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10 Smart Technologies You Need to Implement in Your Warehouse

Smart technology is starting to take the warehouse and logistics industry by storm. If you have not started adopting these advances in your own facility, here are 10 of the top smart technologies you need to implement as soon as possible.1. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)Gone are the days of paper reports and handwritten inventories. Warehouse management systems, or WMS, use software to collate all your important data into one place, turning fleets of scattered data points into usable information you can use to improve your facility. A WMS can be tied into every other smart system in your warehouse and can be accessed remotely, giving you the ability to plan for the future, generate reports, access inventory and more, all at your fingertips.2. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)The Internet of Things is applicable to nearly any industry, including warehouses and logistics. IIoT devices are the foundation of every smart system. In these settings, connected tech can monitor equipment health, optimize inventory control, help managers plan labor schedules and improve customer satisfaction — just to name a few possible applications.3. Automated Picking ToolsMany large distribution centers, like those run by Amazon, use human employees to pick and pack their orders, but there is always the potential for error. Automated picking tools can reduce or eliminate costly mistakes by relying on barcodes or RFID tags rather than visual item identification. These systems tie into the warehouse management system to generate inventory and order reports instantly.4. Automatic Guided VehiclesVehicles are an integral part of warehouses, but they are slow because they require human drivers to operate them. Automatic guided vehicles remove the human element, allowing them to carry out their tasks autonomously. This might include palleting, racking and managing container storage. The only limits to potential applications are the programming and the available space within the warehouse. 5. Collaborative Robots (Cobots)Employees and robots can work in the same facility, but there is usually quite a bit of space between them to ensure safety. Cobots, or collaborative robots, work side by side with people rather than replacing them. These robotic devices improve productivity and workflow without upending the entirety of the facility's current processes. 6. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)Automated storage and retrieval systems are not a new concept, but advances in smart technology have made them more effective and accurate than ever before. These smart-systems are ideal for the multidimensional vertical storage that is becoming popular within the warehouse and logistics industry. They can store upwards of 80,000 pounds. Moving such weights, even with assistance, can be dangerous for people. Automated storage and retrieval systems can put these ultra-heavy items away and retrieve them without issue.7. Automated Inventory ControlInventory is a warehouse's lifeblood. Without comprehensive inventory control, operators will find themselves bleeding money, unable to sustain their business. Automated inventory control networks with the warehouse management system and keeps track of everything within the facility in real time. They automatically count and report on any changes as items come into or move out of the facility.8. Smart SustainabilitySustainability is becoming more important every year, and smart technology can help make warehouses more sustainable by reducing their overall energy consumption, lowering emissions, and working to eliminate product and facility waste. Smart warehouses can use IoT sensors to prevent power ghosts — equipment that still draws energy even when it's not in use — from driving up utility costs and increasing the facility's carbon footprint.9. Handheld TechnologyFacilities that have not adopted automated inventory control systems can still take advantage of smart technology to improve their operations by employing handheld technology like networked barcode or RFID scanners. Employees can use these devices to improve efficiency while reducing inventory loss. Even though they might not seem like part of the IIoT, connecting this tech to the warehouse management system keeps provides real-time insights into operations.10. Print and Apply LabelingMislabeling of packages before shipment causes costly mistakes every year. Instead of relying on traditional systems of picking, packing, printing and labeling, an IoT-enabled print and apply system can manage packaging, labeling and shipment preparation autonomously. Real-time data can also provide managers with data they can use to optimize the machine itself. They can use this information to send the machine into sleep or shut off completely during consistent downtimes. While it may not entirely eliminate the need for a human packaging department, it can increase efficiency and reduce errors, saving warehouses money in the long run. A Smarter WarehouseSmart technology will continue to shape nearly every industry, including warehousing and logistics, for years to come. For those that have not started the process of adopting these new technologies, now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor — before smart technology becomes a necessity rather than an option.Disclaimer: Being a follower of 'The IoT Magazine' offers lots of perks :) A consultation session with experts from across the industries is a major one. Submit your query here and we will connect you with the right IoT experts. He might be sitting next door, you never know

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