What Do You Like Metal/hardcore?

What do you like metal/hardcore?

I love it. it expresses so may emotions. I find it wonderfful. I love screamo too(:

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Why do I get angry and frustrated very easily despite being a very happy and optimistic man? My emotions confuse me as too how I get so easily angry when thereu2019s no need to.

Anger management is a tough situation. Being happy and optimistic can bring you farther from anger, but you can also be short-tempered.Is your father like this? Do you have a close parent that is like this? You might be influenced in your youth to behave like that just by observation.Your internal dialogue is important. It's how you speak to yourself. How can you put the time to distance yourself from emotions and label them to diminish the intensity. Remember that emotions are like letters that the postman deliver. Decode them to know how you feel. Be aware of the signals your body send you. Take rest if needed.Being short of sleep can make you more angry easily.

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How do you fight bad emotions?

One thing that is vital to getting out of your funk (bad feelings) is to change your environment. Human brains associate familiar environments and activities to certain feelings. It's like getting excited whenever you walk into a certain room repeatedly. It's not that the room that you visited a dozen times is necessarily exciting, your brain is just programmed yo associate the room (environment) with excitement. This could be true with bad feelings as well. Go out and explore some places that invokes good/happy thoughts and feelings. Change your color schemes. Colors are also mood enhancers. Bright colors are usually associated with happier feelings. Google it for full description as some bright colors are not . Like red, since we are programmed (taught) that this signifies danger. Exercise. Exercise is a proven mood and confidence booster. However, find an activity you enjoy. It would be counter productive if you force yourself to do something you hate.Eat better. Certain foods are also proven to boost our moods. Like dark chocolate. Again, Google it so you can find foods you enjoy and a better list of what I could add here

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Do you believe horses have different emotions?

I think they do. when my old 32 year old gelding was getting ready to die, one of the horses came over and stood by him for the two weekes he was ill! she didnt even like him! and when my 2 year old colt died, that same horse was bestfriends with him and she as so...lost...even tho there were other horses in the corral with her. and i have this mare who LOVES foal and so one time we wanted to get her pregnant. so we did and evryhting was fine until the last month. she had twins and they both died. she was so sad, and she tried to steal a foal away from its mother. so yes i think they do have emotions. becuase sometimes a horse can be stubborn, jelous, lovey, frusturated, just in a bad mood. i think all animals have emotion even if it dosnt seam like it. horses are also very loyal, but unlike dogs they will hold a grudge, and sometimes they even favor a different sex. like i have a horse that dosnt like women. she will still work for you but do it very grudgingly

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Geon: Emotions

Geon: Emotions is a multiplayer-oriented action arcade video game developed by independent software developer Strawdog Studios for the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade service. The title was announced during Microsoft's E3 2007 press conference and was released September 19, 2007 on Xbox Live Arcade. An updated and enhanced version of the game (entitled Geon) was also released on September 25, 2008 on PlayStation Network. The Wii version of the game was released on October 27, 2009.

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How can I get rid of emotions altogether, like AI?

Ive taken anti depressants that basicly do that. I didnt really like it. I did feel robotic no high no low.How can I get rid of emotions altogether, like AI?

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Where do we feel emotions?

Some folks ay it's our heart. but in a way I disagree with that. The heart feels it yes there is no doubt in my mind on that. But I think it's our soul that feels it first, and it sends the message throughout the body. Our soul is the main energy source of our body. Without it our body is just an empty shell. Our souls are what we have made it to be. We think and feel by way of our soul

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