What Are Some Good Online Computer Games?

I would suggest crystal saga

What Are Some Good Online Computer Games? 1

1. What are some good old computer games?

Doom, dungeon keeper, quake, diablo 2, super metroid (for emulation) Original elder scrolls games, warcraft 1-2-3, red alert, command and conquer, deus ex Alot of the games I used to enjoy back in the day :)

2. Does anyone know of any computer games I can download to play against others online?

There is roblox. First download the software and play (and kill) in other peoples worlds! Also if you see a person named sunmist, I gave you this advice. Bye!

What Are Some Good Online Computer Games? 2

3. What is a great website to download full computer games for free?

good in poor health allow u in on a bit mystery which i lately learned... theres a website online referred to as torrentspy which if u sort in google u will uncover it a lot simpler its speedy realistic and in addition offers u rapid downloads and sure any recreation u desire its received.... well good fortune

4. What good computer games can I play on this PC system?

Lol, I've honestly never seen anyone able to run Crysis on full graphics. It's insanely graphics intensive. Borderlands, maybe Oblivion or Call of Duty. Might get a bit of frame-rate lag though.

5. Does playing computer games reduce the MB size on your computer?

Nope, because when you watch videos on YouTube it streams it (it is downloading while you are watching). But while playing Sims, the whole game is already downloaded and it will not make any difference

6. computer games ?

Specifically which game? Some games play a little music while they are installing. Is there a menu that popped up called "Installation Wizard" or something similar? Normally, here's the installation process for a game: 1. Insert game disk into CD drive. 2a. Autoplay should kick in, which will start the Installation Wizard. 2b. If not, you need to double-click on the CD drive icon, which is located in My Computer. 3. The Installation Wizard walks you through the installation process, sometimes asking for you to enter a serial number (which is usually located on the game's jewel case or back of the game manual), where you want the game to be saved (just choose the default option), if you want a Start Menu icon, if you want a Desktop icon, etc. 4. After installation, a menu may pop-up asking if you want to view the Readme document, Quit or Launch the game. These are generally the basic steps involved when installing a game from a disk. As I said before, some games play music from their soundtrack while the game installs. You will need to add more details to your Question if you want more specific help.

7. Is being addicted to computer games less dangerous than being addicted to social media?

All addiction is dangerous. Addiction does not GIVE anything, does not grow anything, does not create anything. It only robs us of our time, energy, money and replaces it with emptiness. It only distracts us from the things that are important or have value. Addiction always wants more and is never satisfied. And all the things we give up, blow off and let go of to feed our addiction are the very things that will give us the fulfillment, peace, and security that we are actually hoping to find

8. What would be a good, affordable computer for the games I'd want to play?

fallout 3 or fallout 3 vegas if it already came out

9. Can computer games made for Windows XP or earlier work with Windows 7?

Some will and some will not

10. is this a good computer for games?

Depends which one of the available models it is... There's different processors and graphic card options, with the i5 2400 and i5 2500 as best options and only two video cards reasonably fit for gaming and that's the last two: the 1GB DDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti and 1GB DDR5 Radeon HD 6850... All the rest are to be avoided when serious about gaming...

11. Can a 256MB nVidia Geforce 7300LE TurboCache handle the latest high demanding computer games?

I have used the BFG Geforce 7300 GS OC videocard 256MB with 512MB turboCache and it did run most of the high end games before I decide to buy a very expensive computer for about $6000. Your card is a little different. I would make sure that what ever card you get make sure its a card. Not integrated and of course PCI-E , Make sure you have the proper power supply needs and cooling needs. The difference between integrated and the card its self is very noticeable. The cards are about 5x better on average. Overall I suggest you get your PC custom made. The premades at like future shop and staples are getting crappy , Because if you decide to upgrade later on your stuck with a case and a power supply that cannot support most high end video cards because you cannot add any extra fans to reduce heat from produced from better videocards. and you will need to swap the power supply unit. The Geforce 7300 GS OC Is cheap around $120 does not need a direct line from the PSU meaning it produces much less heat then most other cards. It only has 4 pixel pipe lines so it is not a high end card but for the cost and stability its worth it and will play games like Battlefield2 , the Sims2 , Galactic Civilization 2 , and other games in that area very well and at almost tapped out detail too. ---edited--- I only keep games around 800 x 600 or a little higher res anyhow because on most games the text becomes to small to read if I go higher. Its a great card the reason I promote this card even though I do not use it anymore is that I like BFG and geforce and this card will deliver the performance for most of to days high end games very well without the horrible problems most cards put forth. P.S I said that the premade PC's at staples and futureshop suck from many reasons if you get one of them this card should still work in them because of its low power usage and good heat control. For example I remember playing Battle Field 2 with almost every setting on max except one or two online and offline over 800 x 600 res with almost no lag , slowdowns or freezes of anykind.

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