Tesla CEO Bets on the Battery Market for Future Success

The American electric car maker wants to meet the demands of power hungry customersTesla Motors had its annual shareholder meeting last week during which CEO Elon Musk shed some light on battery production. With its batteries, the electric car maker has been trying to make the best out of its new battery customer: the energy grid.Almost one-half of the batteries produced at Gigafactory will move towards storage of electricity for the energy grid rather than the California based organization's automobiles in the future as the company grows its battery business, according to Tesla's CEO, who expressed his views during the shareholder meeting.

The organization's Gigafactory -a joint project with Panasonic -located in the desert of Nevada will probably generate 35 gig watts per hour of the newly designed lithium-ion battery systems on an yearly basis( Elon speculated that the number could accelerate by three times if demand permits). The facility is scheduled to open in 2016 and attain whole capacity in 2020. Elon stated the batteries' stationary storage apps must contribute to at least 50% of the output, up from the previous estimations of 33.


Elon holds the belief that power storage has more business potential -not necessary for long one -than selling vehicles for the organization. Significant barriers to delivering cars across the globe like established rivalry and national rules, do not exist in the stationery power marketplace. The automaker has increased sales of its vehicles by regarding two-fifth to three-fifth per annum since 2014.

The automaker giant sold 50,580 automobiles last year. Tesla Powerwall for the house (which is offered at a price of $3000 plus installation cost) hasn't proved to be a bestselling product up till now, with the automaker not continuing its 10 kilowatt per hour version in 2016. Analysts state that Powerwall is too costly for consumers anticipating to reimburse their costs rapidly in majority of the marketplaces.

Instead, automaker has moved towards grid-scale apps, where batteries do not only offer storage but also balance power supply for regional power system.Precise sales figures weren't released, but Elon stated that the year 2015 had placement of 80,000 orders for grid-scale Powerpack battery systems. He further projected that quarterly sales of $40 million could increase up to "a few billion dollars" per annum by 2017.

Amongst the biggest ventures is Hawaii, where power prices are almost three times than that of the national average. Elon Musk's solar power company Solar City is establishing a solar energy plant as well as a 52 Megawatts per hour battery bank employing the automaker's batteries to supply power to grid in times when the demand has peaked.Whereas the Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative stated a " breakthrough" price made the venture possible, the example of Hawaii doesn't necessarily do translation elsewhere provided its exclusive combination of abundant renewable power as well as sky-high power prices.

Elon's critics have scoffed that costly battery packs will ever provide more than niche facility for the power grid.Tesla has fundamentally changed its battery production procedures in its Gigafactory as well as making efforts to condense its supply chain that now transports materials from the North American region to South American region to Japan and then to the United States


How do I choose a power adapter?

1.Find direct factories instead of tradersWith the rise of the Internet, many companies have put their information on the Internet, making it easier for everyone to find information. There are also some traders who pretend to be direct factories to publish products online, so when choosing apower adaptermanufacturer, choose a direct factory instead of a trader.2. Look at the strength of the manufacturerWhen we are looking for a manufacturer, we can first look at the company's registered capital, plant area, company size, etc.

, and then understand the manufacturer's R & D team, quality, production line, etc. The adapter manufacturer must have a very large R & D team and quality team.The plant area and number of people can see the company's delivery cycle, and the research and development team can guarantee the quality of the product!3.

See the company's product certificationMany inferiorpower adapterproducts on the market, many of them have not been certified. The power adapters produced by regular manufacturers are certified by certification bodies, such as China's CCC certification, European CE certification, American UL, FCC certification, etc., and the products will undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory , Aging, and so on, to ensure that products flowing into the client are safe and available.

The cost of certification is relatively high, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed!4, see the delivery date of the productGood factories generally have strict control over product delivery and quality. If the shipping cycle is relatively long, the factory cannot control the quality of incoming materials, processing and products.5, look at the aging timeThe aging time of small factories is generally short, and large factories are generally 100% aging.

6, see the manufacturer's after-sales serviceGenerally, when selecting apower adaptermanufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether its after-sales service is comprehensive, because the quality of after-sales service will directly affect consumer satisfaction. When choosing a power adapter manufacturer, the warranty, after-sales service, and other related provisions of the power adapter can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, and there will be no guarantee after buying

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