What Should We Pay Attention to Besides Power When Purchasing Power Supply

Power supply is an embarrassing accessory when installing. Many people know that it is very important, but there is often only one watt index in the configuration list. As for the price, how much is left after several large pieces. How's it going, guys? Did you get shot? In fact, there are many things to pay attention to in addition to power to make the computer installed smoothly and run comfortably. Xiao Bian, let's talk about it today.

● module and efficiency are selected in this way

In the product name of e-commerce, the most common two important concepts are full (semi) module and X-brand power supply. Let's start with this module. In fact, the output cable is no longer fixed to the power supply by default, but installed on demand. The half module will retain the necessary motherboard, CPU and other cables, while all cables on the power supply of the whole module can be disassembled and assembled by themselves.

The advantage of module power supply is that it can avoid the accumulation of useless cables in the chassis, but the price is more expensive. Moreover, due to the need for additional distribution circuits and more connectors, the failure rate is higher, and there will be problems such as false plug-in. Therefore, it is recommended to use DIY. If there are no special needs, the price of semi module power supply is more cost-effective.

As for the X-brand power supply, it refers to the conversion efficiency, that is, the ratio of input power to output power. From high to low, it is white, copper, silver, gold, platinum and platinum gold. For power supplies of 400 watts or less, the significance of conversion efficiency is not great, but for power supplies of more than 500 watts, high conversion efficiency is very useful.

Take the 500 Watt gold and bronze power supplies as an example. During daily use (50% load), the difference in input power is more than 20 watts, and the extra power of the bronze power supply basically becomes "waste heat", so the heat dissipation requirements are higher, and when it is used for 8 hours a day, the annual electricity charge varies by dozens of yuan. If you often play games at full load, the annual electricity bill can even be 100 yuan, which is almost equivalent to the price difference between the two power supplies.

● cable length and interface are very important

Now the back wiring is very popular. Of course, you should buy a power supply with long enough cables. However, if you want to play with a small chassis, you must pay attention to that the product cables designed for the back wiring of large chassis often reach 70cm or even longer, which will accumulate in the small chassis and cause problems. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose 55cm 60cm cables for the back wiring of itx chassis.

There are many power interfaces, but there are not many connections. Four or more interfaces are connected in series on one line. In actual use, if four mechanical hard disks with capacity are connected on one line, or the power supply interface on the same power supply line is used on the high-end graphics card, there may be insufficient power supply.

● don't let the power supply act as a vacuum cleaner

Many children are used to putting the computer host on the ground. The power supply with the bottom mouth or bottom suction fan will become a vacuum cleaner. It will be even worse if there are pets at home. The power supply is easy to be seriously blocked by dust and hair. At this time, the products using small back fans or exhaust fans are obviously more suitable. Now many brands still insist on using small fans to take this problem into account.

According to different use environments and needs, there may be more detailed requirements for the power supply. After understanding these details, partners should never regard the power supply as a simple add-on in the future. As the "heart" of the computer, it is really worth us to treat it with the same serious attitude as selecting the brain (processor).

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