What Can I Do so the CD I Burned Can Work in Other Devices Besides the Computer?

What can I do so the CD I burned can work in other devices besides the computer?

What Can I Do so the CD I Burned Can Work in Other Devices Besides the Computer? 1

instead of directly burning in mp3 format, select the option 'burn or make an audio disk' then add ur music files and try it. it workd in my car. but the probs with it is that the size becomes bigger compared to mp3

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Under other devices i have a yellow ? and then a ! next to network controller..?

It means that there is no driver or an incompatible driver installed. If it came with your computer go to support.dell.com and enter the Service Tag on your computer. It is a sticker on one of the sides or back. When your system appears locate and download the network drivers. Read the instructions and install it. If the device with the problem did not come from Dell you must figure out the make and model. Then you can go to the manufacturers website, select your product, download the driver, read the instructions and install the driver. BTW: This process works for every driver on your computer. The search for drivers function cannot be relied upon to find the right drivers or current drivers if it finds any at all! LOL If you dare, you can call Dell. Your problem is pretty common so they should be capable of helping you. I hope this helps.

What Can I Do so the CD I Burned Can Work in Other Devices Besides the Computer? 2

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Is it possible to use a Pi to "look” for other devices on the same network?

If it has to do with wifi, then kismet is your very bestest friend indeed. You will be able to see the devices, when they connect, what they connect to, regardless of whether it is your own device or your neighbour's or your neighbour's cat's uncle's wireless necklace

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Cannot connect to one specific WiFi SSID (an eero router); have connected to others without problem, have connected to this SSID w other devices

This problem went away after a whole day of frustrating research, but without any clear reason. I went into Advanced Settings under the wired connection, while wired to the eero pro, and all of a sudden the wifi connected, and has stayed connected even after disconnecting the wired. If you are having this problem, try that! It might help!UPDATE: This connection survived my machine going to sleep once, but not twice. The next morning it was back to the old brokenness.Here's what i think are the relevant syslog entries from when it succeeded:

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Why is my computeru2019s Internet slow/not working? All other devices work fine, but both browsers on my Mac donu2019t.

Firewall mis configured, settings not right. replace cables (ethernet) check WIFI settings and passwords maybe the stolen signal has been updated and secured.I rather have the device in front of me so that with in 20 minutes I can have a solution. Just reload your MAC I have no clue about how this stolen UNIX operating system made Proprietary by the Monopolist company called APPLE who owns everything about MAC and nothing else works but their items

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why does my dell laptop disable wifi access to other devices in the house?

Go to control panel, community and sharing - investigate the network to web hyperlink. It will more often than not have a pink pass on the hyperlink. Run the "Troubleshoot problems" hyperlink additional down the web page and notice if it resolves the main issue.

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MacBook Pro WiFi much slower than Ethernet and other devices

FWIW - it's also worth looking through the settings on the wifi base station / router - are there QoS rules being applied which throttle that MAC address (the NIC ID) and do not throttle the android device? Are the throttles in place for mobile devices as a whole versus desktops?

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Does information technology seem like the right major for me?

Computer Science (Programming) requires lot of math but there are many other IT areas and jobs that do not need lots of math. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and it required only a few basic math courses. Computer Information Systems (CIS) This may also be called a verity of other names like Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), etc. This is a general technical degree and is the degree that I have. Holders of these degree work in a variety of technical jobs like these: Computer Technician - Works on computer hardware at user location or in service center. (entry level IT Job) Service Center Coordinator - Schedules the repair of user community computers, orders spare parts, schedules staff, establishes priorities, maintains loaner laptops and non-US laptops for travel outside of US. Help Desk Staff - answer questions and resolve problems for the user community. (entry level IT Job - Tier 1 support) Storage Administrator - in charge of mass storage servers and devices. Network Administrator - Works on routers, switches, hubs, cables, load balancers and all the other hardware that handles LAN and WAN network traffic. Also, may be responsible for IP phone service. Systems Administrator or Systems Engineer- Works with servers, laptops and desktop computers to keep them free of problems and secure the data they contain. Responsible for Security group creation and memberships, server patching, anti-virus protection updates, password changes and any automated mechanisms that make these changes. These positions may be divided into server and desktop teams. Tier 2 support. Enterprise Administrator - Handles Enterprise support and design issues. Tier 3 support. Active Directory Administrator - Designs and administers Active Directory infrastructure, AD policies, access permissions, roles, group policies, separation of duties. Exchange and Messaging Administrator - maintains mail systems servers, other mail related devices and the company messaging infrastructure. Backup Administrator - Maintains backup devices and determines backup strategies so data that was deleted accidentally or intentionally can be recovered. Design and control how and when data is backed up, where the backups are stored and how long the backups are retained. They will test to be sure backups are valid and usable. Disaster Recovery Specialist - Plans for disaster events so the company data and infrastructure can be brought back online as quickly as possible after a fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism or other disaster event. Plans for failover of services to alternate locations, if the primary location is not available. Database Administrator - Maintains the company databases which may include customer and sales records, billing information, inventory and other data. Computing Security Specialist - A company's biggest asset is its data and the Computing Security Specialist will work to try to keep that data protected from loss. They may be dealing with and defending against viruses, hoaxes, malware, keyloggers, phishing attacks, internal attacks and domestic and foreign intrusion. Develops monitoring and interception systems, filters and strategies and works with appropriate government agencies. Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist - Works with acquired outside companies to establish migration into the corporate computing infrastructure. Data Center Administrator - Maintains the data center facilities where the company's servers and other devices reside. They are responsible for physical security and may review badge reader and camera information to be sure that only individuals with proper access are getting close to the company's servers and other critical devices. Also, maintain backup power devices (UPS or generators), climate control equipment, fire suppression equipment, establish access policies, etc. In a small business the list above might be one or two people doing all these jobs. In a large Enterprise environment this could be hundreds of people. Best wishes!

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