Voltage, Current, LED Lamp Question...?

when we transform 220 v to 3 v ...we define a current...usually maximum 2 A....we can load this adapter maximum 2 A.....we can make a 3 v 50 A but it is a bulky and expensive...... an led usually consumes 20 mA...when you connect one led to it ..it carries 20 mA if you use two leds 40 mA if three 60 mA and so on...for a 2A adapter you can use 2000 / 20 = 100 leds....with using more than 100 ,the adapter is overloaded so gets hot and if we continue working , it will fry .... note ...vf led depends on its color ..for red led it is about 1.6 v so when you connect it to a 3v ...you should use a series resistor.... R = 3 - 1.6 / 0.020 =700 use 680 ohms standard value...

1. How many volts are required for a monitor LED lamp?

high-power led's have their own inverter chips now. if it's not built into the LED module, it could be in the PSU or somewhere else, but not sure about the monitor. you can look up the device specs online, just google the mfr and part number. low power L:ED's have a voltage drop oif 2V and a max current of 2-30mA depeinding on model, but things have changed a lot over the years with LED's. LED lighting is an industry now.

2. Building a LED lamp, which is the brightest? 3 LEDs of 2500 mcd or 1 LED of 6000 mcd?

The candela is the SI base unit of luminous intensity; that is, power emitted by a light source in a particular direction, weighted by the luminosity function (a standardized model of the sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths(Wikipedia)Therefore, 7500 cd (3x2500 cd) is more visible than 6000 cd

3. LED lamp - connecting LEDs in parallel

Look again: -I see R1 to R10

4. How much should I spend on a good LED lamp?

Do the research on that particular model? If it is in your budget? Go and order it. I eschew fluorescent light bulbs as they are my nemesis and cause me to have massive migraines. Get the one that mimics daylight and your eye's will thank you.

5. LED lamp keeps glowing when dimmer is turned off

The Lutron LUT-MLC basically does exactly this, I believe, and I should have one shortly to experiment with.Another solution is to add more bulbs to the circuit. My switch with one bulb does this - as with two. But four goes off correctly.

6. How do I make an LED lamp at home?

If you mean simply making some sort of light fixture from commercially-available LEDs, that's about as simple as it would be in the case of incandescent bulbs; in fact, with the current LED bulbs intended for use in incandescent fixtures, it's exactly the same. Exactly what are you trying to make?But if you are asking about making actual light-emitting diodes at home - you can not . Makings LEDs requires some very specialized equipment, and involves processes you can not safely perform at home. How do I make an LED lamp at home?.

7. Anybody knows about LED lamp on Bike?

I replaced my running/turn lights with LED bulbs from Velocity LED. I ordered the 1157 SMT towers and they are bright. You may want to check them out and see if they have a bulb that would work for your application.

8. any ideas for easy projects to do with a friend?one that does not require too many materials?

Using led lamp and the power from dynamo or a wire and magnet

9. Does a dimmed LED lamp draw less power than one at full brightness? [closed]

In general yes, the LED itself will use less power when "dimmed". But we have to be a bit more specific what "dimmed" means.So the answer depends a bit on how the dimming is done. If a pulse width modulation is used to control the LED's brightness, then the dissipated power scales directly with the pulswidth. This means full brightness is reached with max pulswidth what equals max power dissipation whereas as a reduced brightness requires less pulswidth and therefore dissipates less power.Back in the days when incandescent light bulbs where used, dimming was done by so called phase angle control, comparable to something like AC pulse width modulation. And before that, you would just add a potentiometer as a pre-resistor. In that case, the bulb itself would dissipate less power when dimmed, and the resistor would burn the rest.But long story short, when you use PWM, the power will scale with the pulse width. But consider that brightness does not scale linearly with dissipated power

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