not linear and i dependent on the colour of the fabric extensibility, which affect the size of the i nterstitial spaces. Preference for lighter colours in summer is associated with greater reflection of the infra increased UV transmission as the greater the would colour the better the resulting U V 2008) . M any light colours can not Interactions between cover and colour sug gest that choosing a fabric in a lighter colour with a tighter sett or partially offset the effect of colour alone. High temperature s in the clothing layers increases may also be

1. what are some cons on school uniforms?

uniforms constrict the ability to show originality through clothing, also, I've seen a lot of girls pull they are skirts up really high and look pretty promiscuous which I think is a con, I do not want to see 14 year old girls dressed like that

2. I am a 15 year old boy and I like to wear my sisters clothing is it wrong?

Not wrong at all. Honestly. Society decides what is girl clothing and boy clothing and what is girl colors and boy colors. Defy society and wear what you want. It's not wrong, it's just clothing!

3. How much should you sell things in a garage sale?

I thought about this question for a while, and I think I sell things for around 87% less the original price. This goes for knick-knacks and clothing. I think toys would highly depend on volume. If you have a few big toys, go for a few bucks a piece. Now, if you have a toybox full, kids love a 25 cents a toy kind of deal. For kids, its always about how much they can get. Furnature like couches and sofas can be consitered haul away items. These can go for little to nothing in some cases. Although, as with all situations listed above, the age, quality, and demand will all play a factor in your prices. Just price things as you would selling junk to an *** on the street, haha.

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